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Autumn Shop!
The Fall Leaves event shop is now open! Head on over to the event page to check out the new offerings!

Posted by

River (#51565)

Posted on
2021-11-24 11:55:45

Fall Leaves!
Fall Leaves
The Fall Leaves event is back! As you move around the site you will discover Pristine Leaves, which are the special currency for this event! When you see the notice pop up at the top of the site, be sure to click the button to collect your leaf!

It won't automatically be collected for you, so be sure to pick it up. :)

Also, every so often when you visit a player's page you will see a prompt to help clean up their yard by sweeping up all of the fallen leaves. In doing so, you may discover 2-4 additional Pristine Leaves as a reward for your good work!

This year we are debuting the new Fall Leaves event shop! The previous Pristine Leaf to EVD conversion has been removed, as the event shop has taken over instead. The items aren't available quite yet, but stay tuned! :)

The event page where Fall Leaves is listed can be found by hovering over News, just under Polls in the dropdown menu. Go forth and collect some leaves!

The event will end at 11:59pm site time on November 30th, so be sure to spend all the leaves you wish to by then! Any Pristine Leaves left in your account will remain available for next year.

Posted by

River (#51565)

Posted on
2021-11-17 10:31:15

Equiverse Maintenance
Over the past few days there have been some issues with the server. This was in part due to an attack on the server, but we have also been able to identify some areas of the site which is causing bottlenecks in processing.

Today it has been necessary to take the site into maintenance and make some changes to the site which are detailed below:

Divisions can now only hold a maximum of 50 horses per division. This counts unborn foals. No horses have been moved, but you will need to disperse your horses before you can take certain actions.

- Autocare is not usable if there are more than 50 horses in the division.
- You cannot move (or purchase) new horses into a division with 50+ horses in it.
- You cannot breed horses if the mare is in a division with 50+ horses in it.

There may be some minor exceptions where pregnant/nursing mares can be moved in with their foals which will surplus the 50 limit, but again, certain actions are disabled so you will need to separate your horses if you wish to use these features.

Disabled the random horse on the front page. Unfortunately the query to pull a random horse from the game in such a way on a page which is accessed frequently is causing some issues, so it has been removed.

Additional tweaks to some of the back-end areas. Hopefully this will help improve performance overall.

As a result of downtime, I have boosted all horses' hunger, happiness and water levels. I have also extended Halloween by an additional few days, it will run until the 11:59pm server time on the 5th November 2021.

Edit 2021-11-03: I have upped the Basic account limit for divisions to 10. This was not an intended consequence as many have said, it was an oversight on my part.

Posted by

Abbey 🌸 (#1)

Posted on
2021-11-02 05:23:05

Site Unresponsiveness
If you have been following our social media, you will have noticed we posted about the site having issues responding lately.

Unfortunately this appears to be due to bots accessing the site (it is not related to any updates or changes we have made). These bots have been causing the site to be unresponsive, and either extremely laggy or failing to connect at all.

Our server admin is trying to fix the problem and prevent this unwanted access, but it's tricky to deal with and may take some more time. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, and appreciate your patience while we sort out this problem. We are sorry this announcement itself has come late, as the unavailability of the site has prevented this news post from occurring sooner.

In the meantime, please follow our social media (linked in the bottom of this and every news post) for updates, as we will be sure to make an announcement as soon as we have an update. In the meantime we suggest locking your horses if you have logged in and progressed, as the connection is currently unreliable. :(

Posted by

River (#51565)

Posted on
2021-10-30 17:50:15

Event Shop Addition
Witch's Brew
A new, nefarious item has appeared in the Halloween event shop! This item, the Witch's Brew, can be given to a mare to guarantee a twin pregnancy when she is next bred. The brew is a bit unpredictable and dangerous however - it guarantees the pregnancy will be twins, but it does not guarantee that the foals from it will both be born happy and healthy.

There are three possible results from using the Witch's Brew on a mare: she may give birth to healthy twins, she may give birth to one healthy twin and one weakened one (with lower stats and conformation), or she may give birth to one live twin and one deceased. Twins from this item are non-identical, just as with in-game naturally occurring twins.

The respective percentages for these outcomes are:

10% chance two healthy twins
20% chance one healthy twin, one sickly twin
70% chance one healthy twin, one born deceased

Will you try your chances with the unpredictable Witch's Brew, or play it safe?

And a brief reminder - the Halloween event ends at 11:59pm server time on the 31st. Any unspent event currency you have left over then will remain credited to your account for next year.

Posted by

River (#51565)

Posted on
2021-10-25 13:23:52