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ISO Character ref

#240810 Posted on 2021-06-09 18:54:41

Eyyooo. So, I'm calling upon the art community to help me perpetuate my laziness whilst giving an old character some love.

Charlie is the very first character I obtained, and I never really gave him a proper ref and I figured it would be time to actually give him one.

-What I'm Looking For-

-Two-sided ref (you can design his other side)

-Quarter Horse build (or at least something stocky)

-Color palette

-Something to show his face marking

-Custom Lines

Here's the Boy ♥

Link to ref

I don't have EVC on me, but I'm more than willing to pay EVD or possibly art trade?

Please post examples and your prices ♥

Thank you for looking!

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#241049 Posted on 2021-06-12 18:45:29

Ooh I may be interested in an art trade if you are! PM me to let me know! I have some padros that would love some art! Lol
I may be busy with a bunch of other art stuff too so it might take a bit to finish so that’s a heads up.
But I can do a double sided ref since his design is simple. I can do a frontal headshot on the ref too
So just let me know! :)

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