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"Wishing for eternal sleep"

Hello, Welcome

I'm Rydie let me explain what I breed on the game + other services!


Currently i focus on Friesians in dressage & Chincoteagues in racing. 

Up until they reach the age of 10 they are showed and put into riding schools. the day they reach 10 years old they are strictly put into riding schools only. They are trained and given the appropriate treats.

They are bred at 18,19 & 20 years old. 1 foal out of all 3 breedings is picked to keep and the rest are gelded and tossed. Fillies are kept to kill. 

If you see a foal you like i may be willing to sell. If you see a stallion or mare you'd like to breed i may be willing to put them up. Just ask :)

Art Services 


I do offer custom art! Tags, sigs + Large art.

Theses prices can and will rise on complexity

Tags: 50k

Sigs: 100k 

Large arts: 500k

Customs: 800k

1 EVC = 100k

Examples can be found Here or in the art section in the forums.

Any one on the below list can not get a commission from me or buy any ongoing art sales, they are not allowed to own any of my deigns.

Terms of Service


Somethings about the person behind the screen aka Rydie.

I'm 23, Satanist and low key don't like people, that doesn't mean that I'm mean though! Just picky on who I talk to and consider a friend. I love animals and own 4 pets, 2 guinea pigs, 1 dog and 1 cat. I've always owned animals and won't ever go without owning at least one. 

I draw in my free time along with some gaming, movies or shows. Mostly art and gaming though, I play on the switch and PC but also own an Xbox 1 but I don't really use it for games.

I don't really care for putting anything else down so if you have any questions feel free to message me!

Accounts: Discord - Rydie #8455  Instagram - Deviantart 

Account Information
Member Name Rydie
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Joined February 17, 2021
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Rydie's Horse Divisions
Chaotic Warriors 8 horses
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Racing Chincos 16 horses
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Rescued Elders 30 horses
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Retirement 0 horses

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