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New Showing System!
We officially have our new showing system in place!

I have added in a new sorting option for Auto-Showing: "Soonest". This will choose the shows which run the soonest so that you can hopefully get your show results sooner.

All shows created from this moment on will have a 24 hour countdown timer and will appear in the shows list (almost) immediately. Shows will be removed from the list when the countdown runs out, or when the show reaches 15 entries. The shows which are removed from the list will run within 15 minutes.

Stable owners can now only create a maximum of 200 "active" shows. This means that as soon as their timer runs out, or the show has run because it has reached 15 entries, stable owners can create more shows. It is intended to be a more dynamic show creation system. Let's see how it goes :P

There are a couple of small, temporary issues.

1) I am using a new way to store the prize pool for shows, so it will show incorrect amounts for shows that were created before today. For this reason, I will be disabling sorting shows by prize pool until they sort themselves out.
2) Shows will not be able to run every 15 minutes until today's shows have cleared up. I will aim to have the new showing system running properly at around midday EV time. In the mean time, shows can be entered. They just won't run at their expected time today (e.g. if you enter a show that runs in 4 minutes from this news post, it won't run until later).

I expect there will be some bugs throughout the day, so I will be around to hopefully fix them.

Please make sure to report bugs in the news comments or on the Bug Board!

Edit: I have created some filler shows for every grade past the Novices to help out with some members being unable to create new shows until their old shows clear.

Posted by

Abbey (#1)

Posted on
2016-10-24 05:11:21

Miniature Update
Hello all!

I promised a couple of weeks ago that I'd be bringing you a new show system, and I just wanted to give you a small update on that. It's taking a long time because I'm needing to convert the current showing system into the new system, so I'm currently waiting for the 3 days that shows would normally take to run to catch up to the 24 hour system that we're going to have. I'm hoping to be able to have the new system in place over the weekend, possibly Monday if things don't go right ;D

I do have a screenshot for you though;

You will be able to just browse shows without having to enter any horses this time :) and I will be allowing ordering of shows by clicking on the header of the columns: you'll be able to order by entries, prize pool, when it runs, and fee.

I also wanted to use this update to say that I am working on a bunch of highly-requested updates which I will be releasing over the next two weeks, but then it will be radio silence for 2-3 weeks as I am going on my honeymoon on the 2nd November! I'll be back for the 17th, so will be back to work then :)

Thanks everyone <3

Posted by

Abbey (#1)

Posted on
2016-10-20 02:23:13

Shows Update & Some Extra Bits
Showing Issues
So I've spent the past couple of weeks keeping an eye on shows and they seem to be running okay. I finally got through the 40k+ shows that needed to run last Monday and since then there have been no days where they've not run.

I am working on a new showing system but it'll take a while to code and bug-test to make sure that there are no issues. For the time being, the current shows seem to be running fine so they will have to do for now.

User Logs
I have implemented a User Logs system which tracks your actions in the game including things like wishing in the well, locking and unlocking your account, locking your divisions, using your items, and so on.

It will not include information like entering shows as that needs to be done on an individual show basis which will get a bit spammy.

This information will be available to moderators as well so they can help diagnose any issues you're having with your account, and can recommend when the issue needs to be escalated as a bug. Please let me know if you feel like I've missed out any important features that you think should be tracked!

Reporting Horse Genotypes
Since horses have been able to be imported to the game, some horses were given a faulty genotype, or had the genotype passed altogether.

I have included a button for horse owners to report their horses if the genotype/phenotype doesn't seem right. This report will go directly to me and I will be able to fix it hopefully within 24 hours.

Additionally, I have edited the code to prevent horses without a genotype (or a faulty genotype) from breeding and will nudge any member who receives an error to the horse's page so that it can be reported for faulty genotype.

Hopefully this will help me track down the coding that's causing all the incorrect genotypes :)

Posted by

Abbey (#1)

Posted on
2016-10-05 14:14:54

Shows Notice
Hey all,

So over the past few weeks there have been odd days where shows have refused to run. Luckily, those shows have remained on the server with all the entries in tact as though they had never attempted to run. The build-up over the past few weeks has led to over 40,000 shows that haven't run.

This news post is just a notice to say that I will be running these shows on Thursday 22nd September periodically throughout the day so as not to flood the server. I will also be running them after that day's shows have run so that they don't interfere with the current, active shows.

This may mean that retired horses suddenly see a spike in points/show results, and you will see a spike in your show earnings on Friday in your bank if you entered any of the shows that didn't run.

I just wanted to give you all some warning, instead of freaking you out that you suddenly won more in shows that you expected, or some such :)

Posted by

Abbey (#1)

Posted on
2016-09-21 06:27:15

Actual updates and bug fixes and stuff!
I just want to let you all know that I will be working on showing to bring you a better system. I've been looking into shows and how they run (while investigating a bug) and shows are still running very slowly (between 1-3 hours) and if they are overloaded then they will just not finish running properly.

I'd like to implement a system where:
* A Deluxe member can create a show which runs in 24 hours (approximately, to the quarter-hour. e.g. if you create a show at 9:13am it will run at 9:15am the next day).
* Members can enter the show at any point after creation.
* If the show reaches maximum entries the 24 hour point, the show will run within the hour.
* As shows would now be available as soon as they're created, I would want to reduce the amount of maximum entries in a show - perhaps down to about 10-15 so that they run more frequently and are more dynamic/interesting.
* Deluxe members will be able to create a maximum of 200(+/-) shows at a time (not per day, so if some run sooner, they can create more right away).
* Player experience gains will be given when entering shows rather than when they run, and will no longer be based on where the horse places in the show in order to help with the lag of shows running.

This may mess with the lovely "You earned $X in shows yesterday" and point gains for horses, as some may run sooner than others, but this should hopefully be a better system overall. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to post them below.

Secret Feature
I have a bit of an update with regards to the game. A little while ago I promised you a surprise. I managed to find a brilliant artist for the job, and we got started on the project. Unfortunately due to personal circumstances the artist has had to withdraw and, alongside my recent wedding, it got put to the side. I am still keeping this surprise under wraps as I don't want to spoil it, but I just wanted to give this update to let you know that I have looking for a new artist to undertake this project for us, and that I'm not backing out of the surprise. Just in case anyone was wondering. That is all :)

New Features
* You can now use the horse search to search for Minimum Average Conformation. The search results will pull any horse higher than the number that you put into the box.
* Searching for training centers will now show 25 random Training Centers rather than the top 100 Training Centers ordered by alphabet - so every Training Center should have a fair chance in the search!
* Horses that have been revived with Spectral Drought are now given 50% happiness and 50% hunger so that they don't die again after using the item if you forget to care for the horse just after use.

Bug Fixes
* Leg markings passing from parents to foals should now be fixed. Hooray!
* "Your Shows" link should now appear on the Auto-Showing page.
* Broken image files on the following breeds have been fixed: TWH, Paint Horse
* You should now be able to edit your forum posts without error if you have an apostrophe in your name.
* Clydesdales should no longer incorrectly be given Sbsb as their KIT gene. All Clydesdales affected by this have been fixed to show Sb+ and their markings should now show up too.
* I have enabled friend requests for Basic members, who either just had the feature bugged, or had disabled it and then had their Deluxe account run out.
* There should no longer be an error when updating a member group that doesn't have a badge.
* Searching for horses for sale between two prices should now work correctly and not just show all horses for sale at any price.

I work on Equiverse periodically, so you may notice features and bugfixes going in before I manage to post the news, so if you've noticed new things and there is no news post - that's why!

Hope everyone is well :)

Posted by

Abbey (#1)

Posted on
2016-09-16 06:43:55