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Character RULES
This applies to any character you have bought from me from a resale

  • It can only be used on EV! This helps me keep track of them, and most artists only allow you to use it here anyway so to avoid the hassle, ONLY use it here!

  • Always contact me before selling. Most of these characters were rehomed because I couldn't keep up with all of them. Now I have more evd and have other ways of getting art for them. Therefore I may want to buy them back!

  • If you want to make changes, message the original artist. And if the artist is listed as unknown or is unknown, just don't change it.

  • Respect the artist rules if artist is known. If artist is unknown, don't make changes or sell for more than you bought unless additional art. But include somewhere that artist is unknown on future art works. 

Design RULES
This applies to any character you bought from a design sale that was created by me.

  • Only to be used on EV! Same reasons as above

  • Never ever sell for more than you paid, unless additional art comes with it.

  • ALWAYS message me before reselling, this has been a rule with me for quite sometime and people keep ignoring it and I as the creator have a right to ask to buy it back, either for the original price or an appropriate asking price. 

  • NEVER sell a free horse, if was given to you therefore don't sell it, as simple as that. You can give it away or trade (trade only if additional art is INCLUDED!) 

  • You can breed these characters but you may not, make them studs or broodmares to make a profit for yourself. 

  • Always credit me! 

  • Don't make big changes to the design, if in doubt message me! 

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