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New November Event: Fall Leaves!
Edit: There was a bug with the event but leaves should now start to show up around the game :) apologies for the inconvenience!

Fall Leaves
Abbey and I are excited to bring a new event to you for autumn, called Fall Leaves!

The event consists of collecting a special kind of leaf you will discover while venturing around Equiverse, known as a Pristine Leaf. A button with some event text will show up on random pages throughout the site, notifying you that you've "found" a Pristine Leaf - please note that you will have to click the button in the event text in order to collect your leaf; it won't be collected automatically for you just because the notice comes up.

Occasionally, while visiting a player's page you will also have the option to help sweep up that player's yard, which is covered in leaves. If you choose to help with the sweeping you have the chance to find 2-4 pristine leaves among those boring old normal leaves that have to be cleared away. ;)

Towards the end of the event (the 30th of November) the ability to convert your collected Pristine Leaves into money (Equiverse Dollars) will be made available. Next year we will be having an event shop available, however, so if you wish to save your leaves from this year to put towards some goodies at the shop next year, they will wait safely in your account until then.

The event page where Fall Leaves is listed can be found by hovering over News, just under Polls in the dropdown menu.

Bug Fixes
* Creating a trade in the Marketplace will now only log items that have been listed, rather than adding empty values (e.g. "$ and credit(s)" instead of "$300 and 2 credit(s)").
* "Viewing Member" additional text has been removed from member pages.

New Driving Background
At multiple players' request, a new driving-themed background has been added to the game - entitled Driving Tack - and is available from the General Store!

A version of this background will be available for every EV season, so keep your eyes out for those! Happy EVing!

Posted by

Abbey (#1)

Posted on
2017-11-17 10:50:35

New Background Release
We have just a few updates for you today - some bigger things should be coming soon.

New Background
A new background called Sunset Beach can be acquired from a new rare encounter at the beach location during Leisure Riding. It has 5 uses, like the other backgrounds, and is completely free when you receive it from the encounter - it may be tricky to find but it is exclusive and cannot be purchased from the shop.

Club Updates
* Clubs which have not paid their monthly memberships have been hidden from the Top Member Clubs list. Additionally, the View All Clubs list has been separated into active clubs (those that are up to date on monthly fees) and inactive clubs, for ease of access.
* As a member, you can now leave a club that is inactive. If you are a club admin, you will need to pay monthly fees just once if you want to disband the club.

Bugs Fixed
* Backgrounds and Equippable items should no longer disappear when a horse dies from neglect or old age.
* Inbreeding block issues preventing foundation horses from being bred as well as those not preventing related horses from breeding should now be fixed

That's it for now - keep enjoying the game! :)

Posted by

Abbey (#1)

Posted on
2017-11-08 12:45:55

More Foal Art Fun and Needed Feedback from You!
More Foal Art!
More fun foal art is on its way, so today I have a preview of the Andalusian/Lipizzaner foal art for you to check out!

I'm pretty excited for these adorable little ones becoming a part of the game, and I bet I'm not the only one. :)

Bug Fixes
Abbey has squashed some particularly annoying code bugs including:

* The horse list for entering a club contest should now be fixed.
* Basic Tags should no longer unset themselves and disappear when saving account details.
* Sabino Splash on Mustangs should no longer be a missing image file.
* When searching for horses, the color listed in the search results should now be accurate.
* Horses can no longer be put up for auction if they are already listed in a trade.
* Inbreeding block should now be working as intended, blocking all parent x child, grandparent x grandchild, uncle x niece and aunt x nephew pairings from any future breedings.

Inbreeding Checker Tool
And Abbey has also added a handy Inbreeding Checker Tool to compare horses against one other for potential inbreeding block - try using it to help pair up your current horses, or to check if a horse you might wish to purchase is related to any of your own, for example. :) This link has been added to the Breeding section of the Help too, so you can find it there to refer back to it at any time.

On that note, would anyone be interested in seeing more useful tools like this come into the game? If you have an idea, please share it in the comments below!

New Poll!
We have a new poll available for you to check out, to see if you'd like random events to come to the game! The results from the previous poll have been counted, and will be considered, so on to vote in the next one!

