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Tweaks and Upcoming Features
Just a small one today but I've been fixing and tweaking a few things here and there, thought I should let everyone know :)

Feature Tweaks
* Credit Sales now has a maximum price which adjusts based on the current average price. This is to try and stop crazy inflation amounts and to try and encourage members to use the Credit Sales as a more secure method of buying and selling credits rather than using the forums. When listing your credits for sale, you will only be able to increase the price by 1% of the current average (not current highest price).
* Leisure Riding encounters that award stats should now give stats based on the horse's specialty.
* Rescue Center has had a bit of a rearrange - horse ID has been removed from the name as there's no real reason for it to be there. Average conformation has been added to the horse listings, grade has been converted to the short version (Novice 1 > N1) and moved to the horse's name.

* When you click on a Rescue Center horse to view it, you will now be able to use the Next Horse and Previous Horse buttons to view the other horses in the list. The Current Division button in the middle has been turned into a Rescue Center link which will take you back to the Rescue Center with your previous filters selected.

Bug Fixes
* Horses should now be removed from the Rescue Center after 3 days of lingering.

* Backgrounds. These will be sold in the General Store (until I can think up a better place for them) and in the Credit Shop (for special backgrounds) as equippable items for your horses.
* With the introduction of backgrounds, I will be removing the ability to add custom images to horses. I appreciate that this was a highly requested feature to have back, but it's been around for a while and only 1 horse in the entire game has a custom image.
* Group Messages
* Horse heights
* Forum Condensing (What is this?)

I've received a lot of lovely applications for the admin role, and I will be sorting through them tomorrow and contacting the person I pick privately over the weekend or early next week. I will announce who got the role in the next news post.

Posted by

Abbey (#1)

Posted on
2017-05-25 10:34:07

Admin, Bug Fixes, Poll
Bug Fixes
* Resetting your page HTML should be working once again.
* Editing posts on the forums should no longer replace any special characters with strange code.
* Boarding days should now reduce daily as intended.
* Some more BBCode bugs have been fixed - please read this topic for a more detailed bug report.

With upcoming features such as Crop Farms/Orchards, backgrounds and further Leisure Riding expansions, I've been considering in-game seasons. These would be regular real-world seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn/Fall, Winter) and would rotate on a weekly or monthly basis.

Vote Here

Thought I would get those out of the way before moving onto the heavier reading ;)

Hiring an Admin
I have decided to open up an admin role on Equiverse. I have realised that, while I love the EV community and I cherish every single member who plays and contributes their thoughts and opinions and time to the game, it's very exhausting doing everything alone.

If you have ever wanted to run a sim game, now is your chance. This role is essentially a Community Manager with a little bit extra - it can't solely be defined as Community Manager so I will keep it nice and simple as "Admin".

- Organising the forums, specifically the suggestions board and bug board.
- Compiling a document of bugs and suggestions that need to be addressed that I can work from (I already have a working document, so I would like that to be continued as is).
- Joining the moderator team and helping them resolve issues raised by members.
- Be online on a specific day (to be determined) every week for updates, as I would like to start delivering fixed weekly or bi-weekly updates to the game.
- Compiling news posts from the list of updates that I do.
- Being a presence on the forums and (when we get one) in chat for members.
- Possibly handling social media for the game (Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr).

- You must be 18 or over.
- You must be knowledgeable about Equiverse.
- You must be self-motivated and spend a lot of time online.
- Good English skills are essential.
- Experience with Google Docs is preferable.
- Skype is essential for talking to me and the mod team - microphone is not needed, only the text side of Skype is ever used.

This will be a paid role. Exact figures can be discussed before you take on the job. This is not necessarily a full time role, but I would hope to have contact with you almost every day.

Please note that this is an extremely serious role as this is my business and my livelihood - please don't take it lightly, and only apply if you have the enthusiasm and dedication to the game to help me run it. Ideally, we will start with a trial of 2-3 months and see how it goes. If it doesn't work out, I would look to hire someone else.

To Apply
Please send me a PM with some information about yourself and your game history on Equiverse. If you have a resume, or would like to set up a specific one for this particular role, that would also be appreciated (perhaps a Google doc link). If you have experience running sim games, please include which one(s).

I will be prioritising anyone who is already active on the forums, has maybe created a guide or has helped in the forums and been knowledgeable about the game.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me :)

Posted by

Abbey (#1)

Posted on
2017-05-23 06:33:17

BBCode and Bugfixes
Hello all,

Needless to say my house move didn't go as smoothly as I'd have liked! But I'm back now, and hopefully I will be able to bring you some more updates in the coming weeks. Just a small one today to get back in the swing of things!

New BBCode System
Today I've implemented a brand new BBCode system which looks a lot cleaner and offers some more options including unordered lists, tables and quoting. It may be a little broken in some places so please let me know if you experience anything that doesn't work.

