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Event Shop Addition

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Witch's Brew
A new, nefarious item has appeared in the Halloween event shop! This item, the Witch's Brew, can be given to a mare to guarantee a twin pregnancy when she is next bred. The brew is a bit unpredictable and dangerous however - it guarantees the pregnancy will be twins, but it does not guarantee that the foals from it will both be born happy and healthy.

There are three possible results from using the Witch's Brew on a mare: she may give birth to healthy twins, she may give birth to one healthy twin and one weakened one (with lower stats and conformation), or she may give birth to one live twin and one deceased. Twins from this item are non-identical, just as with in-game naturally occurring twins.

The respective percentages for these outcomes are:

10% chance two healthy twins
20% chance one healthy twin, one sickly twin
70% chance one healthy twin, one born deceased

Will you try your chances with the unpredictable Witch's Brew, or play it safe?

And a brief reminder - the Halloween event ends at 11:59pm server time on the 31st. Any unspent event currency you have left over then will remain credited to your account for next year.

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Posted on
2021-10-25 13:23:52


So exciting!!!!!!!!

Posted by

Sintra (#129832)
25th October 2021 at 13:25:45

Ooo.. will be getting this.

Posted by

Spooks (#109406)
25th October 2021 at 13:32:38

Ah I love the twist. Makes it a bit more realistic since twin foals are usually weak when born.

Posted by

ɦօʀֆɛɢɨʀʟ (#124387)
25th October 2021 at 13:39:07

I like this, it's mysterious! Creative name! cant wait to use it!

Posted by

♥Ⓥⓘⓒⓚⓨ♥ (#130211)
25th October 2021 at 14:47:28

Interesting! Seems very fairytale-esque, with the potential catch to getting your 'wish' granted by a witch...

Posted by

«» Only the Wind (#55431)
25th October 2021 at 20:30:15

i still didnt get all the current halloween shop prizes cause my seeds are low to even get all of them will someone message me if u can help me get the halloween shop prizes im working on

Posted by

cool kjs (#130512)
26th October 2021 at 11:04:41