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Mand'alor The Rider

"Colts that don't sell with in 6 days of listing in the market place will be retired."

Welcome to Keldable Stables Quarter Horses

Brand: (Ꮥѻ₭)

Breeding Quality and Excellence in the Quarter Horse Breed Est. 2018...
Those who keep our brand get half off Studs and Broods from our horses!

About Us:

We here at the Stables of Keldable have been breeding Quality Quarter Horses for the Equiverse Community since 2018. Our Stallions are named after various Mand'alor from both Legends and Cannon, foundation mares are named in Mando'a. Mando'a is the language of the Mandalorian people of the Star Wars universe. 

Our Process:

Here at the Stables of Keldable, we separate our Quarter horses into herds depending on their Discipline. Each herd will have 1 to 2 stallions depending on the discipline. The highest Stat stud is the herd stud and will remain the herd stud until 20 years of age when they will be retired and added to a Hall of Fame depending on their discipline. Mares are entered into the Hall of Fame based on their discipline at 15 years of age. All Hall of Fame horses run for 1 week a month and will be available for public stud/brood. In these Divisions, the winner circle background with either a black or white halter and fly blanket. Horses of 21 years of age are used for Crossbreeding projects for Paint and Arabian breeding.

We start with foundation horses out of the Equestrian Center and don't show our horses until they reach 300+ stats, our horses are given Hay Cubes (Foundation lines) and Peppermints (Herd Heirs) before being switched to their discipline's specific needs. They are trained and taken for 10-hour rides every day. Foals start their training from the time they drop to the time they retire. We do add confo and stat booster horses of higher generations to help improve our horses overall.

Our Key:

Here at the Stables of Keldable, we do have some symbols we use for our horses, please look carefully at the Key below to see what each symbol means.

  • = Comp/show ready

  • Ꮥѻ₭ = The Brand of our Horses (People who keep the brand get discounted studs and broods)

  • ☥ = Hall of Fame (These horses are retired from shows and will be run 1 week a month)

  • ✂ = Geldings (Gelding is reserved for inbred horses)

  • Black and Red = This is the color of our Comp horse tack

Our Studs and Broods:

We price our Studs and Broods 100EVD for every 500EVD made, making our Studs and Broods the cheapest on Equiverse.

Our Clubs:

We are a proud member of several clubs and own a club as well. 

- American Quarter Horse Foundation Association 
- Equiverse Quarter Horse Association

- The Mandalorian Horse Riders Association (Owner)

Our Threads:

I have several threads up currently, many of them have to be edited and bumped up. Once these are edited and bumped up I will add them here below.

Side Accounts:

In case you cannot reach me here on my main account I may be on one of these other accounts instead. 

I am usually good at saying if I am on or offline at any given time. If I am not online on any of my accounts you may reach out to me at the Equivers Discord server. I am usually on there most of the time unless I am working with the feral ones.

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Member Name Mand'alor The Rider
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Joined May 15, 2018
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Mand'alor The Rider's Horse Divisions
Comp Ready Dressage (Monday) 11 horses
Trained today
Comp Ready Driving (Tuesdays) 10 horses
Trained today
Comp Ready Endurance (Wednesdays) 10 horses
Trained today
Comp Ready Jumping (Thursday) 10 horses
Trained today
Comp Ready Racing (Friday) 13 horses
Trained today
Comp Ready Western (Saturday) 12 horses
Trained today
Foals in Training 7 horses
Not trained today
Hall of Fame Dressage LOCKED 1 horses
Trained today
Hall of Fame Western LOCKED 4 horses
Not trained today
Hall of Fame: Racing LOCKED 2 horses
Trained today
Hall of Fame: Show Jumping LOCKED 1 horses
Trained today
Heirs LOCKED 24 horses
Not trained today
Sales LOCKED 3 horses
Trained today
Unassigned Horses 1 horses

Club Memberships

Equiverse Quarter Horse Association

American Quarter Horse Foundation Association (AQHFA)

The Mandalorian Horse Riders Association

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