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Huge Bug Sweep!
Sorry for a lack of updates recently, but I've spent some time and had a huge sweep of bugs that have been plaguing the forums.

I will be making some more frequent updates in the coming weeks, I promise :P

Bug Fixes
* If you have an apostrophe in your name, you should no longer have trouble updating your home page information.
* The Deluxe account ability to kick under-paid horses from your stable (both individually and all at once) has been restored.
* Single-horse boarding is now working.
* You should now be able to board your horses at another member's stables. Previously, the boarding section was missing on stable pages.
* Board should now correctly be paid to the stable owner when topped up after the initial boarding payment.
* Stable search should now work correctly when attempting to search using a name or ID.
* Stable search should correctly display the number of horses boarded in public stalls - and the number of public stalls.
* You should no longer be able to treat horses multiple times in the same day - don't worry, this bug didn't actually allow horses to gain exploited stats, so no adjustment is necessary. It was mostly a display error where it showed up as successful treating.
* When purchasing the Auto-Care tool, your Credit History should now show the correct amount of credits taken.
* Riding School bonuses for matching the Specialty should now be working correctly.
* When Auto-Showing a horse; if there are not enough shows available to cover the 10 show slots, the slots remaining should now correctly be available to be used in the Riding School instead of being used up by phantom shows.
* Custom horse images should now be showing correctly.
* A club's Registered Horses section should now show the correct amount of pages for the horses that are registered.
* New foal notifications should no longer occur when your account has been locked.
* Interest should no longer be awarded if your account has been locked over cron-time.

Additional Extras
* You can now see how many horses are home-boarded in a stable underneath the amount of horses in public stalls.
* When searching for a Riding School, results are now randomised and limited to showing only 5 results. This is to hopefully help out with those Schools which don't get found too easily because they are lower results.
* There is now a higher chance that foals will inherit parents' white (facial or leg) markings.

Posted by

Abbey (#1)

Posted on
2016-07-10 23:10:29

Welp. I messed up.
There was a bug in account locking in which it unboarded everyones' horses from their stables. I'm very sorry for this, you will need to re-board your horses. I will refund money to those who had paid for their board, but stable owners.. you'll just have to deal :P

Sorry guys!

Posted by

Abbey (#1)

Posted on
2016-05-23 04:46:00

Riding Schools!

Riding Schools
We have a brand new feature for Deluxe accounts - however this feature benefits ALL members on the game, not just Deluxes!

Any member who has an open stable (a Deluxe account) can now open their own Riding School (visit your Stables page for more information!). All members can submit any horse with unused show slots to the Riding School to earn guaranteed money and experience, and also a chance of stats to go along with those bonuses.

So for those of you who have horses which don't tend to do so well in shows, you can now use Riding Schools to boost your income a bit, as well as gain some stats that you would otherwise lose out on because they don't place in shows. You can also let your retired horses work in the riding school!

This is an alternative to showing - you can choose to either enter 10 shows per day, or submit the horse to work for 10 hours. Or you can change it up a bit and submit for 7 hours of schooling and 3 shows. It's up to you!

"Currently Popular Discipline" rotates on a daily basis. Horses submitted to Riding Schools which match the currently popular discipline will gain a minor boost in earnings and experience.

You can search for Riding Schools in the Stable Search!

New Features & Changes
* Due to a popular user suggestion, the way stables are privatised has changed. You can now choose how many stalls you want to be made available to the public. You can choose all, none, or somewhere in between - it's entirely up to you. Stables which were listed as public previous to this change have had their stalls set to 100% public - so you may want to review this.
* Stables page has had a bit of a revamp - you can now manage your stable information from the Stables page instead of from your account page, but additionally horses boarded at your Stables have been moved to their own separate "Barn" page. This is to help with page loading times for those stables who have a lot of horses.
* Single treats are now as effective in giving stats as their grouped counterparts. So a single Yellow Apple will now give the same chance of stats as a use of a Bag of Yellow Apples.
* Again, due to popular suggestion, members can now withdraw their club president campaigns if they wish (after first voting for themselves).

Bug Fixes
* Locking accounts should now remove horses that are locked from stables which do not belong to their owners. Those of you with locked horses stuck in your stables should now have the stalls freed up.

Posted by

Abbey (#1)

Posted on
2016-05-23 03:55:27

Over the past few weeks I've been making small and subtle additions/bug fixes, so here is a list of what I've done along with some additions today.

