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"Don't let... idiots... talk you out of something you think is good."

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About Me...

    Layout under construction. Character Site:  (Can be found here.).       I own 8 fur babies, 2 sheep, 4 goats, 2 pups... and well, 1 honorable pet evil snapping turtle. I do not concluded his evil highness to be a fur baby though. Everyone IRL says I have a grinch resting face. That is all. 


  Andies - I've bred Andies for quite some time, and have finally reached a spot where I can say, "Oh, this is pretty cool." BUT, there is always room for improvement and so I am lowering NSS and raising total stats. :)    TWH's - Yay, I've started a new line of the very minimal driving TWH's! My first goal is to get a herd of about 7-8 to 2k stats, and then start to lower the NSS as well as raise the conformation. If you have any questions or are interested I would be more than happy to chat. :3

Credits/For ME

Credits: Coding by: #7088 Manip By: Shutterstock Photos Background By: TruQue.      I apologize for not having credits in appropriate spaces, I am still experimenting.                                                                          To - Do's - *TWH 6-8 Week Eval. *Andy Breedings *TWH Foal Eval. *Update Charrie site                                                                       Purchases (Still waiting on) - Donkey's Heart, TO Pixel Tag,

Art Services

Yay, I've finally got a grip on the art side of EV! I normally do a new tag about once a month, so be sure to watch for those! I can also make custom charries, but I don't do that very often. Tall Oak is my art partner, so expect collabs between us in the near future!              

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