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Rancho SoCal

"Never Ever Give Up"

Striving to produce Dressage Andalusians and Endurance Mustangs with Low NSS and High Conformation

Breeding horses with High Total Stats is easy, so easy it is no longer a consideration in my Breeding Program. Reducing NSS is the real challenge. Unless you are very careful, your conformation scores will nose dive.

Breeding for High Conformation is a study in frustration. You can make the most careful pairings and get a resultant foal that is several conformation points below both parents and grandparents. 

The REAL challenge is breeding for the WHOLE horse: High Conformation with low Non-Specialty Stats is much harder than it looks. High Total Stats will take care of itself. With many set-backs and restarts, I am slowly making progress.

Lessons Learned: 

  • No matter how many times you convert, you will NEVER change the Base Stats.
  • Do NOT cross-breed Specialties! This will only mess up your stats and cause your horses to become worthless to anyone else. Pick a Specialty and stick with it!

If you plan on offering less than what I am asking for a horse I am selling: A horse from the EC costs $1k with only 100 stats, and at best conformation of 60, even custom horses are not much better. How much more do you think a horse with 5000+ stats, nss of 60 or less and conformation of 98+ should cost? 

Visit my other ranch Trabuco Canyon where I have Driving Lipizzaners

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