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A mixed gang of horses mainly from the rescue center.

I prioritize low NSS.

Account Information
Member Name Bento
Member ID 115175
Account Type Basic
Joined November 8, 2017
Last Active 2024-02-27 02:09:23
Member Information
Money on Hand $51,758
Money in Bank $1,429,184
Player Level 12
Horses 108 / 110

This member has not progressed their account yet today.

Player Points
Yesterday 4878
This Week 5656
This Month 55918
All Time 1197256
Show Winnings
Yesterday $4,518
This Week $7,978
This Month $82,342
All Time $1,238,033

Member Level
Level 12 Experience 262210 (95%) EXP Required 275582 EXP Left 13372

Bento's Horse Divisions
Active Horses LOCKED 13 horses
Not trained today
Akhal-Teke Farm 13 horses
Trained today
Assorted LOCKED 31 horses
Not trained today
Hilda's Driving Shetlands LOCKED 4 horses
Not trained today
Quarter Horses LOCKED 6 horses
Not trained today
R&R 5 horses
Not trained today
Show Jumping Paints LOCKED 8 horses
Not trained today
Starshooters LOCKED 20 horses
Not trained today
Unassigned Horses 8 horses

Club Memberships

Equiverse Dressage Federation

Trakehner Club

Specialists Extraordinaire

Low NSS Breeders Club

Equiverse Driving Association

The Tennessee Walking Federation

Paint Horse Association