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Shows Notice
Hey all,

So over the past few weeks there have been odd days where shows have refused to run. Luckily, those shows have remained on the server with all the entries in tact as though they had never attempted to run. The build-up over the past few weeks has led to over 40,000 shows that haven't run.

This news post is just a notice to say that I will be running these shows on Thursday 22nd September periodically throughout the day so as not to flood the server. I will also be running them after that day's shows have run so that they don't interfere with the current, active shows.

This may mean that retired horses suddenly see a spike in points/show results, and you will see a spike in your show earnings on Friday in your bank if you entered any of the shows that didn't run.

I just wanted to give you all some warning, instead of freaking you out that you suddenly won more in shows that you expected, or some such :)

Posted by

Abbey (#1)

Posted on
2016-09-21 06:27:15

Actual updates and bug fixes and stuff!
I just want to let you all know that I will be working on showing to bring you a better system. I've been looking into shows and how they run (while investigating a bug) and shows are still running very slowly (between 1-3 hours) and if they are overloaded then they will just not finish running properly.

I'd like to implement a system where:
* A Deluxe member can create a show which runs in 24 hours (approximately, to the quarter-hour. e.g. if you create a show at 9:13am it will run at 9:15am the next day).
* Members can enter the show at any point after creation.
* If the show reaches maximum entries the 24 hour point, the show will run within the hour.
* As shows would now be available as soon as they're created, I would want to reduce the amount of maximum entries in a show - perhaps down to about 10-15 so that they run more frequently and are more dynamic/interesting.
* Deluxe members will be able to create a maximum of 200(+/-) shows at a time (not per day, so if some run sooner, they can create more right away).
* Player experience gains will be given when entering shows rather than when they run, and will no longer be based on where the horse places in the show in order to help with the lag of shows running.

This may mess with the lovely "You earned $X in shows yesterday" and point gains for horses, as some may run sooner than others, but this should hopefully be a better system overall. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to post them below.

Secret Feature
I have a bit of an update with regards to the game. A little while ago I promised you a surprise. I managed to find a brilliant artist for the job, and we got started on the project. Unfortunately due to personal circumstances the artist has had to withdraw and, alongside my recent wedding, it got put to the side. I am still keeping this surprise under wraps as I don't want to spoil it, but I just wanted to give this update to let you know that I have looking for a new artist to undertake this project for us, and that I'm not backing out of the surprise. Just in case anyone was wondering. That is all :)

New Features
* You can now use the horse search to search for Minimum Average Conformation. The search results will pull any horse higher than the number that you put into the box.
* Searching for training centers will now show 25 random Training Centers rather than the top 100 Training Centers ordered by alphabet - so every Training Center should have a fair chance in the search!
* Horses that have been revived with Spectral Drought are now given 50% happiness and 50% hunger so that they don't die again after using the item if you forget to care for the horse just after use.

Bug Fixes
* Leg markings passing from parents to foals should now be fixed. Hooray!
* "Your Shows" link should now appear on the Auto-Showing page.
* Broken image files on the following breeds have been fixed: TWH, Paint Horse
* You should now be able to edit your forum posts without error if you have an apostrophe in your name.
* Clydesdales should no longer incorrectly be given Sbsb as their KIT gene. All Clydesdales affected by this have been fixed to show Sb+ and their markings should now show up too.
* I have enabled friend requests for Basic members, who either just had the feature bugged, or had disabled it and then had their Deluxe account run out.
* There should no longer be an error when updating a member group that doesn't have a badge.
* Searching for horses for sale between two prices should now work correctly and not just show all horses for sale at any price.

I work on Equiverse periodically, so you may notice features and bugfixes going in before I manage to post the news, so if you've noticed new things and there is no news post - that's why!

Hope everyone is well :)

Posted by

Abbey (#1)

Posted on
2016-09-16 06:43:55

Quick Update
Hey all,

I'm back from my time off surrounding the wedding and our friends have gone home, so I'm now under no planning stress nor am I entertaining guests any more.

I am aware that there is a huge problem with some shows not running, so I will be spending the next few days investigating what is going on. I have made a couple of changes to cron so that it can give me a full report of what shows have run, at what time, and any errors that are found. Hopefully this should shed some light on what is happening when they choose not to run.

I will be prioritising this bug over doing anything else on EV until we can find a solution. If no solution can be found, I will be working towards adjusting the showing system so that we can have shows that actually work :)

Hope you are all well, I'm glad to be able to work on EV again!!

Posted by

Abbey (#1)

Posted on
2016-09-08 09:33:05

News news news news news!
Hey guys,

I'm a terrible person - I haven't spent much time on Equiverse over the past few weeks. Some of you may know that I'm actually getting married this year - on the 3rd September. Less than 2 weeks away! As you can imagine, things are getting extremely hectic now, and we have foreign friends visiting us for the wedding soon so once they arrive I will have even less time. I wanted to make a nice big update to EV pre-wedding, but my time has been soaked up by wedding and my mum's hip surgery over the past 4-5 weeks that it doesn't look like it's going to be possible now.

