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Marketplace & Foal Preview

The Item Market has had an upgrade!

The new location in Town is now The Marketplace - a place where you can trade horses, items, and currencies.

As I don't have a team of testers and it's just me, this is a very precarious feature. Please treat it with care. I would appreciate it if members would help test out by trading silly things ($1, a carrot, rescue center horse that nobody wants, etc) and helping me find any bugs in the system.

The Item Market is still available but it has been renamed to "Item Listings" and will most likely eventually be phased out as the Marketplace is used.

Once we are sure there are no bugs left with the Marketplace, I will be banning the sale of EVC on the forums as there is now a secure place to list your credits for sale, for the price you want to sell them at.

Preview Foals

You can now preview a potential foal out of a breeding pair when you go to breed horses. There is an additional button next to the "Breed" button called "Preview Foal". It's free to use, and will show you one potential foal result from the breeding match.

New Poll
In light of the numerous bugs we are currently having with foals not being born, mares remaining pregnant for too long, and my inability to find any issues in the code: I wondered if it was time we just accepted defeat and went back to the old system of foals being born instantly.

Go and vote here!

Posted by

Abbey (#1)

Posted on
2017-07-11 11:48:38

Small Updates, Big Plans
This week's update is a small one as there is a lot of background work that won't be revealed for a few weeks, but I can give you some hints of what is coming.

Fall has rolled into Equiverse this week, bringing with it the autumnal versions of backgrounds!

* Horse height can now be searched for within the horse search allowing you to find horses that are of an exact height, or taller/shorter than a specified height.
* "Color" has been removed from the horse search due to it being unreliable as a result of the new genetic system that is in place.
* Gypsy Vanners can now have Silver. The gene can be acquired very rarely from the Equine Center.

Bug Fixes
* Trying to board horses using the "Board all of my horses WITHOUT a current stable" option should now be fixed.
* Fixed a small bug where the inbreeding block didn't apply if the breeding happened from the mare's page and the sire was chosen to breed.
* Show results where the horse has placed 3rd will now show a bronze trophy instead of a gold trophy.
* Conversations that show a "New" notification message, but have no link to click on, should now be fixed. They were the result of the conversation partner leaving the chat, the link to click on should now display as "Member has left this conversation".
* The treat icon for divisions on your Home page should no longer take into account deceased horses and should accurately reflect whether all of your live horses have been treated or not.

Clubs Change
July's term will be the last official clubs term.
As of 1st August, the official game clubs and current existing groups will be converted to the new clubs system. More information on that can be found here.

Elections for club president will still run throughout July, but they will be running for who will OWN the new club in its new form. If you would like to own one of the clubs, you can be in possession of a group as well, but if you own two of the new clubs you will not be able to create any more. If you disband one, you will not be able to create another as the limit per member is 1 club.

If an official club doesn't end up with an owner, moderators will be given first pick of the clubs in case they want to run them. After that, it will open up to Deluxe members and it will likely be a case of picking the best candidate who has good activity levels and breeds the relevant breed.

Any memberships and horse registrations for the clubs will be converted to the new system. Banks will also be moved to the new system, so any money left over after next month will follow the club.

Newsletters and shows will be wiped so that it's a fresh start.

More Upcoming Features
* We are very close to having different colors of tack, I am just waiting for the artist to be finished and then I will be able to implement.
* We've had a LOT of new background suggestions in this topic which has sparked a long list of future background releases, so the background artist and I will be working to bring you 1-2 new backgrounds every month :)
* After clubs, the next big project that I want to tackle are Orchards and Farms giving members the ability to grow their own treats. This will probably affect the market so I will consider removing treats as an endlessly-stocked item and allow members to trade in treats to the General Store to stock it.

Posted by

Abbey (#1)

Posted on
2017-06-27 09:15:50

Quality of Life Updates & Admin Announcement!
Summer is here!

Quality of Life Updates
This week we have focused mostly on QoL updates as we're in sore need of them.

+ When bidding on a horse, the amount you bid will be temporarily removed from your money on hand. If the bid is accepted, it will be automatically transferred to the old owner. If the bid is declined or otherwise deleted for any reason, the funds will be returned to your money on hand.
+ You can now write public notes using the new BBCode system for all of your horses and they will display on the page in a 200px height scrolling box.
+ Arenas that are at International level and are sitting at 100% exp will no longer show the "Upgrade Arena" button.
+ Only horses which are of an eligible grade to be trained in arenas will now show in the dropdown boxes. E.g. any horse higher than Novice will no longer show up in the dropdown list in a Novice arena.
+ Horse Statistics now has an additional table for stats - Breeds in Disciplines. You can now see how the breed/specialty distribution is spread out in the game.

There is now a training icon which looks like a traffic cone to notify whether you have trained horses from division pages.

