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Happy New Year!

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Happy 2019 EVers! We're excited to be looking forward to another year with you all! Here are some updates to start us off.

Snowball Fight
The Snowball Fight ended as of the 31st - if you had any Crystallized Snowflakes left over that you didn’t spend, don’t worry, they will show up as credited on your account when the event rolls around again next year. :)

Bug Fixes
*Items showing zero uses should no longer be displayed in the market

*An issue with clubs sending a message repeatedly regarding an owner change (when ownership didn’t actually change) has been fixed - this was caused by admins being unable to successfully take ownership when the owner was inactive

*Error messages during leisure riding should no longer appear; this was caused by double submissions going through, which has now been prevented

*Items picked up during leisure riding should now appear credited to your inventory successfully

*Searching for studs/broods should no longer show horses that aren’t actually available for stud or brood

*Cases of horse having non-existant backgrounds assigned to them (which in turn prevent new assignments) should no longer occur; if you have a horse that has this existing problem, please submit a ticket from the game support section of the Help page to have it individually fixed

Improve Horse Grades Button
The Improve Horse Grades button was erroneously displayed for basic members, and was reported in the bug zapper multiple times as not working for basic members. This button was actually intended as a deluxe feature so it was behaving as desired - the button has now been removed for basic members to prevent confusion regarding its lack of function. Basic members can continue to improve horse grades as usual by clicking the improve grade button on an individual horse’s page (this is most easily done upon showing, when a notice regarding the need for grade improvement will be displayed for each horse, and after tasks that will contribute to grade increase, like training).

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Posted on
2019-01-02 11:54:03


How are the foal updates coming? (:

Posted by

⚜️ Forevermore ⚜️ (#100031)
3rd January 2019 at 12:53:00

Oh, this botton, who problem, thaks for the solution. But, i want know about the foals please?

Posted by

Milerocsan (#114506)
3rd January 2019 at 18:48:00

Thank you for the updates!

Posted by

«» Only the Wind (#55431)
3rd January 2019 at 22:14:56

I'm sorry, but as before there's no update on foal art yet. We're focusing on bugs at the moment before bringing in any new features. We will let you know when there is something more coming.

Posted by

River (#51565)
5th January 2019 at 12:46:44

thanks for all the hard work.

Posted by

Lorraine (#121765)
8th January 2019 at 12:55:19

Thank you for your hard work! ?

Posted by

CW Resue Center (#118033)
9th January 2019 at 15:17:14

Ahhhh, darn! I was really looking forward to the foal artwork!! :'(

Posted by

Pine Park Quarter Horses (#110167)
14th January 2019 at 17:44:05