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Darth Revan

"The Temple of Lothal Home of the All Around Paint"

Welcome to the Stables of Lothal (†§L)

Breeding Quality and Excellence in the Paint Breed Est...2018

About Us:

Welcome to the Stables of Lothal where we breed Quality and Excellence into the Paint Horse breed and make them affordable to the Equivers Community. We offer a variety of disciplines, confo, health, colors, patterns, and stats for your Paint Horse needs.

Our Process:

At the Stables of Lothal, our process for our foundation lines is simple, yet they are complex. We wait until a horse reaches 300+ stats before entering them in shows. Prior to their placement in shows, we train our horses put them through private trail lessons, and give them Carrots to boost their stats. Private trail rides are the bulk of our income here at the max of 10 hours in-game (1hr RL) this allows us to complete any tasks within our stable that we have to complete. 

We take in foundation mares and studs with various confirmations and breed them up. Once a horse is ready to compete in shows they are given a background, and are given the stable's chosen colors of Black Leather and Blue Cloth tack (Wish the tail wraps were visible and the splint boots could be colored to match as well). Our show horses do 5-hours in-game (30m RL) private lessons and spend the other 5-hours in shows. Horses are bred in tester stages at 100, 200, 300, and higher stats. 


We have a key of symbols that we use for our horses the brand is always at the start of the horse's name, and will follow with their discipline and one of the following symbols.

  • †§L = Brand (This comes before the horse's name, please do not remove this brand, we respect other players' brands we wish to be given the same respect.)

  • 🏆 = Our competition horses

  • = Hall of Fame Inductees (All Hall of Fame inductees will be placed in their own division and locked and will only be available once a month.)

  • ✂ = Geldings (I geld Studs at 20 yrs or inbred foals)

Breeding Partners:

I am currently looking for Breeding partners for Paint Horses.
Requirements for being a breeding partner:

  • Friendly

  • No inbred lines (Foundations from new players welcome)

  • Not crossbred (I'm not doing crossbreeding as of yet)

What you will get in return:

  • A friend

  • First dibs on foals before they go up for sale

  • 1EVD private Broods and Studs


The divisions of the Stables of Lothal are as follows:

  • Comp Ready (This is where our horses of 300+ stats are placed)

  • Temple of Lothal (This is where our under 300 stat horses are kept and trained.)

  • Hall of Fame (Reserved for Studs 20yrs and Mares 15yrs they are rolled 1 time for a week per month to allow mares cooldown to breed. This division is LOCKED)


I will place my threads here as they become available.

Side Accounts:

I do have two other accounts that will be listed here when all of my old horses on those accounts are sold. 

So if you can't find me on this account try one of the two listed above.

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Darth Revan's Horse Divisions
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