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Halloween Event!
Get spooky, the new Halloween Event has returned! You can get to the Event from the dropdown menu under the news!

We have Halloween NPC for this event: the Headless Horseman, who may require your assistance and give you tasks or request items in exchange for rewards! He will even give you a very special quest to venture on (if you dare).

Pumpkin Seeds - these magical seeds are a currency, and are exclusive to the event. You can find them throughout both the site itself and in leisure riding, so be sure to explore both!

For added atmosphere leisure riding features ghastly versions of the existing riding location backgrounds, along with new spooky explore encounters, and a chance to happen upon carve-able pumpkins!

Carving a pumpkin will result in a random design, with four possible looks - these carved pumpkins are collectible so you can add them to your display cabinet if you wish! With luck, you may find some other unexpected collectibles on your ventures too, if you keep an eye out! Keep riding to see what you'll find. :)

The Halloween event shop features spooky decors and items that are exclusive to this event! The event shop is the place to purchase items using the Pumpkin Seeds you will collect from around the site and through Leisure Riding.

This event will run the 15th through the 31st and end at midnight Equiverse server time on the 31st. Any event currency you have left over after the event has ended will remain in your account and will be usable each year.

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Posted by

Abbey 🌸

Posted on
2023-10-15 03:48:36


Cool! Can't wait to some Ground Fogs!!!!

Posted by

πŸ’œβ„±β„―π’Άπ“‰π’½β„―π“‡ (ℱ𝒒) πŸ’œ (#72812)
15th October 2023 at 04:36:31

Yayy! Super excited

Posted by

Spooks (#109406)
15th October 2023 at 15:06:56

Always my favorite seasonal event! ♥

Posted by

«» Only the Wind (#55431)
15th October 2023 at 19:22:03

Awesome!!! My first equiverse event ! Super excited : )

Posted by

Polaris (#136041)
15th October 2023 at 21:01:32

Woohoo event time! Looking forward to some purple halter and flysheets! ^_^

Posted by

Blodwyn (#109484)
16th October 2023 at 01:24:53

Fun! Looking forward to some spooky stuff!

Posted by

Prismatic (#135867)
16th October 2023 at 13:16:50

One of my fave events!

Posted by

Niner (#5580)
16th October 2023 at 15:46:02

I can't weight for all of the new spooky stuff Halloween is my fav time of the year.

Posted by

Queen of the Arab's (#134881)
23rd October 2023 at 06:33:39