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Custom Horse Creator Updates!
Custom Horse Creator
We have some updates to the custom horse creator! There are more gene options now, stat weighting based on selected discipline, and a chance for better conformation scores!

*Added more specific gene selection in the custom horse creator, including an option for Ff flaxen, dominances for sooty, and more
*Increased chance for slightly better conformation scores on horses made with the custom horse creator
*Added specialty selection with custom horses - stats will now be weighted to give some preferred distribution to the relevant stats (stat totals are still the same as equine center horses, they’re just weighted better)

Other Updates
*Added opacity difference between PP and Pp dominances for the pangare marking (previously there was no visual difference)
*Made horses breedable seven days from the owner’s last rollover, rather than the previous three days
*Added searching bank history by date
*Other behind the scenes tweaks

Bug Fixes
*Fixed splash not removing properly in the custom horse creator
*Fixed opacity of pangare and sooty in the custom horse creator to match the appearance on horses in game
*Fixed foal 1 sooty art
*Fixed broken brown/charcoal saddle icons
*Removed arbitrary, old page loads leftover from previous BBCode system (this should help with load times on pages with BBCode editors)

New Poll
Let us know what you think about how data on the statistics page should be displayed! Poll

Posted by

River (#51565)

Posted on
2021-04-05 11:02:42

Event Extension
The Valentine's event end date has been extended!
Due to server issues interfering with riding, and as a nice surprise during these difficult times, the Valentine's event has been extended to last through this weekend!

The event will now end at 11:59pm Equiverse Time on 21st February (Sunday). :)

Posted by

River (#51565)

Posted on
2021-02-15 12:48:23

A Quick Notice
Valentine's Shop Items
We have added two more items to the Valentine's event shop for your enjoyment - pink halters and pink flysheets! Enjoy! :)

Bug Fixes
*Display errors in some western tack items were fixed (if you don't see a change please hard refresh/clear cache)
*Issues with riding events not functioning correctly were fixed

Policy Change
We will no longer be permitting cboxes (aka chatboxes, shoutboxes, etc) on the site, as their content is impossible for us to moderate - if you have any box like this on your page, please remove it as soon as possible, otherwise it may be subject to removal via a page reset.

New Hangouts
We're working on scheduling and some fun activities for our new monthly hangouts - thank you to everybody who has voted on the poll (regarding their timing) so far!

Posted by

River (#51565)

Posted on
2021-02-03 15:43:41

Valentine's Event!
Valentine's Event!
You may have noticed some hearts and shards around the site, cause it's time to spread some love on Equiverse with the Valentines event! For this special event we have a currency known as Ruby Hearts, which can be crafted from the Ruby Shards you will find both in random events around the site, as well as in Leisure Riding. Saddle up those pixel ponies!

Each Ruby Heart is composed from five Ruby Shards - you can convert your shards into hearts on the Event page. Once you have enough Ruby Hearts accumulated you will be able to make purchases from the event shop, which is already available to you. :) This year we have a new background available for you to purchase for hearts this year - Cherry Blossoms!

If you were here for the event previously, any Ruby Shards left on your account will be credited to you, so you can start using them to create Ruby Hearts right away!

Now go out there and collect those shards! :)

Along with shard collecting and the event shop, LoveHearts are back! LoveHearts are a cute little heart candy image that have a message, and you can give them freely to any member by visiting their home page. The only limit is that you can only give one to any given member, so be sure to choose the message you want! Collecting and sending them has no benefit, but they're a fun way to express your love and appreciation for fellow players.

Which message are you going to send most? :)

Please note - any LoveHearts that were sent last year were stuck in the system and had to be cleared, so hearts you sent early today may have been wiped in this reset. Feel free to resend any hearts that you already may have distributed!

Note: This event will end on the 15th February at 11:59pm game time, event shop included, so be sure to spend your Ruby Hearts before then! If you forget, any remaining event currency will stay credited to your account as in previous years, so you'll be able to spend it later too.

Posted by

River (#51565)

Posted on
2021-02-01 13:14:40

Colorful Western Tack is here!
Colorful Western Tack is here!
The second installment of the tack colors update is here - western tack! We’re working on adding tack colors discipline by discipline in order of popularity (based on total horses in that discipline), so show jumping is coming next! 

As with the colorful dressage tack update, to dye your tack items purchase dyes in the General Store, then head on over to the Tack Workshop to have the workers dye your tack for you!

The default color combination for existing and undyed western tack is russet leather and charcoal saddle pads for saddles, and russet leather for bridles.

As part of this update the bit on the western headstall has also been fixed, and small art errors like folded over saddle pads also have been removed.

*New dedicated heavenly pastures background for deceased horses (pictured above!)
*Prevented blank names on horses, rendering them unclickable
*Made showing max fee stick on the showing page

Bug Fixes
*Fixed stable search by ID or name not working unless ‘show full stables’ is checked
*Fixed horses not being able to register to any club
*Fixed erroneous ‘pending horses’ on club registry - deceased were still counted
*Fixed a bug that prevented tovero and frame sabino from showing as options in the marking applicator
*Fixed general store tabs not working

Coming up next
Here is a preview of some of the updates that will be coming up next!

*Restyled listening sessions as fun, community-minded get-togethers
*Solutions for breeding with unprogressed horses
*Updates to options within the Custom Horse Creator
*Valentine's shop items

New poll
There’s a new poll for you to vote on regarding scheduling for our new hangouts!

Posted by

River (#51565)

Posted on
2021-01-28 11:35:51