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Snowball Fight! 15th-31st December
The Snowball Fight has begun! It's time for the ultimate battle between Red, Blue and Green!

You can find your current stats on the sidebar along with how much of the new currency, Crystallized Snowflakes, you have found. To view the current standings, visit the Event page under the News header, or click on Snowball Fight underneath the current stats.

Items have been put behind a locked door which can be unlocked by participating in the event and throwing snowballs! Every time you hit another member with a snowball, the door will unlock a tiny bit more. Let's see how quickly we can do this :D

The event will run from today, the 15th December, until midnight EV server time on the 31st December.

Members with Full Page Layouts
Add [snowballbox] to your page anywhere to display the box so that members can throw snowballs at you :)

Posted by

Abbey (#1)

Posted on
2017-12-15 03:11:59

Snowball Fight!
Snowball Fight
The Snowball Fight event is returning, and will be starting on Friday! Which team are you going to end up on this year?

The event will be featuring new items, and new currency known as Crystallized Snowflakes. And what's this? Decorative items too?!

Be sure to be online Friday for release of the event! It's time to get your snowball throwing arm warmed up. ;)

Official Club Claiming
The Quarter Horse Club has essentially been abandoned, so we’d like to offer the opportunity of claiming ownership of it to anyone who is interested in doing so. Please PM Abbey if you would like to become the owner of the QH club; we will leave this chance open for the coming week and then the most active member who entered will be chosen on Friday, the 15th of December.

New Features
* You can now cancel bids from your “View Bids” page. Additionally, as a result of work to streamline daily progression, any “hanging” stud requests and bids can now both be claimed back through their respective pages.
* You can now choose “Random” priority in Auto-Showing to completely randomise your show entries.

Club Bug Fixes
* Attempted to fix prizes being handed out in voting-enabled contests.
* Fixed an issue where contests were not being closed properly both in voting and admin choose type contests.
* Fixed a big issue where prizes were not being handed out and contests were not ending when admins choose the winners.
* Fixed an issue where unregistered horses could be entered into club horse contests.
* Text entries in text contests should now display correctly.

Other Fixes
* Shows had a big glitch last week and we’ve hopefully managed to fix some of the issues that were occurring due to a backup in the system caused by volume. Filled shows now run every 5 minutes instead of every 15 minutes to help move things along.
* Some horses who were getting locking issues should now no longer be experiencing those issues. If you had a horse that was unable to be sold, trained, or otherwise used please try those activities again and let us know if the problem is fixed.
* In an attempt to fix some of the issues with progression (which may have also have been fixed due to the locked bug), we have reshuffled some code and removed a couple of parts, namely automatically removing bids and stud requests from horses when they die.
* You should no longer be able to see other members’ Edit buttons on their Division overviews.
* When blocking members, they should no longer be able to create new conversations with you.

A Note From Abbey
I’d like to apologise for taking so long to address some of these bugs, and also to apologise for the lack of Farms and colored tack and a bunch of other things we’ve promised. Farms and colored tack are ready to be coded, but I’ve been delaying them until I can fix the bugs that club contests are causing, and unfortunately my time has been extremely restricted lately. I don’t really like introducing new big features when another feature is so bug-riddled.

Farms ARE still coming, definitely. I also now know how I’d like to set up colored tack so that will be my first priority after farms are released. Thank you all so much for your patience regarding this matter.

Coming Soon
The upcoming Show Creator will allow multiple shows to be created at once, in a larger format!

Prepare to say goodbye to using the same form to create shows over and over again. :)

That's all for today - as always, happy EVing!

Posted by

River (#51565)

Posted on
2017-12-11 11:07:12

Friday Update
Happy Friday, EVers! Here are a few updates for you. :)

We have chat returning back to the game, but in a different form from before - to decrease load on the server we are including a link to the official Equiverse Discord on the Chat page, which you can find via the Town page. Feel free to join there if you wish, but please understand that Discord is a separate site with its own rules and requirements. There is some info included on our Chat page regarding this. Chat will remain off-site via Discord for the foreseeable future.

Foal Art Preview
This time we have a preview of a lovely little Chincoteague baby for you all! Also note the new background being featured alongside the foal - more will be coming your way. :)

Bug Fixes
* The Winner's Circle background should now be awarded correctly from 1st place wins in shows
* The Sunset Beach background should now be attainable in the Beach area of Leisure Riding; it was previously bugged and not dropping as it should
* Duplicate show results should no longer be occurring, however please be aware previous duplicates will remain in show history, unfortunately
* Similarly, horses not getting show results should now be fixed - there was a backlog of over 13,000 shows that had yet to run and the script was getting stuck on the same shows due to timing out, but it should be working now

Also, it seems there was some confusion regarding conversion for the Fall Leaves event - conversion was only available for a brief period between its release and the end of the event on November 30th. That event is no longer available, but your Pristine Leaves will be waiting for you when the event rolls around next year.

That's all for now, happy EVing!

Posted by

River (#51565)

Posted on
2017-12-08 13:56:07

Just a tiny announcement for today - Fall Leaves leaf conversion is now available! If you visit the Event link in the dropdown menu under news, you will now see a box that will allow you to convert Pristine Leaves you've collected into cash. Just a reminder though, there will be an event shop when this event rolls around next year, so if you choose to save your Pristine Leaves, they will remain waiting in your account until then. :)

Posted by

River (#51565)

Posted on
2017-11-30 10:23:11

Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Thanksgiving!
To those of you who are sitting down with your families today and celebrating, we hope you have a wonderful day! If you don't celebrate Thanksgiving, then have a wonderful Thursday ;)

Just a small update today, but with more to come next week. We hope that the Fall Leaves leaf conversion tool will be available on Monday.

New Background - Winner's Circle

This background has a 10% chance of dropping if your horse wins 1st place in a show!

Updated Features
* Users can now cancel their offers on trades. To do this, visit the trade and at the top of your offer there is a red button to cancel.
* Club Settings now has an "Automatic Paragraphs" setting which has been defaulted to On. If you use <br> tags or <p> tags on your club page then your club page may be a bit broken. Just uncheck the "Automatic Paragraphs" option and they should go back to normal.

Bugs Fixed
* Club Contests with the Voting method of winning should now automatically finish and hand out prizes on the day they are due to run. If there is a tie for contest places then winners will be randomised so if you do not want this to happen please cancel your contests the day before they are due to run.
* Club Contests which have the admin picking winners should now also allow winners to actually be chosen.

Please post on the Club Bugs Masterpost if you are continuing to encounter any issues with clubs and we will try to address them ASAP.

Posted by

Abbey (#1)

Posted on
2017-11-23 13:04:49