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"🎶some feelings they can travel too🎶"

◦°˚About Me & My Horses˚°◦

please don't message me about buying your horses, i buy horses when i need them and not when asked to. thank you! <3

i don’t like to say a lot about myself publicly, but here’s some stuff you can know c:

◦°˚ you can call me forgottenland or forgotten
◦°˚ bubbles is still fine if you know me by that name!
◦°˚ have been on EV for 4 years.
◦°˚ an adult in my early 20s & south asian
◦°˚ pansexual & genderqueer! (any pronouns are fine)
◦°˚ have been in a relationship for a few years
◦°˚ i like to create things by sewing, painting, cooking... or just sticking some paper together and seeing what happens. c:

◦°˚ my account's theming is based off Kirby! i never had much interest in console gaming until a few years ago and i've had lots of fun easing into it with the Kirby series, it's perfect for someone like me who just likes to have a silly time while playing and not worry too much about being good at games :p

The Horses <3

My brand is ◦°˚ and I don't mind whether it is removed or kept after purchasing a horse of mine. c:

Here on my main and side account I juggle a few different projects, while my focus will vary I’m almost always raising Western Paints, Western QHs, and Driving Morgans. As of now my priorities across all projects are roughly NSS>color>confo but if any major changes are made to confo my priorities will shift accordingly.

Nearly all my lines are public, at any given time I should have some horses for sale or up for breeding. For all but a few projects I will also look for horses to buy from others to combine into my lines.

Most horses are up for stud after reaching 12, i do keep an eye on their current number of foals and typically take down studs after about 2 to 3. I prefer to keep foal numbers a bit low since I currently have trouble finding new horses unrelated to my own and want to keep the market from being flooded with my own lines. Horses will have 5 or fewer total foals each, sometimes I may go as high as 6 or 7 but not often.

After stud years are over (around age 18 and up) I breed 2-3 foals from my pairs and whichever foals I don't keep will be sold. Certain lines might not have any foals for sale since they're unpopular breed/discipline combos and will mostly likely not attract any buyers, but I do try to ask around in the forums or discord if there's any interest before my horses retire.


6/10/23: starting some new projects that i'm very excited about, also sorting out my frozen horses.

5/5/23: a bit slowed down on the horse side of things but i'm still around ^^

3/21/23: getting a new laptop soon! :D

2/19/23: finally have my endurance arabians at a point where i'm happy with them. also making more art!

1/27/23: aaaaaa too many scheduled breedings happening at the same time

1/8/23: slowly getting more active and back to work on art now ^^

1/1/23: very busy right now, i'll have to put a pause on anything art related and freeze a lot of herds. hopefully things will begin to calm down and i'll have more free time soon.

12/25/22: currently reorganizing my stables! my goal is one arena per discipline/grade combo and 25 slots each. right now i'm only missing an International Western arena so i'm in the process of leveling up this National one. i'm also slowly adding more slots starting from my Novice arenas.

◦°˚Sales & More˚°◦

Current Services


Here is a link to the art I've sold on EV! So far I've stuck more to tags and sigs but have some large art ideas for the future. I'm a slow worker when it comes to art so sales are rare and customs are pretty much nonexistent. I like to draw everything myself and am usually willing to tackle hard designs since I can learn a lot from the challenge. Otherwise, I won't really grow as an artist! :p I don't do art collabs since while they are tons of fun, the risk of things going wrong stresses me out way too much. c':


TulsiBloomDark SunQuasar
LunaticMangoMeadowWild Rose
NainaConfettiPromisesCallous Love
ToranaSpellbindThetaApple Cider

Image from SongofSongs // Snowflakes from GDJ // Coding by Olympea

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forgottenland's Horse Divisions
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H: The Jukebox LOCKED 8 horses
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J: Star Allies LOCKED 16 horses
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U: Battleship Halberd 12 horses
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V: The Beast Pack 19 horses
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W: Colorful Candies 12 horses
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X: Gigabyte Grounds 7 horses
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Y: Sparkling Stars 18 horses
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z foundation tbs LOCKED 7 horses
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z foundation teke/appy LOCKED 31 horses
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Z: Ice Island LOCKED 33 horses
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