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He'll Always Remind You (Lizzy)

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He'll Always Remind You (Lizzy)

#272018 Posted on 2024-02-10 19:57:51

Title: "He's Always Been There, He'll Always Remind You"
Makeshift scene, not canon at all to the story, or is it? No, its just something thrown together! But the two charcters do share history together, and its not a pretty history either.. heheh..

512x512The teal colored mare's base is by: Miliki on DA
The black dragon-winged stallion's base is by: AprilSilverWolf on DA
The background is by: Me, I have a NC Account on there that allows me to generate AI images- like the background you see here! And it has my overlay, also known as a "signature" that's an option to do; and I always pick that option to keep my images non-stolen, AI art still belongs to me if I made it; and that's one rule that belongs with the other rules.

Now besides info, the teal mare is actually my character Pandora from the ION/IOS rp thread I have.
The black alicorn is the stallion Dragon Devil (Dra) that is also from the ION/IOS rp thread I have.

Story that we know so far: Dra and Pandora (now Pandora is Nature) were chemically in love, also both from the "Great War Between Direwolves and Horses", and by "chemically" I mean she didn't love him but he kept her anyways. Pandora ran away at some point, she ded in the forest and reincarnated as Nature- pretty chaotic, but she did foal during that time and had her daughter. I don't remember if Darling or Molten was the daughter, but I can guess that Darling is the queen therefore the daughter and her child is Molten.

I didn't add manes, because its too much work for that. And it takes up too much time for me, and I got things to do. But I did just make up this scene for now, its not canon but it serves a good scene that Pandora wants to be free from Dra in a form that makes it sadder and more emotional. And, of course, Dra is always there to remind her who is the more powerful alicorn.

Fun fact: Dra can hide his wings, exactly like what Eclipsetess, my deuteragonist character, can do as well! It is this irony that serves as a connection that Dra may or may not know Eclipsetess, as much of the same things can be references or things that tie together when you least expect it. And I love this ironic thing where Eclipsetess and Dra can hide their wings and reveal them whenever they want! Its so fun!

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