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Brief Notice
The Top Players and Top Horses section in the sidebar on our homepage has been temporarily removed - this is intentional, as it was repeatedly accessed (likely by a bot) and these continual requests were causing the server slowness and unresponsiveness over the past two or three days.

We will consider if we can restore or replace these sections at some point in the near future, but for now they will no longer show, as the good functioning of the site is highest priority right now.

Posted by

River (#51565)

Posted on
2021-09-24 10:20:02

Club Polls and more!
Club Polls
*These can be unlocked with a 250k EVD purchase and function like the site-wide poll, both of which have been upgraded to a new system
*Club owners and admins can create a club poll, which will show on the club homepage
*A poll can be created via the Manage Polls link at the bottom of the page, or the Manage link under an existing poll

*Polls have the option to be multiple choice (up to 10 options) and can be either replaced by creating a new, or they can be closed so there is no current poll
*Polls show results with numbers as well as progress bars, for easier at-a-glance understanding
*Previous poll results can also be viewed

*There is now a preview available for use of coat and marking applicators, and DNA tweaks - results are now viewable before the item is applied

*Changed wardrobe layering with tack to fix display issues
*Halters and flysheets will now hide the appropriate tack items in wardrobe
*Tutorial horses (ie the first horse a player creates, as guided by the tutorial) are now protected from being retired until the tutorial is completed or dismissed, to prevent bugs

Bug Fixes
*Fixed broken roan pattern in wardrobe
*Fixed sending messages from friends list not auto filling player ID
*Fixes to email field with signup

New Poll
There’s a new, fun poll available - let us know what you think! Site Poll

Stay tuned for the upcoming Colorful Driving Tack update and more! ;)

Posted by

River (#51565)

Posted on
2021-09-06 12:39:19

Summer Stargazing!
Summer Stargazing
The Summer Stargazing event is back! If you are new to the event, it features a character named after the constellation Pegasus, a findable item (Stardust), and a unique event currency called Stars.

Pegasus will request your help in collecting Stardust, and will trade you 2-4 Stars in exchange for a given number of Stardusts you have collected. You can find Stardust exclusively in Leisure Riding encounters, and not anywhere else on the site, so saddle up your horses!

Head on over to the Event page, under the News dropdown or linked in the sidebar, to visit Pegasus.

Leisure Riding locations will display the backgrounds for this event, in place of their routine art, but will still display their usual encounter text. This means you will still see beach encounter events when you choose the beach locale, but you’ll see a different event-only background in place of the beach.

The event shop is scheduled to open on August 7th, and will have a variety of items that you can purchase using the Stars you get from exchanging Stardusts with Pegasus. The event will run until midnight (EV Time) on the 15th, so be sure to make your event shop purchases before then. Any event currency you have left over after the event has ended will remain in your account and will be usable next year. :)

Posted by

River (#51565)

Posted on
2021-08-01 10:25:30

New Event and More Tack Colors!
Water Balloon Fight!
A new event - the Water Balloon Fight - starts tomorrow! This event is based on the premise of the December Snowball Fight, but takes place in July!

Starting July 1st and running through the 15th, you will be randomly placed onto one of three teams (red, green, and blue) to compete for the top place on the leaderboard for water balloons thrown! Throw water balloons at other members to drive your team to victory! You will be able to fill water balloons randomly around the site, so be sure to click the button to fill a balloon when you see the notice that you've found a running hose!

There is a new currency for this event too - Shimmering Raindrops! This currency can be found randomly throughout the event and is what you will use to purchase new items at the event shop! The shop will automatically unlock once we've filled the meter for water balloons thrown, which you can see on the Event page.

You can find the Event page either by clicking the Water Balloon Fight link in the sidebar, under your current stats, or in the dropdown under News. You can see your current status on water balloons collected, thrown, and more in the sidebar, beneath your team's banner.

The event starts now and will run until midnight EV server time on the 15th. Any leftover Shimmering Raindrops you haven't spent by the end of the event will remain credited to your account, so they will still be around to spend next year.

Please note, if you're a deluxe member with a full layout page, you can add [snowballbox] (the same as with the Snowball Fight) to your page to display the box beneath your layout so that members will be able to throw water balloons at you! :) Happy battling!

Colorful Show Jumping Tack
The next installment of tack colors is here! Your show jumping tack can now be dyed at the Tack Workshop using dyes from the General Store! The default color for show jumping tack is russet for bridles and russet with silver cloth for saddles.

Black show jumping tack, featuring a Water Balloon Fight shop background

Next on the tack color agenda (priority is by total horse population per discipline) is Driving tack!

*Mass transfers for clubs - clubs can now send items to members en masse

Bug Fixes
*Removed erroneous 'lip' marking on some horses (old file)
*Fixed incorrect contest link in bank
*Fixed user log pagination break with search

Posted by

River (#51565)

Posted on
2021-06-30 12:24:16

What's this?!
Something's Coming!

Prepare to make a splash!

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River (#51565)

Posted on
2021-06-26 11:53:00