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Club Contests!
Abbey has been hard at work behind the scenes for you, so there are some lovely updates to share today, but first here is a little bit of feedback from our last news.

Previous Poll Results
Results for our last poll regarding new feature decisions are in, and face and leg markings identifiers won out by a landslide over the other options! In order see your place in the hall of fame, horse subscriptions, and division public notes followed up behind, garnering some attention but leaving marking identifiers as the clear winner. Thank you for helping support game development with your votes!

Help Feedback
A thank you to everyone who checked out the updated Help section and contributed your thoughts on the content. Items were updated based on your ideas, and a new subsection devoted to Stables has been added as well.

Now onto the major updates!

Club Contests
* The Contests feature in club management is now unlockable giving you the ability to host contests in your clubs.
* Clubs can host up to 2 contests at the same time.
* Contests can be one of three types: horse, image and text. Horse contests allow members to submit a horse from their account to the contest in an automatic dropdown list. Image contests provide a text box for an image URL to be pasted. Text contests provide a text box for full text input.
* There are two methods of choosing a winner - either your club members can vote, or club admins can choose winners manually from all entries. Neither option will automatically pay out winnings, admins will need to visit the page and manually click a button - if member voting, it's just a button to "Send Winnings". This is to give admins complete control over when winners are chosen, and give you the option to prepare any newsletter or other member notification.
* Happy contest creating!

Face and Leg Markings

* Thanks to your determining votes in the last poll there is now an additional section on horse pages to denote the exact leg and face markings a horse has. A key for the abbreviations has been included in a tooltip in the same section.

Bug Fixes
* Attempted a fix on a bug where stud/brood request fees were not being returned to the owner when the stud/brood died.

Imminent Features
This is a short list of features that we now have all the assets for (e.g. artwork, any commissioned coding, etc) but now need to assemble and actually release on Equiverse.

* Tail Guard being changed to Saddle Pads & different colored tack
* A nice shiny new customiser tool and a "wardrobe" tool to preview backgrounds and decorations on horses (any suggestions for the wardrobe name?)
* Farms and Orchards interface - the reason this is taking so long is because the main interface was externally commissioned, so that it will work nice and smoothly without many page refreshes. We're nearing completion for the commission, so once Abbey receives that she will need to code the mechanics

New Poll!
There is a new poll awaiting your vote - this one has to do with which types of development updates you're most interested in seeing happen in the game. Feedback in this poll will help determine which kind of features we should bring to the game next!

Lastly . . .
More fun is on its way! We're looking forward to bringing some new events to you in the coming months, and hope that you're excited to see them too! In the meantime, keep enjoying the game!

Posted by

River (#51565)

Posted on
2017-09-13 13:05:14

Help Update and the Return of the Genetics Guide!
Help Page Update
If you have been keeping an eye out, you may have noticed that our Help page has had some updates! More items have been added to existing sections, and some new sections have made their appearance too, including our well-loved and newly updated Genetics Guide!

New Help sections include:
* Art
* Forums
* Genetics

Please note that the Club section still needs updates - that's where you come in!

I have worked on adding in a lot of handy information for you there, but I need your help to make sure the Help is as complete as can be - please review the different sections - both old and new - and if you see anything missing or anything you'd like explained further, please comment with a brief explanation below. :)

New Poll
Please check out our new poll and throw in your vote to help determine which feature you would like see added to the game next! We've been keeping an eye on the most popular and helpful suggestions appearing on the suggestions forum topic, so chances are you may see an idea listed there that you came up with.

Posted by

River (#51565)

Posted on
2017-09-05 15:26:03

New Clubs
Finally, the new clubs system has been released!

How It Works
Each Deluxe member can create 1 club for $50,000. It will come with 1 month pre-paid fees and 10 member slots.

The base features for all clubs are memberships, a page, a badge, a bank for money (which members and admins alike can donate to), the ability to link to a forum topic (as long as it's on the Clubs board). The owner can appoint up to 10 admins to help them run the club.

Club admins will have the exact same permissions as the owner, with the exception of managing the admins and disbanding the club - so please make sure that you trust your admins, owners ;).

From there, clubs can decide what kind of club they want to be, and which features they want to unlock. ALL clubs can unlock all features, there is no restriction on club types only being able to unlock certain things.

