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"Hiatus likely - new puppy (1/3/21)."

Rise Equestrian is devoted to producing high quality show horses for the Equiverse community. With a focus on low non-specialty stats, clean lines, and generational improvement of conformation, you can trust that stud/brood services and stock purchased from RE will aide you in your own breeding goals.

Sonoma I have played online horse sims off and on since the early 2000s, most consistently on Ludus Equinus--and always as Sonoma. I'm an avid runner and weight lifter, a fitness instructor, freelance ghostwriter, and a wife and mom. I'm prone to impromptu hiatuses, but if you ever need something feel free to message me and I'll respond when I'm back at it.

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Sale horses are listed at $5k/100 stats. Since everyone breeds for different purposes, I do not add fees for color, conformation, etc. Lined horses are generally for private sale; foundation horses or horses containing only my in-house lines are usually listed publicly.

I regularly pull horses of varied breeds and disciplines from the Rescue Center with 49 or less NSS to train and sell. These horses generally sell with 100+ wins. If you're looking for something specific for your herd, please let me know so I can keep an eye out and let you know if I find any gems.

I also sell homebred foals. These horses are only listed until 3 years of age. If not purchased by then, I cull them using the "Retire Early" function in the RC.

I don't generally sell my breeding or show stock, but if you see something you like you're welcome to ask.

Studs are listed at $2k/100 stats; broods are listed at $3k/100 stats. Foundations horses and those containing only in-house lines are listed publicly; horses containing outside lines get listed privately. Stud and brood services are open beginning at 10 years of age and shut down during my own breeding window--but you can always reach out for early servicing if it better meets the needs of your herd.

Custom foals (bred from my stud and brood) are available at $7k/100 stats at birth. Please message me if you're interested in this option.

Details to come.

At the end of the day, this is where my heart truly lies. I've tried to branch off into other breeds and disciplines, but I always go back to racing Thoroughbreds. They're the breed I work most diligently on, and the lines I'm most proud of. And I think it probably shows in the stock I've bred, raised, or acquired.

Thoroughbreds are bred and purchased for the following:
- Low NSS
- Clean lines
- All Good+ conformation

Horses are sorted by grade, and are assigned one of the three prefixes below:
- [+] - horse has clean lines, all Good+ conformation, and 51 or less NSS
- [÷] - horse has clean lines (generally 2nd generation) and 49 or less NSS; usually one high (48-49) poor OR under 55 NSS with all Good+ conformation
- [ƒ] - foundation horse with variable conformation and 50 or less NSS (51 NSS acceptable if all Good+ conformation)
- [¢] - inbred/linedbred horse with variable conformation, and 35 or less NSS

For my purposes, stock horses include Appaloosas and Quarter Horses.

Stock horses are bred for:
- Low NSS
- Clean lines

Conformation in my stock horses is a bonus. While I strive to pair horses so that conformation improves generation to generation, low non-specialty stats and clean lines are of higher importance.

Horses are sorted by grade, and are assigned one of the prefixes below:
- [+] - horse has clean lines and 50 or less NSS
- [ƒ] - foundation horse with 49 or less NSS (50 NSS acceptable if all Good+ conformation)

I do a little bit of color/pattern breeding with my Appies, so NSS may reach as high as 60 while still being otherwise coded using the system above.

This is my most inconsistent breed by far. I've gone through periods where I've bred nothing but show jumping DWB; and others where I haven't owned any at all. But I love the artwork so I always come back.

Dutch Warmbloods are bred for:
- Low NSS
- Clean lines

I don't worry much on conformation, simply because I've been fortunate enough to attain a number of high conformation DWBs over the years. Like with my stock horses, I still attempt to improve conformation generationally, but it's not a primary focus.

Horses are sorted by grade, and are assigned one of the prefixes below:
- [+] - horse has clean lines and 45 or less NSS
- [ƒ] - foundation horse with 49 or less NSS (50 NSS acceptable if all Good+ conformation)

I've gotten attached to a few varied breeds/specialties at different points, so you may find I've got a handful of breeding stock that don't fit anywhere above. These misfits are coded much like my stock horses.

Horses are sorted by grade, and are assigned one of the prefixes below:
- [+] - horse has clean lines and 50 or less NSS
- [ƒ] - foundation horse with 49 or less NSS (50 NSS acceptable if all Good+ conformation)

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