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The Mandalorian Horse Riders Association

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The Mandalorian Horse Riders Association

#270322 Posted on 2023-09-13 21:19:39

The Mandalorian Horse Rider Association

Connecting Star Wars fans on Equiverse...

Greetings Gentle Beings, Mand'alor The Rider at your service. I am the founder and owner of the Mandalorian Horse Rider Association. I am an avid Star Wars fan and know both Legends and Disney Cannon and I speak Fluent Mando'a (The Language of the Mandalorians). In my club, you can connect with fellow Star Wars fans from the Equiverse Community and participate in trivia on Star Wars, and club member discounts for studs and broods from the owner! So what are you waiting for? Grogu giving you the adorable pouty face?

-Join the Club

Club Goals:

  • 5/10¬†Members

  • 100k¬†(9/17/2023)

  • 200k

  • 300k

  • 400k

  • 500k

  • 600k

  • 1m

  • Registration¬†

  • Credit Vault

  • Item Vault

  • News Letter

  • Polls

  • Contests

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