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Taken down for event

Account Information
Member Name Ruby
Member ID 35396
Account Type Deluxe (798 days left)
Joined September 10, 2012
Last Active 2021-07-25 17:43:53
Member Information
Money on Hand $0
Money in Bank $14,516,506
Player Level 17
Horses 58 / 80

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Player Points
Yesterday 0
This Week 0
This Month 0
All Time 6843474
Show Winnings
Yesterday $0
This Week $0
This Month $0
All Time $786,917

Member Level
Level 17 Experience 848691 (96%) EXP Required 883006 EXP Left 34315

Ruby's Horse Divisions
-Death Row [For sale] LOCKED 0 horses
0 -TEA Levelers LOCKED 11 horses
Not trained today
1 - TEA Walker Rangers [Endurance] LOCKED 10 horses
Not trained today
2 - TEA Walker Rangers [Dressage] LOCKED 4 horses
Not trained today
4 -TEA Gypsy Magic LOCKED 6 horses
Not trained today
8 -TEA Little Army LOCKED 9 horses
Not trained today
Ungrouped 0 horses
yy -TEA Elsa'd Ponies LOCKED 18 horses
Not trained today

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