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Showing Bug Fix
Showing Bug
There has been a bug in showing for a while, we're unsure exactly how long, but it affected placement in shows. This was discovered and fixed on Tuesday. Hopefully since then show results have been more accurate when comparing the horses entered in a show. It might take a little while to get used to as we don't know how long this bug has been in place. Here is a breakdown of what contributes to show results so that you can be on the look out for odd results.

A Score is generated for horses when they are first entered in shows - it's always a good idea to care for your horses before you enter shows rather than after.

1. Stats come first. Main stats are prioritised, secondary stats contribute a little. For Dressage, grooming and age contributes as Dressage is scored on presentation as well.
2. Specialty bonus is added to the score - if the horse is entered in the same type of show as its specialty, it gets a small boost.
3. Care - water, hunger, grooming, stall cleaned, and treating each add a small bonus to the score.
4. Tack contributions are added next.
5. Luck is calculated based on training level. At low level showing this can have a massive impact on show scores, but as horses reach higher stats and higher training level it becomes almost a non-issue.

Based on this info, you should be able to pick out any remaining issues (if there are any).

* When using the Trade Ins feature, the items are now listed in alphabetical order rather than a seemingly random order.
* When searching for specific genes, only gene tested horses will show in search results.
* Encountering an error when creating shows will now keep your previous choices so that you don't need to fill out the form again.

Bug Fixes
* Some small aesthetic bugs have been fixed.
* The error "This item has no more uses left" when trying to treat a horse should no longer occur.
* A broken image which appeared on certain breeds' art has been fixed.

Discussion Topic
In light of the showing bug, we have a new discussion topic available on some potential tweaks to showing - head on over to the forum topic to check it out!

That's it for now, happy EVing!

Posted by

River (#51565)

Posted on
2018-05-17 09:37:48

Seasonal Backgrounds, Wardrobe and Item Trade Ins
Seasonal Backgrounds

It's taken a while, but seasonal backgrounds are now in the Credit Shop for 2 EVC each. They each come with 5 uses and the background will automatically change based on the current in-game season.


In your Inventory, there is now a link to the Wardrobe! This lets you preview any non-seasonal piece of tack, decoration or background before you purchase so that you can make a fully informed decision on what you'd like to buy. You can also preview all horse genes, similarly to the Custom Horse tool.

Item Trade Ins
The General Store now accepts Trade Ins! You can sell back any unwanted items for a portion of the price you purchased them for. Additionally, some items that you can acquire from other areas of the site can be traded in for a small amount.

Show Creation Update
Creating shows just got easier. You can now add additional rows to the show creation form, allowing you to create lots of different types and grades of shows at the same time. Just click on the small + at the end of the row to add a new row, and it will create all the shows you fill out in a single click.

Show Result Adjustments
The showing algorithm was changed recently to be more inclusive of non-specialty stats and while I still want to keep this, the percentage of non-specialty stats used in this algoritm has been reduced slightly. Please note however that this means horses with very low non-specialty stats no longer have an advantage and that is likely why your showing results have changed. Hopefully adjusting the non-specialty stats contribution should level the playing field rather than skew the favour towards high non-specialty stats however.

* The showing algorithm was changed recently to be more inclusive of non-specialty stats. While I still want to keep this, the percentage of non-specialty stats used in this algoritm has been reduced slightly. Please note however that this means horses with very low non-specialty stats no longer have an advantage and that is likely why your showing results have changed. Hopefully adjusting the non-specialty stats contribution should level the playing field rather than skew the favour towards either side.
* Foals will now be called "Filly" or "Colt" until they reach 1 year of age.
* There is now a popup confirmation for clearing your activity feed.
* The Bug Board will now redirect straight to the new Bug Zapper.
* The dropdown box for Withdraw or Deposit in the bank has been switched to a slightly easier Radio button system.

Bug Fixes
* When searching for a horse with a space in the name (e.g. Dutch Warmblood or Gypsy Vanner) the second page of results should no longer say the breed does not exist.

Posted by

Abbey 🌸 (#1)

Posted on
2018-05-13 08:21:46

Mid-Week Fixes
* You can now see all the clubs that a member belongs to rather than just the first nine.
* Some minor editing has been made to Auto Showing to make the function work a bit faster. It's still not great, but some problems have been pinpointed and we're now considering a way to fix it.
* Leaving a horse at Rescue now only costs $200 instead of $500, and has a popup that allows you to confirm the selection, in order to prevent accidental RCing.
* A clock symbol is now being used to denote when a mare is on her breeding cooldown.
* Horse Patterns have been added to the Rescue Center listing.
* Your forum subscriptions should now be ordered by the most recent topic activity.

