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Owned by Caitlin (#112127)


Hunger 100%
Happiness 100%
Done Vet up to date
Done Farrier up to date
Done Gene tested
Not Done Not boarded

STR: 31
SPD: 894
AGI: 49
INT: 895
END: 39
ALL: 1908

Preferred Treat

Horse Information
Name Ala
Age 0 years old (ages in 7 days)
Breed Grade Horse
Color Silver Classic Champagne Dun
Sex Colt
Pattern Splash
Markings Face: –, NF: Ankle, FF: –, NH: Sock, FH: –
Born 2023-10-16 12:32:59
Genotype Ee aa gg crcr Dd Chch FF Zz pp stysty rbrb ++ oo Spsp lplp patn1patn1 patn2patn2
Conformation and Health
Height 14.3 hands (59in)
Head 66.97 Good
Neck 74.67 Good
Withers 65.93 Good
Back 84.81 Excellent
Shoulders 72.68 Good
Legs 68.63 Good
Knees 87.78 Excellent
Hooves 68.00 Good
Average 73.68

Pedigree, Breeding and Foals
Sired by š–¤¨Drunken Stars Foals 0 foals bred Base Stats
STR: 31
SPD: 853
AGI: 49
INT: 852
END: 39
ALL: 1824
Dam Suniti Last Bred Never  
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