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Congratulations BLUE TEAM!
Happy New Year!

Congratulations Blue Team for winning the Snowball Fight! You have all won $5,000 which has been credited to your account!

Everyone else who took part has also received $1,000!

And now for some statistics:

726 members took part in the Snowball Fight of 2016.
498 members were on the Red team successfully landing 9,323 snowballs.
450 members were on the Blue team successfully landing 9,609 snowballs.
622 members were on the Green team successfully landing 9,404 snowballs.
The team with the highest amount of Friendly Fire was Blue Team (*gasp*).
A total of 36,521 snowballs were collected.

Fun fact:

My "s" key stopped working halfway through this post so I've had to copy and paste every "s" after the word "statistics".

Did you have fun? Let me know in the comments!

Posted by

Abbey (#1)

Posted on
2017-01-01 01:03:07

Snowball Fight and Auction House
Snowball Fight!
Snow has been falling in the lands of Equiverse!

That surely means it's time for the best event of the year - the Snowball Fight! Everyone is assigned to a team - Red, Blue or Green - and it's up to you to try and put your team into the lead!

You can navigate around the game to gather snowballs from the snow that's settled, and use your stockpile of snowballs on other members' pages! The forums and online members pages have been updated to display each other member's team.

All members on the winning team (most successful snowball throws) will receive $5,000, and all other members will win $1,000 for participating (throwing at least one snowball).

This event will run from 20th-31st December 2016. The event will end at 11:59 on 31st December and prizes will be given out on 1st January 2016!

(Go Red Team!)

Members with Full Page Layouts
Add [snowballbox] to your page anywhere to display the box so that members can throw snowballs at you :)

Auction House

Developers have moved into town and have been constructing a new building between the Club House and Training Center: The Auction House!

Once you reach Level 10, you can go to the Auction House to buy and sell horses. A full explanation is listed on the Auction House page, but briefly:

You can set a reserve price on horses you list for sale. If nobody bids higher than the reserve price within 24 hours, the horse will be returned to you. If they do bid higher, after 24 hours is over the horse will be automatically sold to the highest bidder.

Horses can be sold for both Dollars and Credits in the Auction House.

Other New Features
* You can now cancel stud requests that you send in case of mistakes. You can access your pending stud requests using the link from your Home page.
* Pedigrees now go back a further generation. I have removed the additional information (breed, color and "view foals" link) to make it a bit less cluttered, and easier to read.
* Horse name links in the Pedigree will now link to the pedigree rather than the horse's page, to make navigating pedigrees a bit easier.
* Compressed items can be decompressed (or "Split") on their item page. They will be uncompressed to their normal amount of uses (so Peppermints would be decompressed to 20 base uses). Any items that don't decompress evenly (e.g. a Peppermints compression with 45 uses) would have the remainder split into an individual item (giving 2x 20 uses and 1x 5 uses).

This will be the last update until after Christmas, so I wish you all a Merry Christmas (or Happy Holidays)!

Posted by

Abbey (#1)

Posted on
2016-12-20 17:47:14

Polls & Your Opinions?
So I've been back from my honeymoon for 3 weeks now. It was fantastic, and I thank you all for your suggestions on what to do and where to go!

Since I've been back, I've run into a bit of a conundrum. You'll see below.

New Features
* Polls are back! News > Polls.

So to elaborate on New Features being such a short list - I am currently working on about 5 different things. I keep getting distracted between them, so I decided to code Polls instead and try to get your opinions on which one I should prioritise. Basically, which one would you like to see added this side of Christmas?

A link to polls for the lazy ;)

I am also working on smaller updates as well (never fear!), but these are the next few *big* updates that I want to add. I have a couple of secret updates to come as well, which I obviously won't poll for your opinions because they are secret ;D.

Bug Fixes
* Stallions can no longer be gelded while they are up for stud or sale/private auction.

I have been working on converting the current genetics system to create the genotype of a new horse from the Equine Center as well as storing the "allowed" genes in a breed. The actual details won't mean much to most people, but basically there will be a bit more variety to what colors/markings (and the genes for those colours and markings) can be acquired from the Equine Center. This includes "rare" genes such as silver and champagne. They will be extremely rare, but they will be available from the EC when this system is implemented.

