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"side account"

Side/storage account
please don't message or friend request

if you are waiting for me to roll over studs you can message my main

horses are taken off stud after 3-4 foals bred

Sales Division

here i mostly store and sort out horses for my main, i also raise Chincoteagues with the aim of having every discipline and lots of pretty color. i also keep some random horses i either rescued or bought from other players, though i'm trying to cut down on how many i keep and age out the ones i have now to make room for projects.

Account Information
Member Name bubbles2
Member ID 122465
Account Type Basic
Joined March 16, 2019
Last Active 2022-09-29 20:06:41
Member Information
Money on Hand $34,432
Money in Bank $3,323,010
Player Level 20
Horses 176 / 200

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Player Points
Yesterday 35136
This Week 122456
This Month 345928
All Time 7093478
Show Winnings
Yesterday $55,234
This Week $179,665
This Month $443,247
All Time $7,927,845

Member Level
Level 20 Experience 239002 (20%) EXP Required 1183864 EXP Left 944862

bubbles2's Horse Divisions
A: Naptime & Gentle Breezes 29 horses
Trained today
B: Crystal Shards 17 horses
Trained today
C: Milky Way Wishes 28 horses
Not trained today
D: Friend Hearts LOCKED 7 horses
Not trained today
E: Jambastion 16 horses
Trained today
F: Star Allies LOCKED 18 horses
Not trained today
G: Kirby Café LOCKED 30 horses
Not trained today
H: Lab Discovera 6 horses
Trained today
I: Rainbow Drops 8 horses
Not trained today
Z: Snowy Fields LOCKED 17 horses
Not trained today

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Akhal-Teke Club

Equiverse Thoroughbred Association

Equiverse Quarter Horse Association

Elite Racehorse Registry

Chincoteague Club

I Own Too Many Characters Group

Low NSS Breeders

The Kindness Club

Equiverse Pony Association

Shetland Pony Club

Palomino Association

Absolutely Andalusians

White Horse Association

Coloured Gypsy Breeders' Association

The LGBTQ+ Association

The EV Nez Perce Registry

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