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𝕵 Quiet Sea Winds - EDF Con.

Owned by ᴛʀᴜQᴜᴇ (#115954)
Bred by ᴛʀᴜQᴜᴇ (#115954)

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Hunger 90%
Happiness 90%
Not Done Overdue
Not Done Overdue
Done Gene tested
Done At home stable

STR: 23 +34
SPD: 26 +34
AGI: 2491 +109
INT: 2642 +109
END: 22 +34
ALL: 5204

Preferred Treat

Equipment Please note: You cannot have more than one type of tack or more than one background equipped. For example, trying to equip a second saddle will just replace the currently equipped saddle with the new saddle.
[5/5] Dressage Bridle - Black
+30 agi
+30 int
87% durability
[5/5] Dressage Saddle - Black/Silver
+45 agi
+45 int
78% durability
[5/5] Splint Boots
+17 str
+17 spd
+17 agi
+17 int
+17 end
82% durability
[5/5] Tail Guard
+17 str
+17 spd
+17 agi
+17 int
+17 end
82% durability

Horse Information
Name 𝕵 Quiet Sea Winds - EDF Con.
Age 20 years old (ages in 2 days)
Breed Andalusian
Color Silver Smoky Black
Sex Mare
Pattern Rabicano
Markings Face: Blaze, NF: –, FF: Stocking, NH: Sock, FH: Pastern
Born 2020-07-05 19:42:52
Genotype Ee aa gg Crcr dd chch FF Zz pp stysty Rbrb ++ oo spsp lplp patn1patn1 patn2patn2
Conformation and Health
Height 15.1 hands (61in)
Head 96.25 Perfect
Neck 91.56 Excellent
Withers 93.40 Excellent
Back 95.72 Excellent
Shoulders 99.59 Perfect
Legs 84.91 Excellent
Knees 96.81 Perfect
Hooves 91.00 Excellent
Average 93.66

Specialty Information
First Places 82 Second Places 77 Third Places 37
Specialty Dressage (Converted: 0 times) Grade International 5 Training Level 4
Training Progress
Stat Boost Points
3 / 10

Horse Points
Yesterday 0
This Week 0
This Month 0
All Time 37548
Show Winnings
Yesterday $0
This Week $378
This Month $0
All Time $50,421

Pedigree, Breeding and Foals
Sired by Chasing Quiet Winds {AR} Foals 3 foals bred Base Stats
STR: 23
SPD: 25
AGI: 2007
INT: 2013
END: 22
ALL: 4090
Dam Last Sea Last Bred 66 days ago  
Pedigree View Pedigree      

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Black Halter
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Club Registries

Equiverse Dressage Federation

Registered since
2020-08-08 12:15:15

High Stat Horsies

Registered since
2020-10-15 11:47:32

Achievement Points: 10

Public Notes
Name: Quiet Sea Winds
Nickname: Wind
Currently: Showing off her beauty- trying to attract the nearby geldings.

Elegance, grace, beauty. You name it, Wind has it. Wind is, “a queen” in her own words. She likes only the best feed and only eats the freshest of hay. Her water must be crystal clear and there mustn’t be a speck of dirt in her stall. She likes to stand near the barn doors when she’s let out in the paddock, trying to stay near the air conditioning. She could care less about the foals romping around, and waits patiently to be let back inside. She is not a fan of trail rides, but loves doing groundwork in the arena.