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Auto Show Creator and more!

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Heyo EV! We've some new updates for you!

*To help with show availability, we have increased the number of shows each deluxe player can make - the previous allocation was based on 20 arenas which could each host 10 shows, allowing for 200 shows each. We have upped the total shows a player can make to 300 instead.
*Added Auto Show Creator: this feature makes show creation even easier by using all of your remaining shows up in batches of 10-12 shows, prioritizing shows levels that are the lowest. It's located under the Create Shows tab on the Showing page. You can choose to create shows across all specialities, or choose a specific speciality to create shows for. The caveat with this feature is that using it takes a 10% fee off of the profits from the shows you create with it, which is the cost of creating shows so easily.

*Added more flavor texts to Leisure Riding: there are new flavor texts that will show up based on the training level of the horse you are riding. Horses with a lower training level are more likely to show events such as throwing you or disobeying, and horses with a higher training level will be less phased by random events and will be much better behaved.
*Updated the default max show fee for show search to be $100; this was polled on a while ago and the majority supported it, and it is to help find all shows more readily, rather than automatically limiting the show search to a lower price bracket.

Bug Fixes
*Fixed Marking Randomizer not detecting when a horse has the White marking
*Fixed Fall Tree Garland not showing
*Fixed Grade Horse breed info page not working properly
*Young horse training typo fixed
*Fixed Local 1 selection for show search for Driving shows automatically changing to Local 5

New Poll!
There's a new poll available! Share your thoughts on how you'd like to see Farmsteads change!

Official Showing Discussion Topic
We have a discussion topic available about how to improve your experience with showing in-game - check it out and share your thoughts!

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Posted by


Posted on
2022-10-28 10:26:59


Thank you for the leisure riding!

Posted by

🍀Elemental🍀 (#132775)
28th October 2022 at 10:30:12

thank you for these changes! super excited to try them out!! ♥

Posted by

forgottenland (#121399)
28th October 2022 at 11:11:17

Can't wait to see how the new changes for show amounts will help the game!

Posted by

Olympea (#115391)
28th October 2022 at 12:01:40

Great updates, thanks so much!

Posted by

Olivia (#28092)
28th October 2022 at 12:59:57

Excellent! Thank you for the updates and fixes!

Posted by

«» Only the Wind (#55431)
28th October 2022 at 15:06:01

Thanks for the update! :)

Posted by

Thunder (#116321)
28th October 2022 at 23:39:48

Amazing - thank you!!

Posted by
trrrot (#128026)
30th October 2022 at 15:06:56

for the farm and orchard, I would like an option to convert the farm into another orchard. personally, I don't have any use for a farm and haven't touched it but I'm using an orchard since my herd needs it.

Posted by

Lucia (#132336)
4th November 2022 at 09:24:58