I have taken some time to go through the "How can we improve Equiverse?" topic. You guys are extremely passionate about this game, and I love that about you. There's a lot of text, so I have mostly skimmed over the posts to get a general feel for what is wanted.

The bigger ideas that I like the most are:

* Leisure Riding expansion
* More dynamic clubs - polls attached to newsletters, player and horse halls of fame
* Shows being available immediately with some caveat on many entries from the same person to avoid creating shows only for themselves - we're a community ;)
* Personal cron - where horses only age, lose hunger/happiness/etc, have their shows reset, Deluxe days decrease, etc. when a player logs in for the day
* Rewards for logging in X days in a row ($5k for 7 days, maybe 1 EVC for 30 days and then it resets? so players can essentially earn 1EVC every 30 days if they are active)
* Monthly Championships
* Conformation shows
* Official site events (snowball fight, scavenger hunt, etc)
* Beauty contests - for the genetic/colour breeders
* Horse trophies and awards that are displayed on their page for winning shows, championships, contests, etc
* Optional Questing for more money + exp income
* Optional Jobs for more money + exp income + unique bonuses (for example: money off at the store for taking a store job, less durability loss in tack for taking a tack workshop job, etc)
* Limited crossbreeding, where breeding an Arabian with a Thoroughbred can create an Anglo Arab, etc. These cross breeds would not be available to purchase from the Equine Center.
* Member Orchards, Vegetable Patches, Tack Workshops - where players can grow their own treats and create their own tack and either use it or sell them to the stores
* Horse auction house

I like a lot of the smaller ideas too, such as adding in horse heights as a vanity/conformation trait (something else to breed for), horse temperaments, putting treats back on horse pages to feed from there, random page events.

Just to note, this isn't a comprehensive list of EVERYTHING that I like, but it's the main points. Basically, I now have a fantastic source of good ideas for the next year which I can refer back to. I will be asking for your thoughts and suggestions on some of them as I won't want to make massive changes based on what I think is correct (I've been wrong before...) and perhaps not everything on this list will make it into the game. But now I have a good frame to work with.

This is going to be a relatively brief news post as I have some more wedding stuff to do (yay...) but I wanted to leave you with a couple of questions about horses on Equiverse.

1. What do you think would encourage members to breed outside of their own stock of horses?
2. Why do you think there is a problem with it at the moment?
3. What do you think would encourage members to sell and buy horses more frequently?
4. Do you think that there should be an overhaul of how stats work with horses? Should they be more static to encourage breeding horses at younger ages (and make the game less static for the first 15 weeks of playing)?

I know this might be a bit of a heated discussion, but for the sake of the game I think we need to have it :)

Posted by

Abbey (#1)

Posted on
2016-08-23 05:41:46

Huge Bug Sweep!
Sorry for a lack of updates recently, but I've spent some time and had a huge sweep of bugs that have been plaguing the forums.

I will be making some more frequent updates in the coming weeks, I promise :P

Bug Fixes
* If you have an apostrophe in your name, you should no longer have trouble updating your home page information.
* The Deluxe account ability to kick under-paid horses from your stable (both individually and all at once) has been restored.
* Single-horse boarding is now working.
* You should now be able to board your horses at another member's stables. Previously, the boarding section was missing on stable pages.
* Board should now correctly be paid to the stable owner when topped up after the initial boarding payment.
* Stable search should now work correctly when attempting to search using a name or ID.
* Stable search should correctly display the number of horses boarded in public stalls - and the number of public stalls.
* You should no longer be able to treat horses multiple times in the same day - don't worry, this bug didn't actually allow horses to gain exploited stats, so no adjustment is necessary. It was mostly a display error where it showed up as successful treating.
* When purchasing the Auto-Care tool, your Credit History should now show the correct amount of credits taken.
* Riding School bonuses for matching the Specialty should now be working correctly.
* When Auto-Showing a horse; if there are not enough shows available to cover the 10 show slots, the slots remaining should now correctly be available to be used in the Riding School instead of being used up by phantom shows.
* Custom horse images should now be showing correctly.
* A club's Registered Horses section should now show the correct amount of pages for the horses that are registered.
* New foal notifications should no longer occur when your account has been locked.
* Interest should no longer be awarded if your account has been locked over cron-time.

Additional Extras
* You can now see how many horses are home-boarded in a stable underneath the amount of horses in public stalls.
* When searching for a Riding School, results are now randomised and limited to showing only 5 results. This is to hopefully help out with those Schools which don't get found too easily because they are lower results.
* There is now a higher chance that foals will inherit parents' white (facial or leg) markings.

Posted by

Abbey (#1)

Posted on
2016-07-10 23:10:29