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But will it Win? - Showing Tips+Tricks!

#236828 Posted on 2021-03-12 14:02:25

General Disclaimer:

[[[ This guide is written from the perspective of one who views showing horses as a main source of income on EV and generally has access to the premium features. There are other ways to play the game, and this is certainly not meant to be the end all, be all guide of how you should play the game. I simply wish to share my experience and advice in the hopes to inspire others, and encourage you to find what works best for you! Sometimes it's a bit hard to find a starting point when you have a lot of options to choose from! ]]]

Showing and Total Stats: How to use them to your advantage.
Each showing division (N/L/R/Na/i) is broken down into 5 levels. Each class has a stat bracket before you will rank up to the next class level. This is determined solely off of stats. Now it's a lot to remember, but the most important thing to keep in mind is WHEN the next level up happens. Novice and Local shows all rank up every [50] stats, for example your N1 class will consist of 100-149 stats, and novice division will consist of 100-349 stat brackets . This is very important to remember!

You ideally want to show your horse when it is near the top-end of its level stat wise, as your horse will have the best chance of top 3 winnings. Now, for the higher brackets, each level goes up by [100] (R/Na) and International goes up by [400] until i5 which is just anything and beyond as there is no bracket past International. For higher brackets, it is prudent to check who is currently showing as sometimes there is a big gap between first and second place stat wise. Remember, you only have to have higher stats to have the best odds at showing/placing, and you still get prize money with the chance of stats.

Here is an example so you can see who is showing and why, based on stats:

Utilizing Auto-showing: making your life easier.
Now this is a premium feature, you do not have to have this, but if you actively show a many horses this saves a ton of time. The options can feel a bit “why does this matter” but fear not, I can give a few quick pointers.

  1. Is your horse close to the next rank? Use the “Highest Entries” option to ensure your horse will be entered into classes that will most likely have 5 other entrants. This will usually net you good prize money and a good likelihood of stat gains.

  2. Got a foundation herd you’re trying to show? Use the “Random” option to help ensure you don’t dump too many into one class. This isn’t a foolproof method, but I find that there are generally enough novice/local shows running to spread them out. If there aren’t, you can always create your own, or ask nicely in the appropriate channels and people are usually happy to oblige.

  3. The other options “cheapest/most expensive/soonest/lowest entries” I don’t use very often, but if you really want to try spreading out your horses, you can use those (shows permitting) to help make sure you only have 1-3 horses in any given show. You can create shows with varying entry fees to help make sure horses go where horses need to go as well.

Why you should probably SHOW first, and then do daily upkeep (within reason*):
Show levels are based only on total stats. You do not want to treat a horse that is at 199 points, because at 200, they will level up to the next rank and will not be able to show for a while. However, that horse at 199 stats is almost guaranteed to place in all of their shows. Shows only take the stat information from when the horse was entered, not after. So if your horse is at 199, and later on in the day gains +3 stats to 202 stats, levels up, etc; the shows that have yet to run are still calculating everything based off the information given when the horse was initially entered. This is why it is doubly important to treat correctly C: you need to make sure every stat counts! (and also why you will see horses with higher levels in lower level classes, its because shows have run and the owner levelled them up before everything else has run).

*IF your horse is close but not in danger of accidentally levelling to the next rank from a treat, then feel free to treat and care for as normal, but also be mindful if your stat-boost bar is nearing full as that will give you a hefty bump! I personally always show before doing anything else out of habit (and a large amount of horses) but it will get you an edge over the competition.

Time management: Why tabs are your friend.
Now, you will spend quite a bit of time filtering through and doing daily things. Premium features help with this a lot, and I will detail these things under the pretense that one has access to such things. I personally find that using a mobile device makes things infinitely easier, I personally have an android so ymmv depending on your device/layout/etc.

disclaimer: It is against the site rules to spam tabs, etc so be careful you're not opening/loading too many at the same time; really 2-3 is all you need to efficiently cycle through daily tasks.

TIP FOR THOSE WHO USE PC: you know the little scroll wheel you use on the mouse? If you PRESS the wheel down [aka the mouse3 button] when you hover the mouse over a tab, it will close that tab out on chrome (idk about other browsers sorry!). IF you want to OPEN a tab, press the wheel again when you are hovering over a hyperlink, and it will open a new tab for you! Idk if this is a common knowledge thing, but yeah ;D

1. Quick auto-caring:
I personally label divisions as to who is actively showing/who is not showing. I go through and open tabs in sets of 2-3 and then go through and autocare, tab to the next one. This works best for smaller divisions, larger divisions will take a few seconds extra to load. I also train all foals at this time so I don’t forget. You do not need to go back into the tab once you have hit auto-care, you can see on the tab when it is finished loading, and you only need to close it out. Make sure you have enough treats, or else you will have to go back once you realize that ONE horse didn’t get a treat and prevented auto-caring from going through *shakes fist*.

2. Quick showing/schooling:
Now having a lot of horses to show can eat up a lot of time. I personally open up 3 tabs; 1 on your “horses” page, 1 on the “auto-showing page” and 1 on the “riding school” of your choice. I don’t discern what discipline the riding school is in, as I am going for speed over player exp. Remember, you do NOT need to know each individual stat level for every bracket, you just need to remember the [50/100/400] stat rule; save yourself the headache of fiddly numbers. I usually annotate this on the division so I can see it from my “horses” page to make it easy. Start on your horses tab and start with your first horse and go through this list:

  1. Are my horses stats good enough to show? > go to auto-showing, enter horse

  2. Still waiting on stat gains? > go to riding school, toss horse

  3. Go back to the “horses” tab, rinse and repeat.

NOTE: The “auto-showing” tab and the “riding school” tab will list horses based on when they were refreshed, so you might have to do a little scrolling to find your correct horse. It will make sense when you go to do it.

