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Custom Horse Designs For Sale

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Custom Horse Designs For Sale

#270348 Posted on 2023-09-18 15:44:52

I have decided to open spots back up for custom horse designs, since they're really fun to make! 

I am also willing to draw one of your equiverse horses or an already existing equine OC. 

I will be using lineart I drew, and using it as a base for horse designs, but can draw custom lineart for a higher price. 

Here are the prices for designs:
-easy 2-3k 
-medium 5k 
-complicated 8-10k 
-custom lineart 15-25k 

Prices vary due to the time it takes me to complete the designs. The more time it takes, the higher the price. I am willing to lower prices, just message me!

in addition, I will provide examples of my work in the links below. easy medium complicated

If you would like a design, message me or comment with details such as:
-coat color 
-design difficulty 
-markings? (tobiano, overo, no markings, minimal, loud markings)
-a picture / link to a equiverse/OC you want drawn
-OR you can request, for example, a medium difficulty design but want it to be a surprise/I completely choose what the design looks like

I require at least half of the money given to me upfront when I reply to your message/comment confirming your design, as to ensure I do not waste my time and effort. Once at least half, or all of the money, is sent to me I will begin your design. 

Designs will take 1-2 days to be complete and sent over to you.

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#270472 Posted on 2023-10-04 20:25:03

Your complicated and easy design links are backwards♥

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