The currently available features are:
- Bank: Credit Vault
- Bank: Item Vault
- Newsletters
- Horse Registration (includes an automatic stud book, broodmare book and sales book, and a Mascot feature)
- Contests (Coming Very Soon - please read Notes for more information)

* All clubs have been given a free month so there are no upcoming fees for you to pay.
* All clubs have been given member slots (up to 150) based on how many members they started with before the transition into the new system.
* All official EV clubs have been converted to the new system with their existing members and horses, and member slots to match current members.
* Every club's membership fee has been set to $99,999 to allow club owners time to organise their clubs without acquiring any new members.
* Unfortunately we were not able to finish Contests in a timely manner so we will be continuing work on that over the next week and will hopefully have it released as part of our next update.

Please head on over to the Club House to see the new changes and familiarise yourselves with the new system!

I will be keeping an eye on the forums over the next few days to try and fix any bugs that come up. I will also be looking into Marketplace bugs that have been occurring over the past few weeks.

Were there any official clubs that didn't end up with an owner? What will you do with those?
There were 4 clubs that ended up without an owner: Mustang, Tennessee Walking Horse, Friesian and Morgan clubs. If any Deluxe member that doesn't already own a club is interested in owning any of these clubs, please PM Abbey (#1).

Posted by

Abbey (#1)

Posted on
2017-08-08 15:04:41

Mass Moving Horses & Instant Foals
Mass-Move Horses in Divisions

You can now move horses en masse from one division to another. To do this, there is a new "Edit" button in the top right of the page. When you click this, you will have checkboxes appear next to ALL horse names within the divisions, and the division dropdown at the bottom.

Clicking on "Move All Horses" only applies to the horses in that division, not all horses you own.

In addition to this, the dropdown has been removed from your Unassigned division on the main page - to move horses from your Unassigned division you will need to click Edit.

This has been a very popular suggestion in the past few months so I hope that how this is implemented is convenient :)

Mare Gestation
* Mare gestation has been removed from the game, foals will now be born instantly when you breed horses.
* Any foals that have not yet been born will be instantly born on your next rollover.
* Mares should no longer display as being pregnant, but the normal breeding cooldown of 7 days will remain.
* Gestation Rush has been removed as an item from the game. If you have a Gestation Rush in your inventory, please transfer it to me (#1) and I will refund you the 3 credits it was worth.

Smaller Updates
* Social media buttons for Equiverse have now been added to the bottom of every news post on its article page.
* The chance of white markings (face and leg markings) being passed down from parents to foal has been increased. Additionally, the chances of new face and leg markings being generated on foals without a marking for each slot has been introduced.
* The breeding Preview Foal option now includes face and leg marking possibilities and, if both parents have had their genotype revealed, it will now print the possible foal's genotype.
* The Item Catalog page has been updated to be more organised and include item descriptions where necessary.
* In an effort to stop the Rescue Center being used as an easy dumping ground for mass-created horses, it now costs money to leave a horse. This is subject to change in future again, but for now it will be staying.
* I have added additional text to the Preview Foal feature to clarify that it is not guaranteed that you will get the foal that shows in the preview, it's just an example of what is possible with that breeding pair.

Clubs in August
I am slightly behind on club coding for August, however July elections will still determine who owns the club when we move forward.

I will be disabling clubs from the 1st August so that I can finish coding the new clubs system. It should hopefully not be too much longer after that until we re-open clubs again. I aim to have it ready within the first few days of August at the latest, although I will hopefully be ready for the 1st regardless.

Hope everyone is ready for it! :)

Posted by

Abbey (#1)

Posted on
2017-07-25 06:30:52

Marketplace & Foal Preview

The Item Market has had an upgrade!

The new location in Town is now The Marketplace - a place where you can trade horses, items, and currencies.

As I don't have a team of testers and it's just me, this is a very precarious feature. Please treat it with care. I would appreciate it if members would help test out by trading silly things ($1, a carrot, rescue center horse that nobody wants, etc) and helping me find any bugs in the system.

The Item Market is still available but it has been renamed to "Item Listings" and will most likely eventually be phased out as the Marketplace is used.

Once we are sure there are no bugs left with the Marketplace, I will be banning the sale of EVC on the forums as there is now a secure place to list your credits for sale, for the price you want to sell them at.

Preview Foals

You can now preview a potential foal out of a breeding pair when you go to breed horses. There is an additional button next to the "Breed" button called "Preview Foal". It's free to use, and will show you one potential foal result from the breeding match.

New Poll
In light of the numerous bugs we are currently having with foals not being born, mares remaining pregnant for too long, and my inability to find any issues in the code: I wondered if it was time we just accepted defeat and went back to the old system of foals being born instantly.

Go and vote here!

Posted by

Abbey (#1)

Posted on
2017-07-11 11:48:38