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"Breeding for Perfection"

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This stable is owned by a horse breeder enthusiast. At the moment my goal is to get higher stat horses by each generation, ideally starting from a foundation horse. With each breed I try to have 4 lines set, in case I need to breed in-house. I do sell horses because of space constrictions, but ideally I try to keep those that I can. I breed a new generation every 3rd day, which means I'm always battling with self-imposed space constrictions. All horses out of the breeding program are available for stud, and all horses in the Already Bred division are for sale.

The breeds I am working with right now are:

  • Chincoteague - started from 4 foundation horses, now at generation 5, with confo. and colours as the focus.

  • Paint Horse - started from 3 foundation mares and 1 low stat mare. Now at gen. 5 with Western as the focus.

  • Gypsy Vanner - started from 3 low stat mares and 1 mid stat stallion. Now at gen. 5 with focus on Driving (1 dressage).

  • Friesian - started from a single found. stallion bred to 4 found. mares. Now at gen. 5, with Dressage as the focus.

  • Welsh Pony - began with a gifted stallion bred with 4 found. mares. Now at gen. 3 with the focus on Dressage.

  • Andalusians - started from 2 found. mares and 2 very high stat horses. Now at gen. 4, with focus on Dressage.

  • Mustang - started from 1 high stat stallion bred to 4 lower stat or found. mares. Now on 4th generation with focus on Endurance. 

  • Quarter Horse - started from 2 mid stat mares and 2 high stat horses. Now at gen. 4, with Western as focus.

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