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"i live among the creatures of the night💀"

not really here
est. nov 2007


I joined Equiverse in November of 2007, after the decline of HL(another horse game that has since been deleted). I've been mostly known as demonia through my gameplay, but have also had the names USMC and graveyard. I've been on EV a long time, I've taken a lot of breaks due to life, mostly from the military and deployments. I'm out of the military now and have a little more free time to play, but I still come and go mostly due to lack of interest.
Majority of my friend's left this game after the massive breed cull that pretty much annihilated the draft horse society. I'm not on the forums much and not really opening to chatting with people, so don't message me.


I've noticed due to the small community on here and for sake of realism, a lot of players will mix their bloodlines and inbreed. I don't have a problem with how other people breed their horses, however, my horses are strictly 'clean' lines with no crossbreeding, inbreeding, or overbreeding. A habit I picked up from old horse games. Do what you will but be advised your horses will not qualify to my breeding requirements, thanks for reading.
black baroques
Lipizzaners, Andalusians, Friesians
Horses are bred for color and conformation

obsidian agility
Thoroughbreds, Morgans
Horses are bred for color and conformation

last of a dying breed
Clydesdales, Gypsy Vanners
Getting rid of my draft lines (what's left of them). I won't be selling my horses or deleting them, but continuing to train them until retirement and just stop breeding altogether. The horses will not be for sale or public breeding, however, if you are interested in a foal from one of them, I will allow a free breeding to horses that meet the following requirements:
over 15 years of age
over 400 stats
less than 5 foals
no broken/cross lines
owner with a good reputation for breeding/training responsibly
This only applies to my Clydesdales and Gyspy Vanners, message me if interested.

Most of my horses that I buy are actually from the Rescue Center or sold for cheap by players. Horses that are young/unbred/foundations are put into my normal breeding herds, and others are put in my "Love Like Winter" division with very few exceptions. Horses in this division are not for sale or stud, and will be trained and cared for into retirement.


sept.21.2020 - i come and go. who knows how long i'll be hanging around this time.

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