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Elegy Quarter Horses

"Scattered sales - Reduced prices!"


Scorpio Sun,  Picses Moon,  Cancer Rising

23 y/o residing in Colorado. 2 kitties Eva & Charleigh. No horses anymore sadly :( I work in the restaurant industry for a very busy and demanding sports bar(you've probably heard of it XD)  I am an aspiring horse trainer & am currently taking steps towards that.  I have been playing EV on/off for 12 years now(whew) so if you're in need of any assistance or just wanna chat my inbox is always open :)
 *i do accept friend requests

former horses...

Shamaul, Nelly & Rajah, Naji


ᵉᵍ  is my brand & goes on any horse or foundation started by me

1Clean Lines
2Low NSS

I have decided to re-vamp my whole operation focusing on nss first for higher show placings going hand-in-hand with cleaner more pure lines

Quarter horses are and always will be my main focus. I am really working towards getting those non-specialty stats down.
 I have a passion for arabs in rl so you may see some floating around from time to time.I have now added Andalusians, Gypsy's, and Chincoteagues!(believe it or not lol)

*pls feel free to message me regarding any questions and/or negotiations you may have for breeding & sales services


I sell horses according to these standards

60 NSS & up - $5k

under 60 NSS - $10k

+$500 - /100 stats

-$500 - each poor/awful conf.

*broken lined/inbred/overbred horses will be sold for less than these base prices depending on the horse

Studs & Broods...

Lined studs/broods are open to the public at 15
Foundation, 2nd, & 3rd gen horses are private only

Broodmares 60 NSS & up - $5.5k
Studs 60 NSS & up - $8.5k

Broodmares 60 NSS & under - $10.5k
Studs 60 NSS & under - $15.5k

*these are base prices for breeding & are subject to vary by horse


Elegy II

My one and only spare account.

Lookout for sales/breeding opportunities here.

You are more than welcome to contact me regarding any horse on this account as well.

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