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Smoking Guns Ranch : Studs/Sales

#270355 Posted on 2023-09-20 20:49:49

Smokin' Guns Ranch currently has a variety of studs and sales available in several breeds, colors, and stats! Info and links can be found below, please PM me with any questions or offers. :)



Rodeo Gal Blues

Red Roan Mare

Local 4 Western

54.84 confo

ee aa LpLp

$7,000 brood fee

Small Town Sunshine

Silver Buckskin Splash Snowcap Mare

Regional 2 Western

58.24 confo

Ee Aa Crcr Zz Spsp LpLp PATN2patn2

$8,000 brood fee

Livin Like the Lone Ranger

Buckskin Roan Mare

Local 2 Western

54.95 confo

Ee Aa Crcr LpLp

$6,000 brood fee

The Morning Guns

Buckskin Snowcap Mare

Local 3 Western

51.64 confo

EE Aa Crcr LpLp PATN2patn2

$6,000 brood fee

Burnin' Up the Road

Chestnut Roan Varnish Roan Frame Overo Mare

Local 3 Western

55.19 confo

ee AAt Rn+ Oo Lplp

$6,000 brood fee


None currently

Gypsy Vanners:

None currently

Tennessee Walkers:

Freedom in a Sunset

Classic Cream Champagne Stud

Regional 1 Western

56.29 Confo

EE aa Crcr Chch

$10,000 stud fee

Welsh Ponies

None currently



Never Seen Me In Black

Chestnut Rabicano Roan

3 year old Mare


Regional 1

52 NSS

53.86 confo

ee Aa Rbrb Lplp


Something in His Eyes

Chestnut Roan w/ silver gene

 3 year old Stallion

Western stats

1103 stats

52 NSS

55.66 confo

ee Ata ZZ Lplp


Heartaches of the Moon

Silver Bay Roan

3 year old Mare

Western stats

889 stats

56 NSS

52 confo

Ee AAt Zz Lplp


The Shadows I Call Home

Classic Cream Champagne Rabicano Leopard

1 year old Mare

Western stats

871 stats

55 NSS

54.33 confo

Ee aa Crcr Chch Rbrb Lplp PATN1patn1


Westward Leads the Road

Bay Blanket

0 year old Filly

Western stats

440 stats

52 NSS

53.22 confo

Ee AA Lplp PATN2patn2



Wild Sunset

Black Sabino

1 year old Stallion

Western stats

280 stats

55 NSS

54.32 confo

Ee aa Sb+


Beast in the East

Bay Sabino

0 year old Stallion

Western stats

279 stats

58 NSS

52.77 confo

EE Aa Sb+


Gypsy Vanners:

The Drunk Will Tell

Solid Bay

12 year old Stallion


Local 2

54.55 confo

Ee AA 


Tennessee Walkers:

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