New Features & Changes
+ Club banks can now send out money to club members!
+ There are two new icons which appear on your horses list - one which is a permanent addition, and one which will appear periodically.

That's right - there's now an icon to show when a Stat Boost is needed on a horse, and an icon for treating! You will now easily be able to see whether you have treated today, and whether any horses need their boost before you go and train (instead of being told halfway through the rhythm of training :'D).
+ Moved the "reply" box in conversations to the top of the page as it means no more scrolling all the way to the bottom in long conversations.
+ At and A+ have been added to the genetics search feature - oops.
+ You can now set a Minimum Bid for your horses that you wish to sell with the Private Auction option.

New Horse Image System
So a few weeks ago I said I would be converting horse images to a new system which would mean you can no longer share the image URLs on forums and such.

That is going in today. There may be some issues which makes horses look different to how they did before. However I will be patrolling the bug boards later on today to fix any issues that arise :)

I am also adjusting the image displays slightly in order to make some horses a bit less.. ugly :P

* Pangare will be applied at a 60% opacity on cream-based horses and 80% opacity on non-cream-based horses.
* Sooty will be applied at a 50% opacity on cream-based horses and 80% opacity on non-cream-based horses. (before vs after)
* Gray is now a bit more dynamic - instead of being changed at 1, 3, 5, 8 and 10, gray will now fade in slowly every year up until the age of 10 at which time it will become 100% dark gray. Horses will then become the white/gray at the age of 15 instead of at 12. This gives you a whole 7 years more to appreciate the dark gray before it becomes static at the light gray.

Bug Fixes
+ That pesky Grullo bug not giving your horses the Dun gene when using the Base Applicator/Randomiser has now been squashed! There may be some horses left over who don't have the correct Dun gene if they had Grullo applied though - please report those to the Bug Board.
+ When you lock your account and unlock it again, the horses in unlocked divisions should no longer remain locked.

I haven't had much time do to anything too special - but my time has freed up a bit recently so I'm planning something a bit fun for you :)

Posted by

Abbey (#1)

Posted on
2016-05-17 08:38:56

All the fun things...
Good morning, Equiversians,

Today I bring you a nice list of new features along with some bug fixes and notices :) we're slowly but surely looking like an actual game again.

New Features & Changes
+ Horse Search now gives you the ability to search for individual genes, so you can find the exact genotype you're looking for - whether it's to breed, buy, or just admire.
+ You can now manage all of the items you own in one place - you are able to discard up to 50 items at once, or list up to 50 items at once in the item market. You can find the Inventory Manager using the link from your Inventory page.
+ You can now select breeds in the Hall of Fame - meaning that you can now select whether you want to see all top horses, or just the top Arabians on the game.
+ When receiving a stud request, or having had someone breed a mare to your stud, you will now see which mare was bred in your notifications.
+ When bidding on a horse that is not bid only and has a buyout price listed, you must now bid at least 25% of the asking price.
+ Two new links on your Home page, just above your Account Settings, now take you to view the bids that you've placed on horses, and the stud requests you have sent out.
+ Shows which fill up (25 entries) will now run within 15 minutes of the last entry joining instead of waiting to run the next day. This is to try and cut down on the amount of time it takes to run shows each morning, and has so far cut around 3 hours off the time. I will continue to look for ways in which I can cut down the show time in the mornings.

+ Clubs now have a Sale Book, similar to the Stud Book. Horses registered to that particular club that are currently listed for sale (either openly or privately) will show up on the club's Sale Book.
+ Club bank amounts are now visible, and further functionality will be released within the next 2-3 days. From now on, clubs will always start the month with at least $250,000 in the bank to be used for contest prizes and such.

Club Features which will be released tomorrow:
Bank functionality - giving amounts to club members, accepting donations
Checkboxes for accepting/rejecting horses to the club

Bug Fixes
+ Searching for horses for open sale should no longer automatically select "Show ONLY Rescue horses".
+ There was an error with being able to accept/deny transfers only being available for Deluxe members - this has now been fixed, as it should be available for all members.
+ Due to the glitch with shows during the week, some shows never ran. I have forced these shows to run tomorrow, so those of you who missed out on earnings/stats/etc will have another chance at the shows that didn't run.

I will be removing all suggestions from the Suggestions and Ideas Board that have less than 50% support, and are older than 1 month. Just to keep things nice and tidy :)

Posted by

Abbey (#1)

Posted on
2016-04-30 07:41:54