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"Loving EV!"

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I'm interested in raising, showing and breeding:

  • Dutch Warmbloods
    • Show Jumping (established)
    • Endurance (in progress)
    • Dressage (established)
  • Clydesdales
    • conformation, ++, dressage (established)
    • conformation, ++, driving (established)
  • For future:
    • Morgans - show jumping
    • Trakehners - show jumping
    • Tennesse Walking Horses - endurance
    • Appaloosas - endurance
    • Friesians - conformation, chestnut, dressage 

All of the horses will be available for broodmare/stud at the age of 15 (with max 2 external foals). Price will be determined by stats: (# of stats * 10) / 2.

Basically amounts to paying 1k per 100 stats for half the horse (since you're getting the foal).

For example: horse with ~1700 total stats would be up for stud for $8500.

Note for Dutch Warmbloods: priority and 25% discount will be given to members of Dutch Royalty (please message me when making the request to let me know you are a member of that group and after accepting the request I'll refund you the discount). I'm always looking for others to collaborate with (particularly for Endurance DW since there aren't too many around).

Note On My Auction Items: I will accept whatever the highest bid is on the individual horses/items at the end of the 7 day auction period. I will reject any offers I'm not going to accept on a daily basis, so you'll know if I will not be accepting your offer and you can bid again if you'd like.

Current Horses, Tiers and Relevant Info

Personal Notes:
N1: -150
N2: -200
N3: -250
N4: -300
N5: -350
L1: -400
L2: -450
L3: -500
L4: -550
L5: -600
R1: -700
R2: -800
R3: -900
R4: -1000
R5: -1100
Na1: -1300
Na2: -1500
Na3: -1700
Na4: -1900
Na5: -2100
I1: -2500
I2: -3000
I3: -4000
I4: ??
I5: ??
<65 non-spec to show

Roarton Valley Riding Stable Services

I currently working on stable service upgrades. In the future the following features will be available:
(blue - task still in progress, green - goal met!)

Stable Space Goals:

110/500 spaces

Training Arena Goals:

I aim to have one arena of each discipline and level, so that the stables are capable of training any horse.

Additionally, I plan to have at least 10 slots for each. 


Dressageyes (10)yes (10)yes (10)nono
Drivingyes (10)yes (10)nonono
Enduranceyes (10)yes (10)nonono
Racingyes (10)yes (10)nonono
Show Jumpingyes (10)yes (10)yes (10)yes (10)no
Westernyes (10)yes (10)nonono

Account Information
Member Name Benthe
Account Type Deluxe (25 days left)
Joined February 26, 2017
Last Active 2018-10-15 12:21:45
Member Information
Money on Hand $27,725
Money in Bank $4,112,022
Player Level 13
Horses 87 / 90

Player Points
Yesterday 3546
This Week 3976
This Month 21930
All Time 1155896
Show Winnings
Yesterday $2,155
This Week $3,171
This Month $19,112
All Time $636,013

Member Level
Level 13 Experience 356423 (97%) EXP Required 366900 EXP Left 10477

Benthe's Horse Divisions
1) Dutch - Show Jumping 13 horses
Trained today
2) Dutch - Endurance 1 horses
Trained today
3) Dutch - Dressage 1 horses
Trained today
4) Cydesdales - Solid, Conf., Dressage 10 horses
Trained today
5) Clydesdales - Solid, Conf., Driving 10 horses
Trained today
A) Foals 22 horses
Not trained today
Collection 30 horses
Not trained today

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Gypsy Vanner Club

Clydesdale Club

The Coding Club

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