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"Razzleberry (tag pony) says: Me, a bold & noble Knight? Nah wrong pony."


Latin for Swift/Rapid
Appropriate as I am raising TBs / QHs in Racing! I also have TWH in various disciplines due to the recode, GVs in Dressage & Driving & Appaloosa's in Western that I have lost interest it at the moment so they are locked.  I have a small herd of Rescues that are under 50 confo & they are my Riding School team. I used to be Poppyfields before the recode then had a spell under Old Oak before a massive (& final) rebrand!


Bio to follow!


Links to follow!

Hall of Fame - 1000 stat pixels

Info coming soon... I say soon. Whenever I can be bothered to look up any 1000 stat pixels I may have raised.

Upcoming Breedings

Breed QH On The mOney to Western Legacy on 27/11/20

Breed TB Art Guild to Blood Rose on 11/4/18
Breed Heart of Dracula to Autumn Leaves on 13/4/20
Breed Heart of Dracula to Velvet Horse on 13/4/20



White Star Line (WSL) Project

The project takes Rescue Centre/Unwanted horses (currently only TBs & QHs & coming soon - Shetlands) that are WHITE in colour and trains/raises them to be show horses.

SUCH WIERD NAMES Yes and no. All horses that didn't have a name prior to being bought/donated to the project are named after the ships of the now defunct (absorbed by the Cunard company which exists today) White Star Line...yes those of Titanic fame. I hope the horses do better than she/ did :S

WHY?! Why not?? Ok I felt sorry for the poor "abandoned" pixels consigned to a life of eternal electronic misery purely because they are the undesirable white colour. Also I like white/greys in RL so why should I discriminate on EV?

As such these WSL ponies will NEVER BE FOR SALE.



UNLOCK TWH Pistol-smoke when Not A Patch On Me turns 20yo 4days
UNLOCK TWH Heart of Dracula when Autumn Leaves & Velvet Horse turns 20yo 7days


Account Information
Member Name Velox
Member ID 26482
Account Type Deluxe (354 days left)
Joined May 30, 2011
Last Active 2020-11-23 13:54:50
Member Information
Money on Hand $102,284
Money in Bank $18,338,929
Player Level 30
Horses 610 / 625

Player Points
Yesterday 6912
This Week 24372
This Month 1432974
All Time 55845207
Show Winnings
Yesterday $5,710
This Week $11,497
This Month $870,946
All Time $12,856,654

Member Level
Level 30 Experience 19114924 (100%) EXP Required 3339605 EXP Left -15775319

Velox's Horse Divisions
55mph's My Top Speed {Racing Quarter Horse's} 14 horses
Trained today
A Fresh Start {End & Driving Tennessee's} 29 horses
Trained today
Down To The Wire {Racing Thoroughbred's} 18 horses
Trained today
Retraining of Racehorses {Mixed Discipline TBs} LOCKED 42 horses
Not trained today
The Western Quarter (Western QHs) 24 horses
Trained today
Varnished Snow Project {Western Appaloosa's} 28 horses
Trained today
z Foals (move once 3yos) 0 horses
z Hair Envy {Gypsy Vanners} 0 horses
z Old Oak Tennessee's {End & Driving} LOCKED 77 horses
Not trained today
z Retired Pixels 21yo & over 13 horses
Not trained today
z White Star Line {White TB & QH Project} LOCKED 32 horses
Not trained today
zz Empty 0 horses
zzz Locked Horses (mates need to age up) LOCKED 333 horses
Not trained today

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