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"Looking for Tag and Sigs !!"


21 Feburary 2024 - I've entered my first dressage competition this weekend. Doing Prep 1 (Restricted) and Prep 2. So excited. Just basically going to get some nice feedback and for experience purposes. Having such a nice time reconnecting with my horse Kevvy, after attending a lovely classical dressage 2 day clinic in January this year. Working on some natural balance and coming from a place of freedom and comfort.

25th October 2023 - I've decided to unlock my dutchies, I've been active for 5 days haha, who knows how long that will last but I thought stuff it. I may as well either finish the line or continue to build it back up. 

20th October 2023 - Well, I'm back from hiatus, again. First time in 2 years! Yes, I gave birth, to a beautiful daughter who we named Estella. She gave 5 days overdue and via emergency c.section. She is the epitome of joy and happiness. She is independent, confident and caring.  Going forward, I would love to get back regular or at the very least semi regular. Even if its once a week on my day off, pending I can get some alone/down time. So forgive me while I get back into the swing of things and feel free to help me out along the way.

23rd August 2021 -  Due date for baby was yesterday... still no sign of her! >.< I am being induced in 3 days if she doesn't arrive beforehand. I can't wait to meet her! Our whole state is in lockdown for 2 weeks, which may as well be a blessing in disguise. At least I can take time off and not feel bad about it and enjoy bubs first week or two without visitors and what not.

27th July 2021 - Purchased this lovely layout of Bud. Less than 4 weeks to go in my pregnancy. Baby nearly here! Exciting times.



though she be but little, she is fierce

29. Married. Australia. Mum to a beautiful daughter, Estella.
I own and operate a small horse riding school where I teach beginner/intermediate lessons to children and adults.  We've been operating for 3 years now and have a very steady, regular bunch of students. I have began competing again in local hack shows and SJ, whilst also getting some of my very special and talented teen students out and about too. I love watching the smiles on the kids faces and watching them improve each term. We have 19 horses and 3 aged, rescue cows. We have a pet pig, Snorky, a pet goat, Lionel and 3 chickens named Mr Chicken,  Honey and Popcorn. Plus 4 ducks whom my 2yo has named, Dinosaur, Horse, T-Rex and Elephant. I also own 2 Aus Bulldogs, Crash and River, 1 mini foxi x jack russsel named Louie and 3 cats named Tia, Pickle and Bruce who are Mum and brothers. I lost my first dog, Spyro, in 2021 due to Lymphona. Here he is here:



Art - Currently Unavailable/Closed

  • Inclusions are as follows:
  • * first dibs on any non-collab designs (tags/sigs/character/designs)
  • * first dibs on art auctions with 10% of autobuy
  • * can claim tag/sig slot even if its closed (up to 3 recolours per slot)
  • * 10% of orders on any tag/sig sale


the aim
After the revamp of EV where we lost alot of our breeds, I started collecting paints. My aim is to breed high conformation (over 80) SOLID paints. I do have some coloured paints to play with however solids are my main focus. I would love to be one of the top paint breeders.
I wait to breed them at ages 17 and 20 to get the best out of them and they only have two foals each, if possible.

Show Jumping
Speed - Withers Shoulders
Agility  - Hooves Neck
Intelligence - Knees Head
Speed - Legs Withers




breeding pairs
Fairytale Fantasy(93) X Smoky Pearl (85)- solid paints
Bee Vigilant (95) X  Lotta Goddess (84)- solid paints
Ice Ice Baby (96)  X Fully Frozen (90)- solids paints
Racing to Romance (97)  X Baby Got Chocolate (96)- solid paints
Sequoia Cool Bar (89) X Ghostly Romance (91)- solid paints
Cherokee Malt N Milk (89) X My Fair Lady (90)- one solid/one coloured
Lil Summer Scandal (93) X Dream Alotta Cream (80)- solid paints
Keeping Achromous (81) X  Chardonnay (92)- solid paints
Gypsy Kid (88)  X  Candy Tides (90)- one solid/one coloured paint
Gypsy Dreams (91) X Keeper Of Ivory (83)- solid/coloured
Silky Wine (95) X  Days By The Ocean (9?)- coloured
Silver Sorcerer (97) X  Lady In Chrome (96)-solid paints
Dun It With Gold (94)  X  Que' Siesta (87)- solid roan/silver
Chaos At Sunset (89)  X  Shining Savior (88)- one rabicano
Frozen Daiquari (93)  X  Seasoned Traveller- one coloured /one solid
Rock Around The Sun (95)  X  Smoke N Alchemy (95)- solid paints
Date Night Dreaming (92)  X  Ammo and Ash (93)- coloured
Liquid Gold  (93) X Dun It Silver (94) - solid paints
Amber Ancestry (88)  X  Safari In Shambles (89) - coloured
Before Autumn X  Thrill Seeker - solid paints
?? X Red Rifle (95) - one solid/one coloured
Bee Divine (89) X  Fancy Without Colour (96) - solid paints
Golden Glory (88) x Lady Of The Night (95)- solid paints
Sub Zero (91) X  Caffeinated Colour (87)- solid paints
Soon It'll Be Winter (90)  X  The Black Pearl (94)- solid paints
Fable and Fantasty (96)   X  Baby Got Romance (96) - solid paint
??  X  Goddess Of Victory  - solid paint
Sequoia Erotic Bar (92)  X Frostbitten (93)  - solid paint
??  X  Box Of Chocolates (96)-  solid paint


dutchies -  old school sweds
I used to be one of the top Swedish Warmblood breeders before the revamp. When we lost them, I changed them to Dutchies. When conformation was added it lowered the quality of my personal line. They were top 10 in show jumping, stats and points. I have since researched that my dutchies are still some of the higher conformational horses even thought they're only high 60s and 70s. The new goal is to get them into the 80s. It's given me a new motivation for my line. There is only 1 dutch warmblood in the game that is above 80 in conformation and it's 20 years so will die soon. 

breeding program
Vanquish X Shadow Enigma
Tempest X Scandal
Mesmeric X Fading River  ?
Phantasm X Devotion


I have two store bought chincos and shetlands that I'm currently playing with just for the fun of it. :)

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