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Beginning of the Month Updates
Hey EVers, it's a new month and we have some updates for you hot off the press!

Bug Fixes
*The Shetland Pony art showing a broken image for the star marking has been fixed
*The fountain will no longer produce an error when attempting to give stats to locked horses
*Editing horse notes will no longer shows a buggy confirmation message
*Colors for horses submitted for club registration will now show up correctly

*Specialty selection now requires confirmation, to prevent accidental specialty assignments
*The max show fee selected for show entry will now stick between form submissions
*Posts can be flagged for deletion now from the post editing view - this will allow moderators to easily manage deletions

Feature Changes
*Base stats are now publicly visible in the Pedigree, Breeding, and Foals section of each horse's page
*There is now a very rare chance of a mare naturally having twins
*Mass board payment for horses has been added - you can pay a week for all horses by using the Pay Board button on a division from your Horses page, or visit an individual division to choose to pay board for up to four weeks (similar to the options for paying board from an individual horse page)
*A 'Legends' section has been added to the Hall of Fame, to show the best of EV's horses across time
*You can now unregister a horse from a club, from the club horses section
*Autocare now specifies which treats are missing, and how many
*The rarity of sugar and hay cubes has been adjusted, so they should appear less frequently

New Poll
A new poll has been added - its purpose is to find out which time most players are online, so we can gauge the best timing for bi-monthly listening sessions that are planned. These would involve the chance for feedback, updates, discussion of topic questions, and more. Please vote so we know which time of day will work best. :)

If you wish to follow along on coming updates, please check out the Development Roadmap on the forums! This is your guide to what's coming up next, and how changes are moving along. Happy EVing!

Posted by

River (#51565)

Posted on
2019-09-03 15:23:52

Missed Progressions
Hey everybody - I'm sure you all noticed progressions have not been working quite right. Cron did not run on its own yesterday (Sunday) due to conflict with recent updates (caused by differences between how Cron works on the live site versus beta). Cron had to be forced, which caused it to run 12 hours later than usual, which meant some members missed their progression yesterday.

Cron had to be manually forced today as well, but it ran only an hour later than usual. Unless you happened to log in before that manual run, your account will properly progress today. Login streak reset was disabled for this progression, so your login streak days will be saved, and you'll be able to pick up where you left off.

I apologize for this inconvenience - it was an unexpected hitch, as sometimes happens with technology. As a thank you for your patience, everyone who has been online in the past three days (Saturday, Sunday, and today) will receive a free Sunset Beach background decor. Thank you for your understanding. Since we're aware of this conflict now, we know to keep an eye out.

Posted by

River (#51565)

Posted on
2019-08-05 09:20:35

Bug Fixes and Updates
Heyo EVers! We have some updates!

Bug Fixes
*Emails were sometimes saving as capitalized upon user sign-up, which caused the system to think the correct, lowercased email was not registered - these are now case insensitive
*Notifications for horses that were retired via the rescue center will no longer show up on your account
*Glitchy bookmarks have been fixed
*Stud requests getting stuck when a user switches a stud from public to private will no longer occur; previous requests will be cancelled when the switch is made
*Club contests will now disperse prizes properly (not twice)
*Between price for stud search should now work
*Dead foals cannot be trained anymore
*The 'not enough money to reveal genotype' message will no longer display when trying to geld a horse with insufficient funds
*Trade links have been corrected
*Club pages were made inaccessible for logged-out members, having them accessible caused buggy display

*You can now see your top horse's (for any given category) place in the Hall of Fame - their name will be listed in italics at the bottom of each section, and will be bolded if they are in the top ten of the list
*Trades will now expire sooner, with days counting down based on Cron, not on user progressions

That's all for now!

Posted by

River (#51565)

Posted on
2019-08-03 14:05:13

Summer Stargazing
Summer Stargazing
The Summer Stargazing event is back! The event was introduced for the first time last year, so we're on our second year! If you are new to the event, it features a character named after the constellation Pegasus, a findable item (Stardust), and a unique event currency called Stars.

Pegasus will request your help in collecting Stardust, and will trade you 2-4 Stars in exchange for a given number of Stardusts you have collected. You can find Stardust exclusively in Leisure Riding encounters, and not anywhere else on the site, so saddle up your horses!

Head on over to the Event page, under the News dropdown or linked in the sidebar, to visit Pegasus.

Leisure Riding locations will display the new backgrounds that have been added for this event, in place of their routine art, but will still display their usual encounter text. This means you will still see beach encounter events when you choose the beach locale, but you’ll see a different event-only background in place of the beach.

The event shop is scheduled to open on August 7th, and will have a variety of items that you can purchase using the Stars you get from exchanging Stardusts with Pegasus. The event will run until midnight (EV Time) on the 15th, so be sure to make your event shop purchases before then. Any event currency you have left over after the event has ended will remain in your account and will be usable next year. :)

More Updates
Some more bug fixes and updates will be coming your way soon, so keep an eye out for those!

By the way, did anyone see (or rather not see, because it was invisible) the Black Moon last night? The Perseids, which inspired this event, will also be coming later this month! :)

Posted by

River (#51565)

Posted on
2019-08-01 12:10:27

Feature Updates
Happy June EV! You may have noticed some changes around the site - it's a new month with new updates!

* Studs now have a week long grace period during which they can receive requests, if their owner is not currently rolled over
* Unwanted horses can now be retired from the rescue center by donating the horse to a riding school somewhere out in the world - please note, this action is permanent and irreversible, and will cause the horse to be removed from gameplay (its records will be saved, however)

*The tutorial has now been updated, and comes complete with 30 steps to guide new players through the game
*Mini tutorial popups have also been added - these cover some elements of gameplay that are not in the tutorial, and that can be explained with a short intro (veteran players may see these pop up, but they can easily be dismissed with a click)
*Player IDs are now displayed on homepages, so they are easily locatable
*Specific item splitting has been added, so items that have been compressed can be split up again into different units

*The auction house now features sorting, and you can easily see which auctions you have placed bids on
*Horse search can now be sorted by most recent - please note, horses listed before this was implemented are not sortable (if you wish to see them sorted, please unlist then relist them)
*Horse search allows selection of ++ for KIT genes (aka no KIT markings)
*Rescue center horses can now be sorted by recent - please note this only applies for horse submitted after the change, all others will be sorted alphabetically
*More space for bookmarks has been added, now you can have up to 20 bookmarks in your sidebar instead of the previous 10

Some more updates that have been planned will also be coming your way soon. We're looking into making some larger feature changes happen as well - there is no new word on those at this moment, because these changes were significant, but we'll keep you up to date. :)

Posted by

River (#51565)

Posted on
2019-06-02 13:24:44