Rescue horses now have markings listed alongside coat colors.

Bug Fixes
* Registering a new account would sometimes result in a blank page, this has been rectified.
* Some Horse Search options not sticking through to the second page of search results has been fixed.
* Horse names should now allow special characters and emojis again.
- Unfortunately, converting this back since the bug happened has caused approximately 2000 horses across the site to have their names completely deleted. Any horses with an absent name have been renamed "Horse" so that you can at least click on them in your horse listings. Apologies for the inconvenience - horses, however, may now be renamed in your preferred manner with symbols and emojis.
* When viewing horses while not logged in to the site, their names should no longer be changed to the same universal name.
* Previewing posts should no longer give the strange \r\n bug.
* Fixed club horse registry counts that were not updating if the horse registry fee was $0.

That's all for now; have a happy Wednesday EVers!

Posted by

River (#51565)

Posted on
2018-04-18 15:36:51

Updates and a Call for Testers
I hope you all had a good weekend, EVers! Here are some updates to start the week off for you. :)

* Notifications will now be sent out to members when they are made into a club admin.
* Club admins are now able to step down from their role.
* The ability to resolve your own bug reports in case of a misunderstanding (or a duplicate report) has been added.
* Choosing "Show Only Rescue" in the horse search will now override selections for displaying locked horses and inactive owners.
* Shows now take a small portion of non-priority horse stats into account when figuring out the order of winning for horses.

Bug Fixes
* Some issues with error messages showing up in the horse search have been fixed.
* An issue with listed credit sales disappearing has been fixed.
* Automatic paragraphs have been added into bug report comments.

Seeking Testers
Are you interested in helping make EV an even better game? Do you have interest or experience in assisting with game testing? Then consider applying to become an official tester on the newly added Equiverse Development server! We are seeking current players to become members and testers on our development server, which is separate from the main game. These testers will be vital in helping iron out wrinkles or unexpected results that occur during the course of routine bug fixes, and they will also help us evaluate new features and find bugs and ensure optimal functionality. Interested in helping out? Apply to become a tester by completing the form here.

Posted by

River (#51565)

Posted on
2018-04-16 11:20:57

Bug Zapper
Bug Zapper
In an effort for Abbey to organise herself (her own words, don't worry) we now have a new system for reporting bugs. Megathreads and pages of old bugs can be very overwhelming when trying to catch up, so this system will make reporting and handling bugs easier.

We now have a new feature called the "Bug Zapper" - a place where you can go and report bugs that you find in the game. You can also browse a list of reported bugs that other people have submitted and if you've also experienced that bug you can visit the report page and click a button to say "I have also experienced this bug". You can add comments if you have additional information to give, but otherwise you can just click the button to show that you've experienced that same bug too.

You can now easily keep track of the bugs that Abbey is currently investigating as well as see which bugs have been recently marked as resolved.

We're very grateful for your reporting of bugs on the forums up until now, but unfortunately the bugs from the forums will not be imported into the new system. We would like to ask if you're still experiencing a bug that you've posted before (or commented on) in the Bug Report forums section to please submit it into the new system. Hopefully we can get back on top of everything again.

Obviously there may be some bugs in the Bug Zapper itself, so hopefully we can get those resolved very quickly and move on to fixing the bigger bugs. :)

The Bug Zapper has been added to the footer of every page, next to "Game Support". After a little while we will be replacing the forum link to the Bug Board to redirect to the Bug Zapper.

Bug Fixes
* Club admins should now be able to send club money and club items to members.
* Minor styling issues on the Horse Search page has been fixed.

Smaller Updates
* Horse Search will now automatically filter out horses whose owners have been inactive for 7 days or more. You can choose to include these horses, but by default the search will only show horses belonging to active owners. However, as this is a new system and we have not been tracking horse activity the results will only be accurate from the 25th of March 2018.
* Credit Sales now have an expiry limit of 1 week - this is based on real life day, and not tied to progression. If you create a sale on the 1st March, it will expire on the 8th March regardless of whether you progress or not. All existing listings have been given 1 week before they will expire.
* The restrictions on pricing for Credit Sales have been lifted. HOWEVER: we will be keeping an eye on credit sales. If any sales are created with the sole intention to inflate the prices of credits, the listing will be cancelled and we may begin restricting members from using the credit sales feature.

That's all for today - have a happy Saturday EVers! :)

Posted by

River (#51565)

Posted on
2018-03-17 12:15:22