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"no, I dont take custom requests"


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About Me

I am 32  years old, I live in Massachusetts, I am a fulltime mother of a wonderful daughter.  I have 3 horses: Nemo, Juno, Athena with a 4th on the way out of Athena.  Two dogs, Gibbs my service dog and Quinn my service dog in training.  Three cats, Blue, Ditty, and Lele, Lele being the youngest and blue being the oldest.  I train horses in real life and own my own farm alongside my husband.  I also work part time as a security guard on the weekends just as something to do.

My Pets

Pictures coming soon

My horses

Here at Full of Dreams Farm we breed western morgans.  We try to specialize in both stats and colors.


As you may very well have seen some of my auctions, I am very proficient at photomanip, you can find my Gallery Here but I do not take commissions on, in the rare event I do it is because what you were looking for sparked my interest.  I do not make tags or signatures, I have in the past collabed with other artists but no longer do.  If you are looking for art from me check out my auctions which can be found in the forums.  Thank you!
My current auctions can be found here:

Fly Away - ends 7/31/2021
Tell Me - ends 7/31/2021

I'm a member of the Morgan Club!

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Member Name rhine.
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Joined November 17, 2009
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rhine.'s Horse Divisions
!!!!SALES 9 horses
Trained today
001. Nursery 12 horses
Trained today
002. DRIVING: Gypsy Cove LOCKED 9 horses
Trained today
003. Ladies night out 23 horses
Not trained today
004. Gentlemen's Club 14 horses
Not trained today
006. Down at the pub 7 horses
Trained today
007. Foundation starts 16 horses
Trained today
008. Riding School 13 horses
Trained today
009. Breeding Shed 5 horses
Trained today
009. Retired (riding school) LOCKED 0 horses
9. Whis riding school LOCKED 0 horses
empty LOCKED 0 horses
unnamed LOCKED 0 horses
unnamed 0 horses
unnamed LOCKED 0 horses
unnamed LOCKED 0 horses
Z breed lock whis/gob lines breed to stores 0 horses

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