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"Pronounced like duke- but with a Tr | Running on Empty..."

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Member Name ᴛʀᴜQᴜᴇ
Member ID 115954
Account Type Deluxe (4 days left)
Joined December 22, 2017
Last Active 2020-10-22 03:52:51
Member Information
Money on Hand $49,965
Money in Bank $1,014,045
Player Level 10
Horses 71 / 75

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Player Points
Yesterday 1128
This Week 5238
This Month 47790
All Time 212454
Show Winnings
Yesterday $0
This Week $5,747
This Month $34,859
All Time $64,484

Member Level
Level 10 Experience 3424 (1%) EXP Required 197310 EXP Left 193886

ᴛʀᴜQᴜᴇ's Horse Divisions
(A) !For Sale! 4 horses
Not trained today
(AA) Stud/Brood 4 horses
Not trained today
(AB) - Andys 45> 3 horses
Trained today
(B) Andys <70 11 horses
Not trained today
(C) Andy - Actives 6 horses
Not trained today
Outside Affairs - 70+ NSS 5 horses
Not trained today
Retirees, {BSR, BAR, BSAR, SR, AR, SAR, BR} 7 horses
Not trained today
Z - FB - Cube Project - Ready For Sale 14 horses
Not trained today
Z- All Rescues & Specials 10 horses
Not trained today
ZZZ - Time Vault - HSH Horses LOCKED 7 horses
Not trained today

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