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"QH's, Andies and GVs for sale & stud/Brood"

Proud breeder of Western Quarter Horses and Dressage Andalusians.

My horses are bred for higher performance stats while maintaining lower nss, color and bettering conformation. Their lines are chosen specially from newer/not "over bred" lines. 

>> Sales barn <<
Horses are sold without their tack, unless stated otherwise. I do accept EVC on some horses, or "package deals" when multiple horses are purchased. 

Studs available to approved outside mares:

Broodmares available:

Here at Moon Lily Ranch, we firmly believe that one should be given the chance to improve one's own lines with the help of "better statted and/or conformation" outside studs or broodmares. We also firmly believe that mares and studs should NOT be overbred. Therefore it's out policy to offer studs and broodmares for limited coverings only! 🌸 

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Thank you UlyssesBlue! =D

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