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New Heights Ranch

"High Quality Quarter Horse Breeder"

Welcome to New Heights Ranch, a completely Western based ranch located in the U.S. 

Here’s a little bit about me: 
- My name is Kara 
- Female
- All around rider
- Competed in multiple horse show series all around the U.S.
- Own 2 horses
          - Malcolm ~ 9 year old Paint/Pinto Horse ~ Stronger in western pleasure, but also does english ~ 15.3hh ~ Gelding
          - Curtis ~ 3 year old Bay Quarter/Paint/Pinto/NSBA Horse ~ Currently in training ~ 17hh ~ Gelding 
- Loves almost all genres of music (STRONGLY DISLIKE CLASSICAL MUSIC) 
- Extrovert 
- Taurus 
- Bestfriend - Whispering Oak’s (#123644)

The Horses
- My main focus is Quarter Horses
- All Quarter Horses are 90+ in confo and 4000+ in stats
- As soon as colts/fillies are born they get gene tested to help provide with further breeding pairs 
- All horses will be named Quarter Horse Colt/Filly/Mare/Stallion/Gelding [confo] 

Treating System 
- Horses will only be entered into Riding Schools if there are no Shows available for their level 
- Horses will be showed almost every day! 
- Horses will be breed to have a Western specialty  
- I give my horses “A Bag of Green Apples” for treats
- I am typically on Equiverse everyday to take care of my horses 

- I breed my mares up until they are 18
- I only breed stallions up to 10 times
- If you are interested in any of my mares/stallions just PM me and I can look into the potential breeding
- Stud fees are $600
- Brood fees are $500 
- If you would like to breed any 2 of my horses then the fee would be $1000 

- I put all of my QH's for sale in the Auction House/Sales division.
- If you are interested in any Quarter Horses that aren’t listed for sale PM me - the worst I can say is no

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