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Leisure Riding Expansion
Today Leisure Riding has got a bit of an upgrade! We have a lot more texts in all of the available riding zones, along with some encounters similar to the Valentines encounters. There is a very rare chance in one of the zones to acquire a Credit Shop item as well ;)

Updates have been slow and few recently due to unforeseen circumstances, but I can confirm that the following features/new items are being worked on and should be released soon-ish (before the end of the month, hopefully):

- Foal and young horse training
- More DNA Tweaks are on their way
- There will be an Easter event in April bringing some new event items
- Oh, and this..

[Disclaimer: This is Endurance tack, other disciplines (except Racing) will have Black, Brown or Tan leather bridles and reins, not funky colors ;) sorry]

Edit: I should also clarify that the tack colours will not be in by the end of the month >_> I just realised I lumped it all in together. The tack art is still being worked on and I can't guarantee when it will be completed or implemented. /edit

Posted by

Abbey (#1)

Posted on
2017-03-15 10:21:45

Importing is Over!
Importing Time is Over!
I have now officially closed access to importing old accounts from the previous version of Equiverse. As promised, I have imported all horses from the previous version of the game who is a sire or dam of a horse that exists in the current version.

Your horse pedigrees should now no longer show "Deceased" unless the horse didn't exist on the old game any more.

Creative Team
We have a small creative team going on Discord which help to write out little encounters for Leisure Riding among other new projects. If you would like to be involved, please check out this topic. For those of you already on the team, please check Discord occasionally ;) our sessions are largely impromptu or are scheduled a couple of days in advance.

Topics of Discussion
I would to raise awareness (and would like opinions if you have anything to say!) on the following topics:
- The possible merger of groups and clubs
- Game Events
- The long-debated subject of Foal Art

A more substantial update will be along later this week!

Posted by

Abbey (#1)

Posted on
2017-02-27 09:10:11

Manual Account Progression
I am currently trialing a new method for our daily cron.

Currently cron just runs. At 4am EV time every day it ages horses, and all the rest. With the new method, cron will not run in its entirety. The majority of the cron will be triggered when you log onto your account for the first time after 4am and click a button specifically asking to progress your account. Only then will your horses age, lose hunger, etc.

This means that technically you can just not progress your account. Your horses would be safe until the next time you did choose to progress. If you ever need a couple of days away from the game, or are rushed into hospital, and can't access your account so that you can lock it - no problem, the game will essentially freeze everything with this new method.

Instead of making it immediately site-wide and encountering possibly a ton of bugs all at once, I've decided to - for now - make it an opt in system. Basically I need at least 10+ regular players to opt into the new system, keep track of everything that you do, and make sure that all notifications show up (horse care, showing activity, foal notifications), that nothing dies if you don't log in for a few days, etc.

To opt in: go to your Home page, go to your Account Settings, and there is a new dropdown box for "Opt In to Manual Cron". Select "Yes" and update your settings.

This will eventually be applied to every account, and it will not be an option to stay with the old method. I am only allowing an opt in for the bug testing that will be needed.

If you find any bugs, please post them here

I hope I've explained everything well, but if you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

What is cron? Cron is what makes your horses age, become a bit hungry, and reset daily limits like showing/riding as well as training. It's also in control of making your Deluxe/auto-showing/auto-care days tick down, it births foals, checks to see if any horses have been uncared for so a notice can be sent out, etc.

Posted by

Abbey (#1)

Posted on
2017-02-17 01:57:35

Valentines Shop
It seems as though there was some misunderstanding that the event ending at 11:59 on the 15th would mean the event shop would stay open. Please let me be clear that for any future events, ANYTHING event related will close as soon as the event ends.

That being said, seeing as this was the first one, I've re-opened the shop for TODAY ONLY. You will only be able to access it from this link, not in the "News" dropdown like before.

Valentines Shop

Also, if you don't manage to spend anything, your hearts will carry over to next year - they will not be reset :)

Posted by

Abbey (#1)

Posted on
2017-02-16 04:17:35

Valentines Shop is Open
A day early, the Valentines Day Shop has been opened and the items inside have been revealed!

And with the opening of this shop, a new feature has been released - Decorations! Beyond regular tack, we are tentatively adding in decorations. We've started small to gauge a reaction from you, but with the scope to expand the decoration selection immensely.

The decorations released for the Valentines Event are:

Love Birds, Doves and Petals

Decorations can be viewed in action on this horse.

Alongside the decorations, the Valentines Plushie is available!

We also have 3 new Special items:

Love Potion - Acts as a Gestation Rush and BreedAgain Solution combined.
Valentine's Rose - Apply this to a mare before breeding her, and her next foal will be guaranteed to be female.
Valentine's Thorn - Apply this to a mare before breeding her, and her next foal will be guaranteed to be male.

All the above items and their prices can be found on the Events page which can be found under the News link on the navigation bar.

Edit: I fixed a lot of stuff okay :P Events page link is fixed and the horse should actually show the decorations now.

Posted by

Abbey (#1)

Posted on
2017-02-11 14:08:31