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"Loving EV!"


Hello! I'm interested in raising, showing and breeding:

  • Dutch Warmbloods: Show Jumping (Rescue has moved to my third account, link below)

  • Morgans: Show Jumping

  • Friesans: Dressage and Conformation

  • Gypsy Vanners: Driving

I also have a Gelding Rescue at my second account here.
A Multi-Breed Rescue is currently open at my third account here! Currently in the rescue are: 

  • Dutch Warmbloods (Dressage, Endurance, Show Jumping) 

  • Akhal-Tekes (Dressage, Endurance, Racing, Show Jumping)

  • Tennessee Walking Horses (Dressage, Driving, Endurance, Show Jumping, Western)

  • Lippizaners (Show Jumping, Endurance, Dressage)

Note On My Auction Items:
I will accept whatever the highest bid is on the individual horses/items at the end of the 7 day auction period. I will reject any offers I'm not going to accept on a daily basis, so you'll know if I will not be accepting your offer and you can bid again if you'd like.

Stable Services
I currently working on stable service upgrades. In the future the following features will be available:
(blue - task still in progress, green - goal met!)
Stable Space Goals:
500 spaces 
Training Arena Goals:
I aim to have one arena of each discipline and level, so that the stables are capable of training any horse. Additionally, I plan to have at least 10 slots for each.
                           Novice          Local          Regional          National          International       
Show Jumping          5                10                 x                  x                    x       
Endurance                5                 5                 x                  x                    x
Dressage                  5                 5                 x                  x                    x 
Western                    5                x                 x                  x                    x
Racing                      5                x                 x                   x                    x
Driving                     5                x                  x                  x                    x

Personal Notes:
N1: -150
N2: -200
N3: -250
N4: -300
N5: -350
L1: -400
L2: -450
L3: -500
L4: -550
L5: -600

R1: -700
R2: -800
R3: -900
R4: -1000
R5: -1100
Na1: -1300
Na2: -1500
Na3: -1700
Na4: -1900

Na5: -2100
I1: -2500
I2: -3000
I3: -4000
I4: ??
I5: ??

Account Information
Member Name Benthe
Account Type Deluxe (12 days left)
Joined February 26, 2017
Last Active 2018-02-21 19:14:05
Member Information
Money on Hand $0
Money in Bank $1,875,918
Player Level 12
Horses 46 / 75

Player Points
Yesterday 0
This Week 0
This Month 0
All Time 1034904
Show Winnings
Yesterday $0
This Week $0
This Month $0
All Time $539,540

Member Level
Level 12 Experience 257250 (93%) EXP Required 275582 EXP Left 18332

Benthe's Horse Divisions
1) Main Dutch - Show Jumping 11 horses
Not trained today
2) Main Dutch - Next Gen 0 horses
3) Freisans - Dressage/Conformation 8 horses
Not trained today
4) Morgans - Show Jumping 8 horses
Not trained today
5) Gypsy Vanners 10 horses
Not trained today
6) Dutch Rescue 0 horses
Collection 9 horses
Not trained today

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