Forum Discussion
Abbey is interested in bringing up some potential changes to how horses increase grade, and would like to give everyone a chance to participate in the conversation. There are some current issues with the way the system works, so if you'd like to share your thoughts or check it out please head on over to the discussion topic here and let us know what you think.

And as always, happy EVing!

Posted by

River (#51565)

Posted on
2017-11-01 14:11:16

Basic Tags and Revamped Custom Horse Creator!
Abbey and I have been working hard to bring you some fun updates and important fixes, so I'm excited to share this latest news post with you! We've been paying close attention to suggestions, bugs, and more to try to continually improve the game for you, and hope to only bring more great updates to you in the future too. :) Read on for more!

New Features
* You can now cancel Club Contests in case of insufficient entries, or if you made a mistake in creating them (the ability to edit contests will be coming along later). This will also work for those contests which bugged out recently so please make use of that button to cancel those contests in order to retrieve club funds!
* Basic members now have a small selection of free tags that they can display on their accounts. The ability to use a custom tag is still restricted to Deluxe membership. Deluxe members can make use of the free tags too, if desired - a link to the selection of free tags has been added to the tag section in your settings, so feel free to check it out.
* We have a brand new Custom Horse tool! Apologies for the original tool having been out of order the past week or so, but we were in the process of updating it all so it could be fancier, and fix most of its major bugs along the way too. There may still be some inaccuracies in what the custom tool shows vs how the horse appears once created, so please report those issues on the bug board when you find them.

Small Adjustments
* When viewing a horse page, the browser tab should now put the horse's name first (before "viewing . . .") so that if you have many tabs open at once you should instantly be able to tell which tab is for which horse.
* Similarly for members, when viewing a member's page the tab now puts the user's name first.
* Back by popular demand: Member ID numbers are now visible in forum posts again.
* Account Locking has been removed; the only method of account locking now is to avoid progressing your account on a daily basis. If you had locked your account prior to this change you will still have the option of unlocking, but you will not be able to re-lock or return to using the locking feature again.

Bug Fixes
* Horses not appearing (or appearing when they shouldn't, or appearing multiple times) in club registry dropdown lists should now be fixed.
* When registering a horse in a club, the script should no longer pick the horse "Shilo" to register. This should also hopefully fix registrations that go missing. This will not retroactively fix any registration attempts, but it should be working from now on.
* Club name should now correctly show in your userlog when you apply to register a horse in a club.

Custom Horse Sale
For the next few days, until the end of the 22nd of October, we are having a sale on Custom Horses to celebrate the addition of the new tool! It will cost 10 credits to create a custom horse, instead of the original 15, up until the end of the sale. Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity to get your dream horse at a discount!

New Poll
We also have a new poll available for you to check out today, regarding your stance on a potential alteration to the way receiving income from the bank is handled. The bank currently gives income through collected interest, but a daily allowance from the bank was the original system we had here on EV. Bringing allowances back is a possibility, but we'd like to get feedback from you on the available options posed in the poll before making any change. Be sure to voice your opinion with a vote!

Our next update will be focused heavily on bug fixes, and eradicating some of the higher-priority issues that have been reported. In the meantime, be sure to keep reporting and providing updates on any bugs you experience. Happy EVing!

Posted by

River (#51565)

Posted on
2017-10-18 11:56:36

Foal Art Preview!
Foal Art Update
Yes, you read that correctly; you've been hearing about foal art for a while now so I am happy to announce that it's on its way! It may be a little time before the art is fully available - between multiple breeds and files for every marking - but here's a preview to tide you over!

More adorable little beans are in the works, and we can't wait to be able to show them all off to you!

Farms Preview
Last week's news featured a look at the upcoming orchards feature, so this week we have a sneak peek of farms available for you. :)

Look at that nice rich earth and those growing vegetables - but it looks like you may have some weeds to deal with too!

Next Bug Fixes
We had a plethora of bugs addressed as of the update last week, but Abbey would like to make sure everyone knows that further club bug fixes will be priority for her for her next round. As the club changes were new for everyone, ultimately there will be hangups here and there, but they will be addressed as expediently as possible.

Please continue to report any issues in the correct topic of the bug board, as well as confirming any changes if the problem you experienced was corrected in a previous round of fixes. Happy EVing!

Posted by

River (#51565)

Posted on
2017-10-03 14:05:55