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All my lines are self-started and relatively independent. Pedigree is extremely important to me; I put out to pasture any horses that I find are inbred, because I believe that pure, simple lines are behind any quality stud or broodmare. Pedigree, stats/low nss, rare color/markings, and confo are what's most important to me in all of my lines, in that order. I do have some external blood running through my lines, but I try to keep it limited and of the highest quality. I have been breeding my Gypsy Vanners for about 6 years on and off, and my other lines are much newer. If you are interested in a breeding, don't hesitate to reach out, even if that horse isn't listed for stud/brood. I also do not overbreed my horses - no more than 5 foals will be born per horse, and I breed 2-3 for myself from each gen, so breedings are limited. You can reserve them in advance. 


My Gypsy Vanner lines are currently in two cohorts: cohort 1 is a collection of horses that I've been breeding from foundies for three generations. Cohort 2 are younger foundie horses that I'm raising in order to pair with the third-gen Gypsies later down the line, to prevent inbreeding and introduce new blood. 
First Generation
1. Kratos x Aphrodite 
2. Phobos x Gaea 
3. Midas x Andromeda 
4. Iapetus x Hestia 
5. Aether x Artemis 
Second Generation 
1. Andraste x Arvenus 
2. Coventina x Belenus 
3. Rosmerta x Camulos 
4. Belisama x Abello
Third Generation 
1. Heracles x Pandora
2. Lykaios x Medeia
3. Perseus x Hecate 
4. Morpheus x Lysandra
5. Achilles x Medousa
6. Basileus x Sibylla
7. Damokles x Tasoula
8. Diabolos x Theodosia
9. Agamenon x Alessandra
Cohort 2
1. Alastor x Titania
2. Kairos x Amphitrite
3. Androkles x Ophelia
4. Erikkos x Sappheire
6. Hades x Demeter
7. Oedipus x Narkissa
8. Erebus x Venus
9. Drakon x Kalliope
10. Hektor x Kassiopoeia


My darling Welsh Ponies, or Welshies, are some of the most gorgeous in-game, with pure pedigrees imported straight from Wale. They are being bred primarily for color, conformation, pedigree, and stats, with conformation perhaps at the bottom of the list for reasons behind these pairings. They are all named after Taylor Swift music, with their offspring adopting mixed versions of the song titles.  
First Generation
1. Coney Island x Safe & Sound
2. False God x Beautiful Ghosts
3. London Boy x The Best Day
4. I Know Places x State of Grace
5. Champagne Problems x Tis The Season
6. The Last Time x Back to December
7. Gold Rush x No Body No Crime
8. Picture to Burn x Untouchable
9. Out of the Woods x Come With Rain
10. Last Kiss x Beautiful Tragedy



All of my appaloosas are named with Native American names, as the Appaloosa horse was originally from these tribes. They are paired for conformation over color, though color is incredibly important in my stock. I breed for creams and champagnes primarily, with a focus on eliminating few spot as a coat option. Pedigree and stats are also imperative considerations. 
First Generation
1. Taregan x Ayelen
2. Cheveyo x Litonya
3. Otaktay x Maiara 
4. Editon x Nadie
5. Avonaco x Shima
6. Yanisin x Omusa
7. Lokni x Cha'risa
8. Kosumi x Kaliska 
9. Hiamovi x Wenona
10. Molimo x Talulla 


My OTTBs (off-the-track-Thoroughbreds) are some of the finest racehorses out there, with pure lines and winning color combinations coming to steal the show. Almost all of these horses are named after famous racehorses, with their offspring's names becoming mixes of these famous titles. They are being bred primarily for conformation, pedigree, stats, and color, with color being important, but not the reason behind pairings. 
First Generation
1. Seattle Slew x Goldikova
2. Man o' War x Genuine Risk
3. Northern Dancer x Kincsem
4. Seabiscuit x Rags to Riches
5. Skipping Stones x Zenyatta
6. Spectacular Bid x Ruffian
7. Almost Lucky x Winning Colors
8. Affirmed x Golden Sunline
9. Secretariat x Something Royal
10. Kingston x Black Caviar

art commissions

Characters can be expensive. That's why my pricing varies by the EVD you've got in your bank. I also try to have monthly or bimonthly auctions that have cheaper characters and shorter time periods, so that less wealthy Equiverse members can buy characters too.

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I do basic layouts (as seen on my own page) and characters. Pricing is listed below.

Natural Custom (Lines Traced & Colored By Me) -> 200k
Fantasy Custom (Lines Traced & Colored By Me) -> 250k
Natural Charry (Premade Lines Colored By Me) -> 100k
Fantasy Charry (Premade Lines Colored By Me) -> 150k
Add-Ons -> 20k each add-on to premade lines

Basic Layout (3 scrollies max w/ premade images for banner & main picture) -> 100k
Advanced Layout (+++ scrollies w/ custom collage using your characters for banner & main picture) -> 250k
[portfolio here]


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