+ Horses now have full show results! These can be accessed by clicking on your horse's short placement count (the numbers on the top-right of the "Specialty Information" table).

Our New Admin!
We've been successfully working together for a couple of weeks now so it's about time I announce who our new admin is.

As some of you may have guessed by her gold crown in the forums, River has become an Equiverse admin. She is doing a fantastic job of organising the bug reports and suggestions for me.

River has also set up a wonderful Tumblr account which we will be using to post duplicates of EV news posts (for external visibility/promotion). In the future, we will also be sharing artwork previews, and will possibly be answering a few asks here and there! is our Tumblr, and as you may have noticed we have added a new icon to the Social Media section at the bottom of the page!

Posted by

Abbey (#1)

Posted on
2017-06-20 11:49:01

Horse Height and Group Messages
It's Spring time in Equiverse! Don't forget to check out the Spring backgrounds in the General Store this week!

Horse Heights
Horse height is now in the game! It does not currently affect images as I have yet to figure out how I want to implement it. The value can be found at the top of the Conformation and Health section on horse pages. Heights will not affect show results, they are just for fun at the moment :)

All horse breeds in the game have been assigned a minimum and maximum height value based on real world registration requirements. All horses have been given a random height between those values - there is a bias towards the "average" so there will be more horses around the middle of the values than at the edges (as you would expect anyway). Newly generated horses will receive a randomised height between the two values with the same bias towards average.

Breeding heights will take the values of both parents, add 1 inch to the tallest and remove 1 inch from the shortest and will then take a random height from both values. In this way, it is possible to breed taller or shorter than both parents. There is no bias towards average when breeding. As of right now, there is no way to breed outside of the minimum and maximum limits, but it's something I would be open to if there was call for it.

If you breed parents that have no height set, the foal will receive a newly generated height like all other horses in the game at the moment.

* Those who got on early may have noticed that their horse heights have changed. I had a small error in the coding and had to wipe horse heights that had been set already a couple of times.

Group Messages
You can now turn any of your conversations into a group message. If you are the conversation leader (you are the leader if you were the person to initiate the first message) then you can invite and remove members from the conversation as well as promote another member to conversation leader. Newly invited members will not be able to see conversation history before they join.

There is now a list of participants on the conversation page with online/offline flags.

Instead of hiding conversations, you can now leave them entirely. This is the only way I could feasibly do "hiding" conversations unfortunately so hopefully it's not an unreasonable change. I have removed the multiple "hide" checkboxes and forced leaving to be done from the conversation page as removing yourself is permanent unless someone invites you back.

This is it for this week, I had planned on a bunch of bug fixes but the group messaging system took me a lot longer than I anticipated and I want to hang around a bit in case of any bugs :)

Posted by

Abbey (#1)

Posted on
2017-06-13 14:03:20

Seasons and Horse Backgrounds
I received a bunch of very lovely applications and I want to thank everyone who submitted an application to me. It was very difficult to choose, but I have now chosen someone for the role.

I have spoken to them privately and I will release the name publicly once we start properly working together.

Seasons have been added to Equiverse! Seasons will rotate on a weekly bases, and will change automatically every Monday. The season we're starting with is Winter!

For now, this will mostly affect the top banner of the game and the newly released backgrounds (see below). In future it will affect various features that I plan on adding such as member farms/orchards.

A large variety of backgrounds have been added - you can purchase them all in the General Store in the new "Decorative" section. All outdoors backgrounds will have a seasonal variation, and you will only be able to purchase the relevant season's background (so if it's currently Winter, you will be able to purchase Winter versions). Currently we have a background to correspond with each discipline type, as well as two general outdoors backgrounds.

Forum Condensing
We have drastically condensed the forums to try and reduce the amount of boards that are not used frequently.

Under 13s now have full access to the 13+ boards and as a result they will now just be called "boards" ;)

Other Sales has been removed completely to try and further encourage use of the official Credit Sales feature as a safe method to trade EVC.

As some boards have been condensed and some forums have been added, some posts may be in the wrong place. If you kindly ask me, or any moderator, we will gladly move your topic to the appropriate forum. Please try to link directly to the topic in your message.

Other Adjustments
* Further to the change last time, I have adjusted the Credit Sales increase rate to 5% rather than 1%, and have set the default "average" price to $60,000 if there are no Credits listed for sale.
* Members who own more than $50mil will no longer be able to claim daily interest regardless of Deluxe or not.

Bug Fixes
* The message of not having enough treats for horses in your division when using autocare should no longer appear if you do have enough treats.

Upcoming Updates
- Group messages
- Horse height

I aim to have both of these updates done for next week.

Posted by

Abbey (#1)

Posted on
2017-06-06 09:25:10