Example of a division I have: All you need to look at is stats, their current rank (N3) vs their divisions stats [50]. As you can see this mare does not show currently,  because she is not near the top end of N3 stat-wise, which is at 249 stats.

3. Effective labelling and organization: (aka new tag, who dis?)
Now emojis are gaudy, however I can instantly tell who is who just off of that one symbol. No more squinting to see who is who, just going “oh yeah, that one horse”. Make them distinct from one another, and something that you will personally recognize. This is a huge time saver on mobile because your pages will generally “feel” pretty zoomed out when looking at purely text. 

Is it ugly? probably. Does it work? resounding yes.
120x24 vs 96x25 vs 142x29

4. Training on the hour, instead of every hour.
All training arenas will refresh their slots at :59 minutes each hour. If you don’t have enough money to upgrade them enough to accommodate all of your horses, try training closer to the hour to effectively “double” your slots. You do have to start a few minutes in advance to get everyone through, but I find it handy when I am feeling lazy, and it saves me the trip back to the arenas later on.

5. Less tedious schooling:
If you have the patience, try sorting our horses out into groups of 10 for each riding school. Open the first 5 when you search and then once you have entered 10 total, close the tab and move onto the next one. When you go to auto-complete, treat it as you would the “auto-care” tabs and just hit “complete batch” and move onto the next tab. You don’t need to revisit the tab once it's loaded, you can just close it. DO NOT hit “complete batch” with multiple tabs at once, you will regret it xD This is easier to do on PC but you can still manage it on mobile.

If you are PC and you are only using one riding school for everyone, zoom out as far as you can so you can see “complete batch” without scrolling and then go from there. It saves you the hassle of scrolling down forever.
169x51 < at max zoom out! I swear its easier to click than it looks lol.

6. Phone life is best life:
I really only use my PC for forum stuff, and other house-keeping (barn-keeping??? idk). 99% of the time mobile is usually the easier to use in terms of clicking things and navigating the site. You basically have every single tool within thumbs reach, instead of mousing around an entire page to get where you are going. It usually only takes about 30-40 minutes to get everything done (as of writing this, is about 180 horses) on mobile for me , which includes caring, training, schooling, showing and creating shows.

Why NSS is always more important than Total Stats, and why I think that:
You can always train a horse’s total stats, between treats, training, showing, and schooling. You can only alter NSS (and base stats) through breeding. The biggest concentration of horses are in the Novice/Local/Regional classes. If you properly care for a foundation horse, they will end up in regionals by the end of their cubing/showing career. National and International classes are really dependent on the popularity of that discipline, and you will usually see that dressage/jumping/western have the highest concentration at any given time. With the current system showing system, once you hit international rank there really isn’t much to do, and the stat bracket is so spread out, it means your horse will probably spend most of its life in a riding school anyways. The bulk of your income comes from showing in those early classes; so be mindful when purchasing horses, the availability of shows, and popularity of their discipline IF you do not like schooling constantly.

Not to discourage anyone from purchasing, but as an investment of time and money, you are better off purchasing on the lower end of the stat spectrum (nationals or under) and/or ones with under 60NSS. Horses with poor NSS stats will only earn a minimal amount of money in return. Unless you are planning to breed with a lower NSS horse to improve the next generation, it is better to avoid them completely, or to just get foundations of the breed you wish to work with. 

Can you still buy all of the ponies anyways? yes!!!

Training level matters too!
The second main factor that contributes to how well your horse will do, is a horses training level. I tend to view this as the “tie-breaker” if you have rather similar horses in a show. About 9/10 the horse with a higher training level (not just overall, but more EXP in the bar as well) will generally beat out horses with lower exp. I think the only real “wild-card” factor is NSS. If the NSS is greatly different (by 20-30 points) and stats are within 5-10 points, to me at least, the NSS will outweigh the training/stat difference. I am not 100% sure of this, but from experience, that is what I am inclined to believe.

But what about confirmation?
Conformation makes up a negligible part of the showing score, if any at all, and it is currently not “the most important thing” in showing. However, good confirmation is a huge selling point, and a horse with good conformation will almost always be valued over a horse without.

Foundation horses are always worth the investment:
A properly statted foundation horse fresh out of the EC with correct discipline for its NSS stats (and lvl 5 tack!!!), will always turn a profit in the show ring. You can always save up later and buy coat modifiers to give them pretty coat colours!

Don’t forget to repair your tack!
Also make sure you have level 5 tack if you decide to show! Most, if not all, active competition horses will be suited out with the best tack. You can purchase some on the marketplace, or upgrade it at the tack shop if you are high enough level. If you cannot find lvl 5 tack for sale, if you ask nicely on the appropriate channels, someone will most likely be willing to sell you the piece you are missing.

Also don't forget to combine your treats!

When you are in your inventory you can click on a stack and scroll to the bottom to see this option. It will only appear if the items are in stacks no larger than (10) items. Use the "split item" option to break down larger stacks, to make them useable for converting. The bags/bundles/bunches will give a small happiness boost over their 'single serve' options.

This is a bit long winded but I hope it helps!

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