In order to make sure that I haven't missed any genes from breeds, if you are familiar with genetics, please check the breeds you are most familiar with from the Statistics page. If you click on a breed name, it will now list all the available genes for that breed according to the new system. If anything is missing (e.g. the custom horse tool says Akhal-Teke should have cream, but the new system doesn't), please comment on this news post.

This also makes it easier for me to add "allowed" genes to breeds, for example, Silver and Sooty for Gypsy Vanner. Previously I would need to edit the code in about 5 different places for each new allowed gene. Once this code is implemented, I should be able to just add it and it will automatically update everywhere.

I am the worst at explaining things, I'm sorry.

Posted by

Abbey (#1)

Posted on
2016-12-07 16:22:22

Auto-Treating and Horse Achievements!
Preferred Treats

Treat assignments are back! It's been a long time coming, but I've finally added treat assignments back into the game.

I have shuffled around the horse page a little bit so that there's room for the feature, but it will be displayed at the bottom of the "Currents" list on your horse's page. The icon will show as greyed out (or lightened) when the horse hasn't been treated today. If you click on it, similarly to the care tools at the top, it will use a treat from your inventory to give to the horse.

Yes, this feature is also included in Auto-Care. You will need to make sure you have enough treats in your inventory to cover all horses in the division otherwise Auto-Care won't work at all. Unlike the old system where it used to tell you that you had run out of treats, this time it will tell you you don't have enough and none of the caring will take place.

Horse Achievements

We now have horse achievements! There are currently 6 achievements to earn for each horse you own, and each achievement you earn will reward the horse with completely pointless achievement points ;) but it will also award you with a cash prize for helping your horses earn the achievements!

These achievements will only be awarded when you access your own horse's page - you will receive the achievement notification and any prize attached.

Any achievements your horses earn can be viewed at the bottom of their page.

Smaller Updates!
* Your Riding School selections will now "stick" - meaning that the number of hours you choose for each type of lesson will remain in the text input for the next horse when you submit.
* To prevent confusion with horses that are gray but are displaying a different color because they are young, I have changed the color to the horse's displayed color for horses under the age of 4. Horses aged 4-7 will show the displayed color with "(graying)" next to it. Horses over the age of 7 will display as "Gray".
* Horses without a specialty will now show as "[N1 N/A]" instead of "[N1 ]" in the showing/training dropdown list (using N1 as an example).

I am away
I will be around for the next couple of days to bug fix any of the new features here today, but from the 2nd to the 17th November I will not be around. I am on my honeymoon for two weeks in LA and will have very limited internet access. (If you have any suggestions of great places to eat or do stuff in LA/American things in general[chain restaurants/stores/etc], let me know ;D).

Moderators may point you to this news post if you are having any issues around the game which can only be fixed by myself. Unfortunately I will be unable to do anything until I get back, so please be patient.

Posted by

Abbey (#1)

Posted on
2016-10-29 05:40:11

New Showing System!
We officially have our new showing system in place!

I have added in a new sorting option for Auto-Showing: "Soonest". This will choose the shows which run the soonest so that you can hopefully get your show results sooner.

All shows created from this moment on will have a 24 hour countdown timer and will appear in the shows list (almost) immediately. Shows will be removed from the list when the countdown runs out, or when the show reaches 15 entries. The shows which are removed from the list will run within 15 minutes.

Stable owners can now only create a maximum of 200 "active" shows. This means that as soon as their timer runs out, or the show has run because it has reached 15 entries, stable owners can create more shows. It is intended to be a more dynamic show creation system. Let's see how it goes :P

There are a couple of small, temporary issues.

1) I am using a new way to store the prize pool for shows, so it will show incorrect amounts for shows that were created before today. For this reason, I will be disabling sorting shows by prize pool until they sort themselves out.
2) Shows will not be able to run every 15 minutes until today's shows have cleared up. I will aim to have the new showing system running properly at around midday EV time. In the mean time, shows can be entered. They just won't run at their expected time today (e.g. if you enter a show that runs in 4 minutes from this news post, it won't run until later).

I expect there will be some bugs throughout the day, so I will be around to hopefully fix them.

Please make sure to report bugs in the news comments or on the Bug Board!

Edit: I have created some filler shows for every grade past the Novices to help out with some members being unable to create new shows until their old shows clear.

Posted by

Abbey (#1)

Posted on
2016-10-24 05:11:21