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"Onceler Schematic's: Thoroughbreds"

Hello, hi! I'm Lizzy!

And welcome to Onceler Schematics!
I store so many random horses, but I breed Thoroughbreds now!

And I will be breeding Thoroughbreds in different disciplines to acquire the most maxed stats out of all of them possible!


My specific breeds are: Thoroughbreds! Mostly Thoroughbred's!


Symbol Name: L = Lizzy

Brand Name: Oncler Schematics/OS

1. 💲 = Sale

2. 🔱 = Top Tier Horses I have

3. ⚜️ = High Stated Horses That I Have

4. 🔺 = Above 60 Conformation

5. 🔻 = Below 60 Conformation

6. ✴️ = Top Ranked Horse

7. ✳️ = Bidding Sale

8. 🏧 = Riding School

9. T = Twins

10. () = Conformation

11. NM = Name

12. G = If this replaces my brand name, then it's a gelding I bought.

13. LG = If this G is infront of my brand name, then I gelded a foal myself, just to help with organizing more.

14. L/🌄 or any other image/special character/brand name = Co-branding, it is when I have a horse/foal given to me from another person that transferred said horse/foal, I will not change an original horses brand if it was transferred to me. That way I can keep track of which horse was given to me to take care of. Mostly/especially if the person has/had bred a horse from me.


My Sites I use:

1. My Characters!!

2. My DA Characters!!

3. DeviantArt Site

4. Site

5. Youtube Channel
+additional channels: 

6. Wattpad Profile

7. My AVATAR Characters (SITE)

8. Imgfly Profile


My side projects are: Thoroughbred's and colored Thoroughbred's. (Not yet on colored Thoroughbred's)

My stuff for selling, they are found here:
Item Market


My foals and yearlings, my foals and yearlings are found here:
(currently locked and changed)

Future stats: High conf, high points and perfect, excellent or great health


List of things I do on my account here that's quite different..

1. Unassigned Horses: Horses that are over 21 aren't going to be retired, more over they are going to be unassigned so that I can keep my lines going, including horses that I need to replace them with.

2. dRacing (TB's) is for Thoroughbred's that are excellent racers that I bred.

4. Big TB lover and currently growing TB's on the game!

5. Spirit animal is a wolf, ironic since my favorite animal is the wolf! Second place is horses, and third place is Dolphins!

6. eRacing (TB's) is for the kids that are growing since I also included the 2 year olds as well, so much fun for that!

Account Information
Member Name Lizzy
Member ID 131467
Account Type Basic
Joined November 9, 2021
Last Active 2023-12-04 20:28:18
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Money on Hand $0
Money in Bank $1,639,182
Player Level 16
Horses 266 / 270

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All Time 262664
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All Time $30,896

Member Level
Level 16 Experience 547745 (69%) EXP Required 792504 EXP Left 244759

Lizzy's Horse Divisions
aRacers (TB's) LOCKED 36 horses
Not trained today
bRacers (TB's) 2 LOCKED 25 horses
Not trained today
cRacers (TB's) 3 LOCKED 25 horses
Not trained today
dRacers (TB's) 4 LOCKED 25 horses
Not trained today
eRacers (TB's) 5 LOCKED 25 horses
Not trained today
fRacers (Racing TB's) 6 LOCKED 25 horses
Not trained today
gRacers (Racing TB's) 7 LOCKED 25 horses
Not trained today
hRacers (TB's) 8 LOCKED 26 horses
Not trained today
iRacers (TB's) 9 LOCKED 25 horses
Not trained today
jEndurancers (Trakhes) LOCKED 29 horses
Not trained today

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