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"Is the year over yet?"

sky acres est. 2008
Greetings! My name is Niner (well, not really!) glad you have stopped by. I have been playing EV for quite some time, so some of you may know me, but many of the newer players have not, so it is nice to meet you! I am a mom of two humans  (15 and 14 respectively) and have a fairly wide variety of animals! I do have a horse, an Appaloosa (not a traditionally Appy, she is a bay varnished roan) mare named Roxie, plus help care for a barn full of other horses. We also have two Aussie Cattle Dogs (commonly known as a heelers, we have the blue variety) named Baylee Mae and Liberty Anne. In the mix are a beautiful Green Cheek Conure, two guinea pigs and numerous chickens. (it does seem like a lot!)  My name on the game is actually the name of the best horse ever to have been made, Niner. I got him as a gift amount a month before I turned 15 and he passed away in 2012 at the age of nearly 29!  He is the inspiration of all my tags, and of of the best lines of Paint's (personal opinion ^.^) on the game. I am always happy to meet new people and to chat on messages. I am not super active in chat or on forums, but I can be found lurking from time to time. Feel free to zap me a message!
Niner Lined Paints
my niner lined paints where inspired by my horse, Niner. That is him in picture form on my header. It is really easy to tell which horses are in the Niner line, as they will all have "Niner" somewhere in their names. I will have some of my studs up for approved covers only. I will expect mares to have at least the same conf. points as the stud, clean lineage, and no "awful/poor" conformation marks. I will make exceptions on a case by case basis (i.e. mare has high stats/points and apparent pride in ownership). I will also breed mares in house for you from a mare of your choice to a Niner stud. Base line price is whatever the stallions cover fee is, plus use of the mare.  I retain the last breeding to all stallion/mare pairs, so if you see a stud/mare combo that you are interested, speak before they attain 20 years of age, otherwise they will be closed. Please let me know if you have any questions.
General Populous
since the revamp of the game, I am switching a lot of my focus to stats and conformation. I aim to have no less than "GOOD" marks for the conformations for the horses, it is a work in progress, as you can see. Foals will be born regularly and offered for sale. Typically they are listed at an asking price, but I am open to reasonable offers. My goal is to raise good quality foals and offer them at an affordable price to all. I do not wish to price myself out, but I don't want to give them away either. It isn't easy, and when a decent horse is hard to come by, it makes it that much harder. Studs and mares will begin breeding at the age of 15 years old. Certain studs are listed as approved covers, while others will be open to all. Some mares will be screened prior to acceptance. I am looking for decent point/stat ratio, no "awful" conformation marks. I would prefer no "poor" marks either, however I will make exceptions (i.e. mare has high stats/points and shows pride in ownership) I retain the last breeding to all stallion/mare pairs, so if you see a stud/mare combo that you are interested, speak before they attain 20 years of age, otherwise they will be closed
I will regularly have horses for sale. I've worked up a formula for basing my asking price for the horses. I take their total conformation points and multiply that by $600.00, take their total stats points and multiply that by $3.00 per point, add in cost of geno typing ($1000) and that is how I come up with the base line pricing. Depending on the colour/lineage pricing will vary, but in a nut shell, that is how I do it. It seems rather fair to me to base it this way. Personally I would like to see better bred horses for sale at reasonable pricing than meh bred horses for unreasonable amounts.
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