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Trabuco Canyon

"Retired and loving it"

Striving to produce Driving Lippizaners of Beauty and Grace

Horses in the Active Divisions are from foundation stock, have been selected for Driving, and are being bred for Conformation and Low non-specific stats. I have second generation horses already with stats of over 1000! Conformation requirements for foal retention are now a minimum of 61.5 for fillies, 62 for colts.

Horses in the Riding School Divisions are from my original stock and come from all disciplines. At one point they were all converted to Dressage, and finally to Driving. I am currently working on conformation and to reduce the non-specific stats. Some of these horses have reached total stats of 2100! Conformation requirements for foal retention are now minimum of 84 for fillies, 85 for colts.

Horses are NEVER cubed

Horses in the Sales Cull Pen are for sale, make an offer!

Visit my other ranch, Rancho SoCal, where I have International level Dressage Andalusians with nss of 60 or less (working to lower this) and conformation of 98 and higher (working for 99+)

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Trabuco Canyon's Horse Divisions
1. Driving National 14 horses
Trained today
2. Driving Regional R5 10 horses
Trained today
3. Driving Regional R4 9 horses
Trained today
4. Driving Regional R3 2 horses
Trained today
5. Driving Regional R2 3 horses
Trained today
Babies 24 horses
Trained today
Original Herd Mares 25 horses
Trained today
Original Herd Stallions 16 horses
Trained today
Retired 14 horses
Not trained today
Sales 0 horses
Sales Cull Pen 3 horses
Not trained today
Time Vault - Stallions LOCKED 10 horses
Not trained today
z empty 0 horses
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z empty 0 horses

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