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Stormsong Manor

"Doing Witchy Things"

Hello! I'm Ven. I see you stopped by my stables, Welcome to Stormsong Manor! Here we breed Friesians for Exceptional Show Performance, and Colourful Paint Horses. I'm currently working on my Lines and hoping to have a good breeding line for these Babies soon. My brand (§) for my horses will be in front of their names. I use this to tell my breeding/Showing lines apart from other horses I might be Selling/Surrendering etc. I may get into other breeds as my stable progresses. Thanks reading this far, if you want to please read further about my visions for my projects and other information regarding sales and breeding horses. You can also get to know more about me by taking a look at my forum thread regarding my personal biography. Also check out my links below! Thank you!

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My Club:

°Bred for stats and Confirmation, Color is obviously not a priority, lol.
°All foundations that looked promising were bought from the equine center, Some were given to me but were bought from the EC originally as well. I also adopt any I can find that fit in with my requirements for Confirmation.
°I am working on showing and training first, breeding is a last priority as I want to breed only if the Mares and Stallions prove to be good competition horses first.
°Horses WILL be registered in the friesian clubs and EV Dressage club upon meeting the requirements for them. 

°For this project I'm focusing on breeding PHs for Colour and potentially developing good+ confirmation in them.
°Bred for Colours and from strong foundation lines and eventually breed out bad confirmation and have a line of good+ colour horses.
°All Foundation horses are either purchased from the Equine Center or adopted from the Rescue Center.
°All Horses are either kept or culled based off their markings or lack thereof and eventually due to confirmation requirements as well.

°Training and showing a line of Western Discipline QHs. Breeding for colour and confirmation.
°Breeding a line of Colour horses. ✔
°Training and showing a line of SJ Discipline (not sure of breed yet, either Appaloosa or Paint Horses). Breeding for colour and confirmation. ✔

°If you'd like to use one of my Stallions, please contact me! Mares may also be up for brood if I don't plan on breeding them at the time.
°All horses are registered in clubs when applicable (breed and discipline related clubs, as long as they are active upon application for registration)
°Horses for sale will be in the Sales Division
°If a horse is not in the sales division, then they aren't for sale unless otherwise stated by myself
°Do not message me regarding my horses that are not listed for sale unless they're in my sales division. I will not respond. If you begin to flood my pms with messages begging to buy a horse, after I didn't respond the first'll be sent this bulletin which was copied and pasted from my bio and if you continue you'll then be blocked due to harrassment.
°I delete bids that aren't at least 75% of the asking price of the horse


(Currently just Friesans)

Head:     Good (min.)

Neck:     Good (min.)

Withers:     Good (min.)

Back:     Good (min.)

Shoulders:     Good (min.)

Legs:     Good (min.)

Knees:     Good (min.)


N1 100-149  [FNs][QHs]

N2 150-199  [FNs][QHs]

N3 200-249  [FNs][QHs]

N4 250-299  [FNs][QHs]

N5 300-349

L1 350-399  [FNs]

L2 400-449 

L3 450-499 

L4 500-549 

L5 550-599 

R1 600-699   [FNs]

R2 700-799 

R3 800-899

R4 900-999

R5 1,000-1,099

Na1 - 1,100-1,299   [QHs]

Na2 - 1,300-1,499

Na3 - 1,500-1,699

Na4 - 1,700-1899

Na5 - 1,900-2,099

I1 - 2,100-2,499

I2 - 2,500-2,999

I3 - 3,000-3,999

I4 - 4,000-4,999

I5 - 5,000+


Carrots = Speed

Red Apples = Strength

Yellow Apples = Agility

Green Apples = Intelligence

Turnips = Endurance

Treating by Specialty:

Show Jumping = Speed & Agility (Carrots & Yellow Apples)

Dressage = Intelligence & Agility (Green Apples & Yellow Apples)

Endurance = Endurance & Intelligence (Turnips & Green Apples)

Driving = Strength & Endurance (Red Apples & Turnips)

Racing = Speed & Endurance (Carrots & Turnips)

Western = Speed & Intelligence (Carrots & Green Apples)

°Breed Index°
Friesians [FNs]
Quarter Horses [QHs]
Appaloosa [APAs]
Lipizzaners [LPZs]
Paint Horses [PHs]

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