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Welcome To Blackmedow Reach 

Blackmedow is devoted to training and breeding the best Throughbreds that we can. We focus on training them in racing and racing only, we thrive for the highest stats. We do not focus on color or conformation at this time, we may however turn to focus on one or both in the future. 

Our horses are showed each day until they hit the age of 10 in which they are transferred to riding schools and began breeding at age 18,19 and 20 before retirement. 

We do not stud or brood out horses to the public at this time however this will change once our lines have begun to improve! We do sell any extra and unwanted foals! 


Along with our breeding program we also have a small throughbred rescue, we take in any age and discipline. These horses are throughly cared for and trained, they however are not put into shows. These horses will always be available for adoption but not directly for sale, you will need to message directly if your interested in one of our rescues. Those 20+ will not be available for adoption.

All foals will automatically be trained for racing and given the appropriate treats before the age of 3. Our reasoning behind this? We may very well use them for our own breeding program, but until then they will be available for adoption!

Prices vary

3k-10k EVD

We will not accept random drop offs, message us if you wish to surrender your horse(s) we have no fee if you choose to do so.  We require a message so we have room for our breeding and training program.

We do accept donations of treats, tack and EVD to help keep the resuce going.

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