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secondary account to my main: Dreamer ID#119075

🐺= Bred by me

☁️= Bred by my Main account

🖤=Bred by someone else

Restarting. Planning to focus on:
Dressage - Andalusian 
Dressage- Grade Horse (all Andalusian mixes of some sort)

If you see ANY horses in my sale category you want please ask if you can't if afford them! More often than not I am willing to work deals. 

 I am normally on every day or at the very least once a week. I try to be fair in my pricing but I've always priced extremely low for their worth and I am starting to finally price higher. Be warned while I am always willing to work deals if I see you have loads of money on your account or loads of uncared for horses I will NOT sale you one of mine especially at a discounted rate.


~Blessed be Everyone.

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