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"+3 ev time"

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Member Name Beacon
Member ID 48320
Account Type Deluxe (87 days left)
Joined July 9, 2013
Last Active 2024-05-13 12:49:35
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Money on Hand $0
Money in Bank $50,652,366
Player Level 7
Horses 60 / 250

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All Time 44947
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All Time $6,905

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Level 7 Experience 72346 (69%) EXP Required 104362 EXP Left 32016

Beacon's Horse Divisions
Black Thoroughbreds (solid) LOCKED 0 horses
b. Retirees (20+) LOCKED 0 horses
c. Breeders (17-19) LOCKED 0 horses
c. Overo Thoroughbred LOCKED 0 horses
Cream and Dun Gypsy LOCKED 12 horses
Not trained today
d. foals (3>) LOCKED 0 horses
e. White Thoroughbreds LOCKED 0 horses
g. Need sorted LOCKED 48 horses
Not trained today
zz empty 0 horses
zz empty LOCKED 0 horses
zz empty LOCKED 0 horses
zz empty LOCKED 0 horses
zz empty LOCKED 0 horses

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Cream Horse Society

Gypsy Vanner Club

Equiverse Dressage Federation

Show Creation Coalition

Trakehner Club

Equiverse Driving Association

The Kindness Club

The EV Art Club

Arabian Horse Breeders Association

Rare Colors Club