Bugs Fixed
* Daily progression should be fixed now. I am so sorry for leaving you guys high and dry with that bug, it should not have happened but luckily it was a quick fix. Any problems related to foals not being born, training not resetting, boarding days not going down, etc should have been linked to this bug. If you've posted a bug and it hasn't been fixed by this, please bump up your topic so that it gets to the top of the forum and I will get to it asap.
* Tutorial Stage 6 should now be fixed. If you are still stuck on it, I would advise buying a new 3 year old horse from the Equine Center and just completing that horse's foal training to get the progression. Sorry for the huge delay on this one, I realise it will have affected mostly new members :(
* Rescue horses should now "expire" after 3 days as they used to before the progression system was introduced.
* Group owners can now delete messages from their group's board.

New Poll
Click here for the new poll!

Posted by

Abbey (#1)

Posted on
2017-05-03 06:21:17

Foal Training!
Young Horse Training
You can now train young horses! A new section has appeared on the pages of horses under 3 years old. Once a day, you can visit your foals and young horses to train them from a dropdown of options.

On the first day your foal is born, there will only be one option: Imprinting. I know that this is a fairly controversial term within the horse world, but it's a convenient term for Equiverse. Here, it purely means that your new foal is getting to know you and is getting used to human handling. If you complete Imprinting, the overall stats gained at the end of training will be significantly higher than if you miss imprinting, so it's definitely worth doing.

Foal Specialty will now be set on the day that you complete training, and will assign all stats earned throughout training into the relevant stat groups for the specialty chosen.

If you miss some days of training, it's not the end of the world - you will be able to complete training on any amount of progress and as long as you've done at least 1 day that horse will gain some stats.

Brand new Equine Center horses come partially trained, with 3 days complete per year of life. E.g. if you purchase a 2 year old horse, it will have completed 6 days of training.

Can I train my foals in only one area and still complete training?
Well, yes. You could Imprint on day one, then throughout the rest of the first year only focus on leading, only focus on trailer loading in year 2 and you will be able to complete with stats. However, to encourage a more realistic training programme, you will get a small bonus to stats if you vary the training.

How many stats will I gain?
I know I said previously that it would be within the 10-15 stat point range for the full training time, but that doesn't really feel rewarding for 3 weeks' worth of work. This training process will take your horses all the way from birth to the moment they are able to show.

As usual I will be keeping the exact formula under wraps, but it will be largely based on your foal's base stats and how much of the foal's training you complete. I may need to adjust amounts as we go along in case I've been too reserved or not reserved enough, but I will give you a rough idea.

If you imprint, train in all aspects of available training, and reach 100% of your training you will get the following boosts:

100 Base Stats: +57 stat points
500 Base Stats: +128 stat points
1000 Base Stats: +181 stat points

If you do not imprint and only complete 80% of your overall training, but keep a good variety, you will get the following boosts:

100 Base Stats: +33 stat points
500 Base Stats: +74 stat points
1000 Base Stats: +105 stat points

Why the inconsistency? 100 base gets over 50% while 1000 base gets under 20%?
In order to try and control stats, the higher your horse's base stats, the more slowly the training stats will creep up. I didn't want to drastically limit the amount of stats while also making training not worth doing for foundation horses. It's also a bit of a "catch up" mechanic for foundation horses. You get more of a percentage reward for completing training on a foundation horse, but you will always get more stats than that on a foal of a breeding pair.

Ugh, why is it on our horse's page and not in the arenas?
Because I want there to be a reason you actually look at your horses occasionally. That's about the only reason really :P sorry.

Other Notes
* Foals and young horses will no longer show any Equipment, Specialty, adult Training Progress or Show Result information until their training has been completed.
* I will be moving everyone onto the new cron system as of the 9th April 2017.
* Due to moving house and a few other major setbacks over the past few weeks, I will only be coding a small Easter event. I'm very sorry, I know I promised big things for Easter, but unfortunately it's just not do-able this year. <3

New Items
We have 2 new DNA Tweaks - Gray and Flaxen! They can both be picked up from the Credit Shop for 2 Credits each.

Posted by

Abbey (#1)

Posted on
2017-04-03 14:31:14

Leisure Riding Expansion
Today Leisure Riding has got a bit of an upgrade! We have a lot more texts in all of the available riding zones, along with some encounters similar to the Valentines encounters. There is a very rare chance in one of the zones to acquire a Credit Shop item as well ;)

Updates have been slow and few recently due to unforeseen circumstances, but I can confirm that the following features/new items are being worked on and should be released soon-ish (before the end of the month, hopefully):

- Foal and young horse training
- More DNA Tweaks are on their way
- There will be an Easter event in April bringing some new event items
- Oh, and this..

[Disclaimer: This is Endurance tack, other disciplines (except Racing) will have Black, Brown or Tan leather bridles and reins, not funky colors ;) sorry]

Edit: I should also clarify that the tack colours will not be in by the end of the month >_> I just realised I lumped it all in together. The tack art is still being worked on and I can't guarantee when it will be completed or implemented. /edit

Posted by

Abbey (#1)

Posted on
2017-03-15 10:21:45