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"Tired But Here"

Hello, welcome to my profile! I am Rye Pronouns they/them. 

About Me

You already know my name is Rye hi again. I am the owner of one cat and one guinea pig. I draw on the side and play whatever games i have on the Xbox other than that I enjoy watching movies/show with my favorite person. I am 18+ that's all you need to know about the age. 

I am not a very social person but i am also not a mean person for the most part at least i don't mean to be. I am down for a little chat from time to time but i am also not the one to start it. I am really not a big fan of small talk or anything that doesn't go past 'hi, how are you.' 

Currently watching: The Owl House

Currently Playing: High on Life 

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Last updated: 11/13/2023

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Member Name Rye
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Joined February 17, 2021
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Chaotic Warriors LOCKED 6 horses
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