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"you say you love me and i hold the longing of the winter in my hand"


NAME oswin
PRONOUNS they/them
AGE 20
ZODIAC pisces

in short, a perpetual overthinker in love with the stars and the sea. i write fiction and poetry. i'm fond of mythology and animals. enjoyer of etymology and alphabets. neurodivergent.

"you say you love me and i hold the longing of the winter in my hand" - june jordan (full poem here)

Coral Creek Stables
public boarding: $10/week.
training: novice & local arenas in all specialties.
riding school: open.


only the horses in my sales division are for sale. i will not accept offers for others.

specialty projects

mission to mars is my casual western quarter horse project where i strive for well-rounded horses with pretty colors. this is an open breeding project, meaning that every new gen i purchase other people's foals to diversify the gene pool.

new perspective is a small irish cob herd focused on fun colors and patterns. these horses train in the driving discipline. this is an open breeding project.

riding school horses

the horses in the no vacancy division came from the rescue center and rather than show, they head off to the riding school every day. they live a relaxed life without training or breeding.


this division is set aside for elderly horses to live out their final days without the burden of showing, training, or riding. project horses get moved here after their final breeding, and riding school horses get moved here when they turn twenty-one.

Club Activity
the kindness club

i founded and now run the kindness club with the help of my administration team.

other clubs

i'm also a member of the lgbtq+ association, the western horse association, and the equiverse driving association.

DMs and Requests
DM etiquette

please don't dm me with unsolicited requests such as: wanting to buy horses not listed for sale, asking for money/donations, etc. 
feel free to reach out about clubs, my stables, or any shared interests.


friend requests: closed.*
transfers: on, no horses.
crossbreeding requests: off.

*this is just to prevent me from becoming overwhelmed :( i don't mind chatting though!

Extended About
personality tests
infp ⭑ type 9 ⭑ neutral good


color: green
animal: humpback whale
flower: dandelions
season: spring
weather: rain
poet: andrea gibson

⭑ chronic migraines
⭑ lgbtq+
⭑ tea > coffee
⭑ memory loss + generally forgetful, apologies in advance
♫ listening to ♫

dog years - maggie rogers

. watching .

studio ghibli films

february reading list

in progress: manywhere by morgan thomas, light in gaza: writings born of fire

completed: i keep my exoskeletons to myself by marisa crane, the mayor of maxwell street by avery cunningham, the language of bodies by suzanne dewitt hall, a honeyed light by freddie milano, the fox wife by yangsze choo, the necessity of rain by sarah chorn, evergreen by devin greenlee

layout by punny

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oswin's Horse Divisions
mission to mars 20 horses
Trained today
new perspective 6 horses
Trained today
no vacancy 49 horses
Not trained today
no vacancy 2 22 horses
Not trained today
sales barn 0 horses
x retirement x 0 horses
xx holding xx LOCKED 0 horses

Club Memberships

Equiverse Driving Association

The Kindness Club

Western Horse Association

The LGBTQ+ Association

Preferred Specialties
Quarter HorseWesternNone
Gypsy VannerDrivingNone