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"Loving EV!"

My name is Erica! I focus on different breeds every now and then, but right now I am doing Morgans and Paints.

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Member Name forevermore2001
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Joined April 3, 2016
Last Active 2019-01-17 21:02:01
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Money on Hand $405,989
Money in Bank $40,602
Player Level 6
Horses 49 / 85

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This Month 1826
All Time 247578
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Level 6 Experience 19448 (48%) EXP Required 39951 EXP Left 20503

forevermore2001's Horse Divisions
Gypsies 10 horses
Not trained today
Morgans 10 horses
Not trained today
Paint Mares 8 horses
Not trained today
Paint Studs 6 horses
Not trained today
Shorty's 15 horses
Not trained today

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