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A List of the Hints

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A List of the Hints

#223575 Posted on 2020-05-29 17:44:15

The following is a list of all the hints that can be found on pages throughout EV and those page locations. These hints were introduced in June of 2019 to supplement the tutorial. Hints can be dismissed with a simple click of "Dismiss hint" which will dismiss that specific hint or can be completely disabled by clicking on "Disable all hints". There is currently not a way to turn them back on, so they have been complied here in case you want to review them!
If you find one that is missing please post it below!

On the Homepage: Link
"This is your home page - here you can see details about your account, as well as your player level. You can increase your player level by accumulating EXP through activities like training and showing (see the help for more details). When you have reached the EXP for a level, a button will be displayed here, which you can press to apply your EXP and level up!"

Additionally you get notifications on level up what your new level unlocks!
"Congratulations! You have reached player level 2, and have unlocked purchasing additional divisions! You can buy a new division in the Account Limits section near the bottom of your Home page. Divisions are a convenient way to group and sort your horses, and can even be locked individually to freeze all horses in their current state."

"You can now choose your preferred specialties on this page. While they have no in-game effect, it will let other players know what is your breeding focus, and they will be able to find you in Member Search when searching for players with specific specialties."

"Congratulations! You have reached player level 30, and have achieved the maximum player level!"

When visiting a foal's page: (it must be your own foal)
"Congratulations, you have a foal! Foal training (also known as Young Horse training) is available for this horse - choose an option in the Training section then click the button to apply that training! Don’t forget to visit your foal or young horse every day to complete a training activity, as it will give the horse a final boost when you select its discipline!"

On the Tack Room Page: Link
"This is the tack room, where you can manage the tack of all of your horses. While equipping tack is possible on each individual horse's page, here you can see the overview of all currently equipped tack and equip tack on many horses from a single page."

On the Tack Workshop Page: Link
"This is the tack workshop, where you can have your worn-out tack repaired! If you have the feature unlocked, you will also be able to upgrade the level of your tack pieces so they will provide a greater stat boost for your horses"

On the Training Center Page: Link
"This is the training center, where you can search for training arenas for your horses, or convert your horse’s current training discipline to a new one. Training earns your horse points towards a stat boost (visible on each horse’s page) - upon reaching 10 stat boost points, your horse will be ready to have the boost applied."

On the Auction House Page: Link
"This is the auction house, where you can put a horse up for auction, or bid a horse in someone else’s auction. All auctions end in 24 hours, after which the highest bidder will win the horse. Auctions require a deposit to create, but you will get it back if your horse doesn’t sell."

On the Marketplace Page: Link
"This is the marketplace, where you can create your own trades for horses, items, and currency, or make an offer on someone else’s trade! Trades require a deposit to create, so be sure you’re absolutely sure of the items you’ve included!"

On the Clubhouse Page: Link
"This is the club house, a place where you can discover and join member-run and created groups! Clubs are a fun way to make new friends over shared interests."

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