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"99 champagne baloons~"

|}-side account-{|

My main breed projects are:
• B∫h | Vanners in driving
Focused on bringing colourful and well built horses to show.
• ฿ | Dutch warmbloods in dressage.
  Focusing on breeding correct and expressive movers to the ring, bay roan is highly prized in this line and is seen as ideal coat.
• β | Dutch warmbloods in show jumping.
In efforts to display the versatility of this breed, a second branch was founded to breed high quality jumpers. This line is known for exemplary tobiano expressions.

My side projects are:
• ^BH | Appies in endurance
An exciting endeavor to bring colour and quality to the finish line.
Spot us on the trails!

• °BH | Paints in dressage
Tired of monotony in the show ring? Our paints are here to spice it up!
With quality and chrome, what's not to love?

• ×BH | Trakes in western
We take lemons and make lemonade.
A fledgling project that hopes to break the standard mold in the western scene.

| bhe |
Generally miscellaneous side projects that get out of hand.
(Western Stock)
We aim for low nss qh, paint and appaloosa bloodstock with clean lines. While a less serious endeavor, we still strive to make a positive impression in the western scene. Our goal is to produce quality horses for competition, that will later stand for a limited time at stud.
Our andalusians started as a small personal challenge that has been quickly gaining steam, and recently furnished with high quality lines to help diversify our bloodstock. Our end goal is to produce a 7k total stat foal with under 60nss. These horses will never be for public stud, and will only be offered privately to other breeders with similar standards.

naming key
Ø : actively showing
(##) : NSS
#.# : generation.pair

(Foals and Stud)
• WB lines will be available only in a very limited quantity per pair, and will not stand at public stud.
• GVs will stand at private stud for a very select few breedings.
• Trakes and Appies will stand at private stud, and foals will be more publicly available.
• Andalusians are not available publicly.
• all others will be made available for public stud.

(Project Partners)
If you interested in becoming a breeding partner please let me know! I would love to build a strong base for the less common breed/event combinations.

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