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Benthe - Second Stable

"Loving EV!"

This is my 2nd account, primary account found here: Benthe.

Roarton Exceptional NSS Rescue

These herds are made up of adopted horses from the rescue centre with exceptional NSS stats. My goals with this project are to:
a) raise competitive horses who would otherwise be deleted and
b) increase the number of good quality (mostly foundation) horses available for brood/stud, regardless of breed or discipline.

Horse Adoption Requirements:
I'm still experimenting with this format somewhat.
Initially I required horses to have <=50 NSS Stats to qualify for adoption.
Currently I require horses to have <=46 NSS Stats to qualify for adoption.
Exceptions are made for horses with rare colourings, though they still require <= 58 NSS Stats to qualify.

Some notes about these horses and services:

  • They will be raised in whichever discipline they're best suited for. If that means they're ex. a Racing Clydesdale, all the better!

  • The horses will never be for sale.

  • Once horses reach 16, they will be available for stud/broodmare (max. number of foals: 3).

  • I will never breed these horses outside of stud/brood requests (i.e. I'm not breeding any foals for myself).

If you're interested in a particular kind of horse (ex. A DWB, black w/ RnRn, and a dressage specialty), send me a message! I'll keep an eye out, and if one comes up I'll message you back.

Any questions, please don't hesitate to shoot me a message!

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