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Frosted Mint

"Time does heal.... Trust me"





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Meet "Me"

I can also be reached on my other two accounts:  Spare 1 (#56142)  &  Spare 2 (#56167)


I am a female from Canada, working in animal (ruminant - dairy and beef cattle) research for a nutrition company and a university. I LOVE my cows (and animals in general)! Those of you who would remember me from the past, I was a student in Animal Science who FINALLY graduated after (admittedly!) a TON of procrastination. But finally... success! ; ) 

I am not a people-person and enjoy solitude. Although an introvert, I am very friendly and I can come out of my shell easily when permitted. A large interest of mine includes fictional writing -- being able to escape into my own fictional worlds with the characters I've created offers me a break from the reality of life, which is something I need from time to time. I also looooooove music: folk, soft rock, indie, acoustic. If you know of any great indie or acoustic songs, hit me up with the artists/titles!

I adore Equiverse. Plain and simple. I started playing in 2013 when I was a wee little one lol, and I lived and breathed this SIM game for YEARS. I fell in love with the community. I met some incredible friends on here; some who have also taught me how to do digital art. I owe my digital art experiences and knowledge to you guys! You've both provided the education in order to do it, and more importantly, the inspiration!

I think of this game often, and the "old" players and the past on EV. I am back again after a few years' hiatus, and hope to make some new connections, and touch base with some from the past!

Lexi and I:




Digital Art

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As said before, I owe credit to my friends on EV who taught me everything I know about digital art! I've found (and continue to find!) much inspiration from artists on here, and just as importantly, I continue to learn from them. There's always so much to learn and I have wayyy further to go, and that's totally ok. As long as it continues to bring me enjoyment, then art is fulfilling its purpose for me.

I offer tag and signature sales from time to time, always on my own bases and I prefer to do my own recoloring. Occasionally, I will sell designs. I don't do commissions, at least at this time.

Below are a few of my own art pieces I've created since joining EV.



My Herd of Paint Horses

I know nothinggggg about the horse side of EV any longer after a several year absence D:
So for now until I re-acquaint myself with it, I've undertaken a massive number of paints hah (go figure -- may as well dive right back in). I'm concentrating on the following ambitions:

*less common coloring (ie: champagne, perlino, cremello, smoky, dun)
*Stats in the western specialty... as for "high" stats, I honestly have no clue what is considered "high" anymore? If someone would want to discuss with me, I welcome the messages!
*Pedigrees that trace back to foundation horses I've bred myself
*Avoiding over-breeding or breeding outside of my own herd


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