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"I just need a break from life. *sigh*"

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Facts About Me

  Hi! I am a 14 year old girl currently living in Indiana. The beginning of October will mark 3 years of me living in the state of Indiana. The rest of my life was lived in Southern California. Yep, I was born in the city with country in my blood, and now I'm living in the country. I live in a log cabin which stands on 17 acres of land including a barn, a shop, woods, 2 small fields, and 3 ponds. I own two dogs; a deer headed chihuahua named Rocky, and a Nova Scotia Duck Toller Retriever named Dozer. I have one brother who is currently at the age of 12. I own a kayak, 2 4-wheelers, a golf cart, and a 4 by 4. I do not ride on the 4-wheelers by myself, but almost every weekend me and my dad go on a ride through the area. Sometimes we'll do the same with our neighbors which we call these rides safaris. I go fishing in my biggest pond, and hope to start hunting soon. My brother was the first to get a deer which was a huge doe. My mom got a 7 point buck last season which we recently got it back from the taxidermy. On the same day my mom got her buck, my dad got a doe and button buck in one shot.That was a crazy day for sure. When I was still in California, I used to compete in a gymkhana club for about two years then I moved here. I haven't ridden since, and hope to get my first horse soon when we finish working on the barn. Well that's enough about me!

Friends - 

Whispering Oak's


Izzy's Frosted Chocolate

Crescent Creek Stables - bestie

kink - bestie


Wonder Wiki





Siren - bestie


My Services

 As some of you know I do art. I can make new characters, large art recolors, and sometimes I hold a character sale, or character auction. I have done a sig collab with the amazing Whispering Oak's, and here is an example with my Honeycomb and Hazel modeling the sig. These were the first lines I ever made on here. I also did a tag sale I named Be Bold (idk why) which is still open, and cane be found here. If your looking for examples of my work you can find them here and here.  Rules

1 - Don't sell for more than you paid unless it comes with more art

2 - If you got it in a trade, gift, or game you can ONLY trade it or gift it

3 - If selling please inform me, I may want to buy it back

4 - Must be credited as original design if I allow you to change it, and MUST be credited on all future refs

5 - Do not steal, and keep credits on the art

6 - Must ask to make changes on one of my designs; even if it's a new ref

7 - small add-ons are allowed to be added/removed; but must ask

8 - Enjoy!


I am currently OPEN.

1 - Spooks (listed below)

2 - 

3 - 

Art I am waiting on - 

Custom character from Zerka

2 free tags, custom charrie, and sig from Oak

Midnight Magic Sig from Corvus and Altair

When September Ends tags

Old Worlds tags from Altair

To do - 

Design Trade Game designs

Create a Hybrid Horse designs

character contest designs (Mouse)

Character for Spooks with Spooky Mask

My Character Site

This is still being worked on as I am no where close to being done with it, and I'm trying to finish it as fast as I can. PM me if you'd like to chat, commissions, or you need some help.

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