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Midnight Outlaw

"I left myself in the alleyways"

Welcome to Smokin Guns Ranch, a sprawling, completely Western based ranch located middle-of-nowhere, Alberta, Canada. Tucked in a large valley surrounded by mountains, with dense forests, clear streams, long grass swaying on the meadows, and one clear way in and out, it's an untamed, beautiful place.. and a good place to disappear.

Now that I've spooked or annoyed ya with that, I'm Midnight Outlaw, Outlaw, Midnight, whatever else you wanna bother to think of. About me:

-teenage tomboy of a girl
-Proud Albertan (Alberta strong, whoop whoop)
-Western rider, hoping to start rodeos eventually (thanks for ruining my plans, Covid)
-obsessed with old west stuff (hence name)
-Loves almost all old country music, some new country, bluegrass, folk/outlaw country, and some alternative.
-Animals on my funny farm include:
-Amarillo, a 4 year old sorrel/chestnut Appaloosa mare, my training project for next year
-Phoenix, a flaxen red dun Appaloosa mare, 'fondly' (sarcasm) known as "brat", broke to ride but a jerk undersaddle and proudly carries the title of being my biggest source of stress and anxiety
-Midnight, big (around 17hh) black Clydesdale cross, currently a pasture puff due to health stuff
-Frank, mini donkey stud, basically just for cuteness and amusement, lol
-Bear, German Shepherd cross male outdoor dog
-Sheriff, grey tabby with white "splash" male, holds title for fattest, laziest cat on property
-Cocheta, grey and orange tabby female, pretty shy but occasionally allows me to pet her, very silky coat, very good hunter
-Gambler, black male with white patch on chest and white tufts in ears, fair hunter, very friendly
-Deputy, male, looks like mini Sheriff (hence name), extremely cuddly and soft, current "baby" of the cats
The Horses:
-Appy’s (NO FEW SPOT, rare colours, flaxen, Western, named after Country songs)
-Clydes (solid, Western, Native American names)
-GV’s (rare colours, flaxen, Western)
-Morgans (rare colours, flaxen, Louis L'Amour names, Western)
-Mustangs (rare colours, flaxen, Western, other western books names)
-Tennessee Walkers (colour, flaxen, Western, random names)
-Chincoteagues (flaxen, sooty, silver, colour, Western, Celtic & Welsh names)
-Welsh Ponies (flaxen, sooty, silver, colour, Western, Irish names)

Sales & Studs/Broods
-horses for sale will be in the sales division, but if there's one you'd love that isn't for sale, PM me. the worst that'll happen is I say no.
-horses will be for sale for 5 weeks. If they aren't sold after 5 weeks they will be kept or retired.
-if a price is too high, PM me. I'm fairly flexible on pricing.
-I don't list horses for stud/brood, but if there's one you want to stud/brood just PM me and I can put it up.
-If there's 2 horses of mine you want bred i'll do that too, the cost will be the price of the vet, farrier, and Genotyping the foal, plus 2k for profit, so around $3,400. (All my horses must be gene tested, hence why I do it myself if I breed a foal for ya, to ensure they will be). 

Naming System
-If a horse has the sword behind it's name that means it’s one I bred, the: (4) behind its name means it’s one I bought.
-My naming system works as this: all foundations or ones not bred by me are named after the theme (Louis L'Amour books, other Western books, country songs, etc) and their foals are then named with a combination of the parents' names.
-If you buy a horse you are free to change the name and erase my symbols, it's just the system I like to use for myself.
-Horses with other language names like Clydesdales and Chincoteagues will have the name meaning in their public notes
-With the other language names, the foals are named with a combo of the parents names' meanings.

Breeding & Treating System
-Horses will be bred 3 times in total by me, unless an exceptional horse, in which case I may go over 3 breedings.
-Horses will be put in Riding School throughout their life.
-A horse must be at least 15 to breed
-Horses will be fed Carrots & Green Apples, and rotated between the two treats for more equal stat gain.

-I can do custom characters that aren't too difficult. The price will depend on the difficulty of the character. Just PM me for more info or to order.
-I may also have some characters I wanna sell, so you can PM me if you want to buy a character and I'll tell you if I have any to sell.
-I do have some art I may be able to do recolours of for you, but be forewarned I'm still figuring it out, so while I always try my best it may not be perfect, if you're still fine with that PM me and I can let you know what I have.
-Payments for art is flexible, and I will take EVD, EVC, or even certain horses or art trades as payments, whatever works best for you usually.

My Character Site : Smokin' Guns Ranch
(Smokin Guns Ranch (
My Deviant / Midnight Gunslinger

Note: I'm currently looking for any characters or people willing to do customs for me. If you have any or are willing to make some please PM me or comment HERE

Art Waiting on:
-Among the Pumpkins tags by Ledbrite
-Bucking Mad Daph & Soul tag collab x2
-Strike Out Tag Shadow/Tall Oak collab x2

Charries Waiting On:

Auctions Bidded In:
Spikes Charrie Sale x2, no end date

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Midnight Outlaw's Horse Divisions
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Young Guns (2 year olds) 15 horses
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