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Hi Equiverse people!

I'm partially back from a very long hiatus. Most of my horses are still locked since I don't have a lot of time to dedicate to the game at the moment but we'll see what the future holds.

My breeding programmes for endurance Mustangs and racing Akhal-Tekes focus on low non-specialty stats and good conformation. Awesome colouring is not the most important thing but of course it would be nice to get some of that too!

I have a mini breeding project going on for Quarter Horses as well where I focus on clean lines and good stats for showing.

I offer my horses for very limited breeding. I usually make up to two foals for myself of a maximum of three to four per horse. Message me if you would like to use a horse for breeding and I'll se what I can do. I get very attached to the horses so selling them is difficult but not unheard of. It's always worth a try!

How I brand my horses:

 {IÄ} for the foundation horses that I own and for horses that I have bred that have said foundation horses in their bloodline.

is used when I've bred a horse but it does not have one of my foundation horses in its predigree.

is for side projects. 

/Your friendly desert dwelling monster


Current stable champion I would like to give some special attention to:

{IÄ} Easy Rider
Endurance Mustang stallion, 2nd generation
50 nss, confo 55.45

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